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Worse case could be from a rusted out welsh plug on the rear of the motor. Also could be a heater hose or a intake manifold gasket leaking on the end. if so the valley will need removing.

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Why is coolant leaking from the bottom of the engine beneath the radiator?

is coolant leaking from engine?or is it leaking from water pump and running down engine and appears to leak from engine

Will oil float on engine coolant?

It is possible for engine oil to float on engine coolant. This occurs when there is a leaking or blown gasket.

What if your 1992 Chevy silverado is leaking engine coolant from the top of the engine just below the distrubutor what is leaking?

There is a heater hose that goes to the left rear top side of the intake manifold and that fitting leaks engine coolant sometimes and it will run down the back of the intake around the distributor. If that fitting is not leaking then the intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant in the corners of it. REplace the intake gasket. That's all that can leak coolant on that year engine. If coolant is leaking out between the transmission and engine block then you have a freeze plug leaking in the back of the engine, between the transmission and block. Must remove the transmission and flywheel to fix it.

What causes engine oil to become milky?

this is usually engine coolant leaking in

Will engine overheat if intake manifold gasket is bad?

It can if it is leaking coolant into engine or out side of engine.

If not leaking where else could antifreeze be going in engine?

you might have a blown head gasket and the coolant is leaking into the cylender and the engine is burning it.

Can you smell a coolant leak at the head gasket?

The head gasket sits between the head and the engine block if it is leaking out where you can see the coolant, yes you can smell the coolant if it is leaking into the engine no you cannot smell the coolant. You can check the oil to see if it has coolant in the oil if it does then the head gasket might be blown.

Leaking coolant from water outlet?

Your engine may have a leaking hose connection or a leaking gasket at the water outlet. It could also be a leaking hose.

How do you know when your water pumps starts going bad on a 1994 grand caravan 3.0?

Coolant leaking from the pump shaft.Engine overheating.Noise coming from pump.Coolant leaking from the pump shaft.Engine overheating.Noise coming from pump.

Will a leaking heater core cause your car to overheat?

A leaking heater core will cause the engine to overheat because the coolant is leaking out.

If the heater core is not replaced can it cause damage?

If your heater core is LEAKING engine coolant so that your engine coolant level drops too low or the engine coolant is lost completely and causes your engine to overheat then your engine can be damaged beside the mess the leaking coolant makes inside your vehicle ( you might be able to just temporarily bypass the heater core so that no engine coolant is flowing through the heater core )

Where is the oil filter on a Holden Commodore SV6 VE Series and how many liter of oil does it require?

Oil filters on cars are usually located on the same side of the engine that you fill your engine with oil. A Holden Commodore SV6 VE Series will be no different. Check the owner manual for the correct amount of liters of oil that this engine requires.

Keep topping up coolant on Renault there is no leak?

If coolant isn't leaking externally then it has to be leaking internally. A leaking head gasket or cracked head may be the problem. If this is the case, as it gets worse more coolant will enter the combustion chamber or engine oil. Either way you will be able to determine as it gets worse. There will be white smoke from the exhaust. May be intermittent. This is if coolant is leaking into combustion chamber. If leaking into oil, you will notice that the engine oil will have a brown/milky look to it as you check the oil level on the engine oil dipstick.

What is the liquid leaking from under your dashboard 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

The heater core has failed and is leaking engine coolant.

Does a 1984 vk commodore have a timing belt or chain 3.3 liter?

Neither, Camshaft is gear diven on Holden Six's until the arrival of Vl commodore[Nissan engine]

If your water pump was leaking can the coolant enter the engine on 1993 Nissan pickup?

No It Can Not.

Why is my 06 duramax Leaking coolant from back of engine?

easy, head gasket

Why is Water is coming into the car and overheating?

If you mean engine coolant is getting into the car, the heater core is leaking coolant causing the coolant level to drop and that causes the engine to over heat.

Why is coolant all over my engine?

If there is coolant on an engine, it is likely a seal or a hose is leaking or broken. It should be repaired immediately or the engine may seize up and quick working.

Why is my 7.3 liter diesel leaking from metal tube under engine?

what fluid is leaking from the it coolant water or deisel?

What is the cause of a coolant leak on top of a 1997 Taurus 3.0 engine?

If you have coolant on the top of the engine it could be a leaky thermostat housing or a leaking intake gasket.

Does low coolant level and no pressure in the overflow tank mean coolant is leaking into the engine in a 98 olds intrigue?

maybe not. check engine oil for color and quantity. if oil is white to grey, then there is coolant leaking into pressure might be caused by bad radiator cap.this will also allow coolant to escape

What would cause water to leak out of a 1996 Saturn?

I think you may be referring to coolant leaking from engine? engine coolant or water can leak from any coolant hose or heater hose, waterpump, thermostat housing etc, wurse case the head gasket is leaking coolant externally, need a pro to check it out

Why would coolant leak out of the engine?

Freeze plugs. More likely that hoses are leaking or thermostat housing is leaking. Freeze Plugs generally NEVER leaks unless engine block has had frozen coolant in it. Hence, Freeze Plugs.

Where is coolant reservoir on a 1992 Lexus ES300?

Coolant reservoir, or directly in the radiator. If you are having to add much coolant, you need to find out why. Serious engine damage can occur if it is leaking inside the engine.

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