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Kamichama Karin Chu? Red it at There is also OneManga, for other online manga, but it doesn't have KK Chu. ~Ryuu-Tan

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Where can you watch kamichama karin Chu not in manga?

I don't think Kamichama Karin Chu is out yet

Where can you watch kamichama karin chu online?

kamichama karin is on the chu one im not surei better place to go is if you know where kamichama-karin chu is tell me....

Where can you watch kamichama karin chu?

It's not out yet... Hopefully it will be soon.

Where can you read the last volume of kamichama karin chu?

Onemanga is a trustable site.

What happend to series 2 of Kamichama Karin?

u can't watch it yet but the manga of kamichama karin 2 (kamichama karin chu) is out already.

Is there a sequel to Kamichama Karin Chu?

Kamichama Karin chu IS the sequel. Kamichama Karin is it's prequel.

What websites can you see kamichama karin chu?

If that is the same as kamichama karin then you can watch it at that's my favorite site for watching anime :)

Where can you read kamichama karin chu volume 4 chapters 12 and up on line?

How many chapters are in kamichama karin chu?

In Kamichama Karin: 32 chapters In Kamichama Karin Chu: 26 chapters

Where can you read Kamichama Karin chu volume 2?

At they even have it till book 6.

When is Kamichama Karin Chu coming out?

Check with the publisher's link below for Kamichama Karin Chu information .

Where can you watch kamichama karin chu as a anime?

You cannot beause it is not and will never be made. it didnt come out yet. its probably going to come out because at the end of the last episode, they say something about kamichama karin chu. i hope it comes out soon!

When is kamichama karin chu?

It is already out.

What is the sequel to Kamichama Karin Chu?

I am sorry but there is no sequel to Kamichama Karin Chu, but who knows, there could very well be in the near or distant future ~ HMF2009 ^.^

Where can you watch Kamichama Karin Chu episode 1?

Kamichama Karin ChuThere was an announcement that they said they " MIGHT " Air it. down to AnimeAnd it says on the last sentence.It didn't come out yet, or only released out in Japan only, theres no information on it yet.

Is there an anime of kamichama karin chu?

Not yet, but there will be one.

Does kazune love karin?

Yes ^^ If you've read Kamachama Karin chu to the end, you'll see!!

Who will kazune marry?

It is explained near the kind of Kamichama Karin and in many parts of Kamichama Karin Chu that Kazune gets married to Karin.

When will the second season of Kamichama Karin will come out on TV and when will you be able to watch it online?

There is a second season called Kamichama Karin Chu, but it is only in the magna, not in the anime. The anime only has 26 episodes of Kamichama Karin. IDK if they are planning to make the second season in anime.

What is the difference between the series Kamichama Karin and Kamichama Karin Chu?

Well in Kamichama Karin it is just that Kazune and Karin meeting each other and then they have to try to get the balance right for the 2 Himekas. In Kamichama Karin Chu, they got the balance right so now both Himekas are safe but now that they met Jin. He is the power of Hades and he is one of the 3 Honoured Gods. There are many situations in each chapter mostly. But at the end of Kamichama Karin Chu, Karin just has to find a way to change the future so Kazune won't die.

How many volumes are there in the series Kamichama Karin Chu?

Around 7

Will kamichama karin episode 27 come out?

It will never come out beacus Koge-Donbo doesn't want Kamichama Karin Chu to be made into an anime and Kamichama Karin is finished.

What is the difference between kamichama karin and kamichama karin chu?

Kamichama Karin is the prequel/the first series, where Karin and Kazune travel into the past after the Seed of Chaos defeats them. They find out about their past, including the fact that Kazune is Karin's husband, and so on. Kamichama Karin Chu, on the other hand, is the sequel. Karin obtains new rings from a Suzune, a boy who travels back in time from the future. In this sequel, the main enemy is the Seed of Chaos

When is kamichama karin chu coming?

You Can Read It At Hope That Helped You Out!!!!!!!!:)

Is kamichama karin chu turning into an anime in 2010?

For right now, koge-donbo (author of kamichama karin) is looking for people tpo subtitle it in English. you can contact her at the anime has already been aired in japan.(kamichama karin chu will be aired in America in 2012.

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