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There are multiple reading comprehension websites and resources. A list of reading comprehension resources can be found here:

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Q: Where could I find an Interactive reading comprehension website?
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What is TeenBiz3000com?

A website where you could do at school or at home that improves comprehension and reading. You have to be at school to participate and you must have a user name and password.

Learn How To Understand Context In A Book?

Reading comprehension is what makes it possible for us to understand context in anything that we read. Interactive reading comprehension involves using visual cues as well as verbal cues to help readers understand what is going on. Without proper comprehension, an entire story could lose its meaning to the audience. An important news article that impacts your life could therefore be interpreted wrong by the reader. That is never a good thing.

Manifestation of comprehension?

Comprehension is manifested when a reader interacts with the text. A reader brings in his world knowledge in reading, so that if a student has no prior knowledge, a reader could not contribute to the text. Reading comprehension comes in when a reader gives his views on the test not just simply agreeing on the author's ideas...

Describe the use of interactive websites?

Interactive websites help the visitors find or do exactly what their need is. This is done more easily than a non interactive website. This type of website could ask a person what they want to do and direct them to it.

How do you cheat the Accelerated reader program?

You would cheat by looking up the answers to the quizzes, but overall, this is a bad idea. If you are having trouble getting the answers correct, you might be having trouble with your reading comprehension. If you are, you would want to know so it could be corrected. Reading comprehension is an important component to literacy.

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What is the difference from literacy than functional literacy?

Functional literacy pertains to that which can help an individual function in day to day life. This could mean reading street signs, filling out applications or reading a cookbook. Literacy is a broad category that contains learning to read, reading comprehension, and writing.

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WWW.Macmillan McGrawHill

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