Where can you watch full length online episodes of Star Wars the clone wars?

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Where can you watch Star Wars online?

I dont think that you can other than illegal torrents -EDIT- Try streaming websites, such as the following: http://www.movies-links.tv/ www.videolister.org Of course, do so only at your own risk. It is, after all, illegal no matter what.

What is Star Wars Clone Wars?

" Star Wars: Clone Wars " is a microseries that aired on Cartoon Network from 2003-2005, before " Revenge of the Sith " premiered in theaters. Don't confuse it with the Clone Wars show currently airing on Cartoon Network because the new one is CGI-animated and the microseries is literally hand-drawn ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch epsiode one of Star Wars the clone wars?

youtube or cartoon network on fridays at 9 pm. And if you have an iPod and an iTunes account, you can buy the episodes or the entire seasons (for a lower price than buying all episodes at a different time) in HD format or regular format. The regular format episodes cost $1.99 (US) each and the HD ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch Star Wars The Clone Wars episodes?

If you are referring to the recent Clone Wars tv show, then you can go to the official Star Wars website,www.starwars.com. They have all of the episodes available to watch, except for the previous weeks showing. They come on Cartoon Network at 8:00pm, so a week from that date, the latest episode w ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch free Star Wars the clone wars in Canada?

Type this URL in the address bar http://www.youku.com/playlist_show/id_2534469.html These are only episodes I can't find the movie but I will keep looking. Hoped this helped. If that doesn't work for you go on www.mastertoons.com/ it will give Star Wars: The clone wars, G.I Joe Renegades, young ju ( Full Answer )

'where can you watch Star Wars the clone wars episodes?

Where do i watch it Cartoon Network What time Usally around 6:30pm or 8:30pm sometimes it comes on at 9:00am How long are the episodes Usally 30 minutes sometimes its a hour if its a special episode What characters are in there Anakin skywalker, R2-D2, Ali-sekura, Obi-wan, Jar Jar, C-3PO, Clo ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch Star Wars the clone wars online for free?

On starwars.com under the video tab hit the clone wars button unfortunately only 2 full episodes are available for viewing at a time you can also find them near the top but bellow the featured articles. If you don't live in the states try mastertoons.com because you can watch 72 minutes of episod ( Full Answer )

How many episodes are there of Star Wars The Clone Wars?

The movie Star Wars:The Clone Wars is Episode II of the entire Star Wars saga. There is only one installment of The Clone Wars, although there are 6 Star Wars movies altogether.. The first 3 movies were directed by George Lucas, these are the original Star Wars movies starring Mark Hamill, Carrie F ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch Star Wars the clone wars online?

You can watch the latest 2 episodes on the Star wars website. (starwars.com) Sometimes they'll have a special event and let you see about 5 episodes at one time. Any other place they have them online is illegal, so I would suggest not watching them anywhere besides the Star Wars website. Hope this h ( Full Answer )

What is episode 33 in the Star Wars the clone wars tv series?

Episode 33, is Episode 11 of Star Wars Clone Wars, and is titled 'Lightsaber Lost'. When Ahsoka's Lightsaber is stolen by a criminal, she gets help from Jedi Tera Senuba as she tracks down who stole it. Directed by Giancarlo Volpe Written by Drew Z. Greenberg And was originally aired January 22, 2 ( Full Answer )

Where to watch Star Wars the clone wars?

They're available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Best Buy. YouTube might have only a few full episodes divided into either 2 or 3 parts, but YouTube mostly has short scenes from the series, which include memorable scenes, funny moments, etc.

Can you watch Star Wars the clone wars?

Yes. You can go to "www.starwars.com" and watch the latest two episodes on the site. (to watch more episodes you must go to the site every monday for the newest episode) (new episodes air on fridays on cartoon network but are on the site by the following monday)

List of star wars clone wars episodes?

Season 1, Episode 1: Ambush Original Air Date- 3 October 2008 Yoda travels to a neutral coral moon of Rugosa to persuade King Katuunko to allow the building of a Republic supply base on Toydaria. However, Asajj Ventress makes sure she arrives first to offer Katuungo a similar offer from the Separ ( Full Answer )

Why did they have clone wars In Star Wars?

The Republic was getting crushed losing Jedi constantly. They foundthe Clone army on Kamino, and it was all they could find in such ashort time. The war was all a trick though! Darth Tyrannus (CountDooku) and Darth Sidious had made the army, so , He could kill theJedi with clone commanders so he cou ( Full Answer )

Is Star Wars the clone wars online free?

If you mean Clone wars adventures, than yes. But membership costs REAL money, or you can use stashion cash to get membership. If you don't mean Clone Wars Adventures, then to tell ya, there is no Star Wars the Clone Wars Online.

How do you get rex in Lego Star Wars the clone wars online?

he should be on the first level but if not he will be before half way. But to actually get him, there should be a holocron screen and there you should be able to figure out he code and then you can get him

Is star war the clone wars adventure full screen?

yes its on full screen and it wont let you exit out full screen (im new i tried exiting out with esc but it wont exit out (different person>) What he said is true, when you log in the game is on full screen. You cannot exit full screen with ESC, but there is a button you have to click on to exit i ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch the old star wars clone wars?

If you are referring to the original trilogy, they take place after the Clone War has ceased. Outside of the TV series, "The Clone Wars", the only depiction of the war is in Episodes 2&3. The war starts at the Battle of Geonosis in Episode 2, and it ends during Episode 3 as Anakin Skywalker/Clone Tr ( Full Answer )

Are there any free star wars the clone wars episodes on iTunes?

The free things they have are special features and they usually only stay for a few months and then there is no trace of them. But if you keep on checking (every two days) The Clone Wars, all of the seasons on iTunes (US Store). Sometimes you can find free full HD Episodes. Like when Season 5 "Reviv ( Full Answer )

Where can you see all of the star wars clone wars episodes?

Well all of the Clone Wars episodes air on Cartoon Network. Reruns are always on the same day a new episode airs, which is Fridays. Seasons 1 and 2 are now available for purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray box sets. All 3 seasons are available on iTunes. As of 9/11/11, Season 3 will be released onto DVD and ( Full Answer )

Who died in Star Wars the clone wars episode 15 season 4?

That was Obi-Wan Kenobi. But he really wasn't killed. (Although he was hit by a blaster bolt, he wore a piece of armor under his chestplate.) It was all a ruse composed by him, Yoda, and Windu in order for Obi-Wan to disguise himself as a criminal and to undercover the rumors of a plot to assassinat ( Full Answer )

What episode of star wars the clone wars is ahsoka turns evil?

That episode is Season 3 Episode 16 "Altar of Mortis." (And actually, the only reason why Ahsoka turned evil was due to the living embodiment of the dark side of the Force corrupting her with a spell in an attempt to get Anakin to join the dark side)