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One can go to their local car dealership to have body work done on their auto. The dealerships usually charge more, however. Another place to look is at local small auto shops, which are usually cheaper.

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Q: Where could one go to have body work done on their auto?
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Could you inform me about auto body shops?

Auto body shops take a look at the damage done and give you an estimated cost of the repair. However, when working, there will be a chance that they may find something else to work on and therefore raise the cost from the previous estimate. In conclusion, be careful when going to an auto body shop.

What is the most common auto detail work done in the US?

The most common auto detail work done in the US is tire repair. The second mostcommon auto detail work done in the US is glass or surface repair or refurnish.

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Where can one get auto transmission repair work done?

One can get auto transmission repair work done at a shop that does transmission repairs. One could go to a Canadian Tire to see if they'll do it, one can also check out some websites like Richfieldtransmission and Everetttransmission.

Will auto body work raise my auto insurance premiums?

No, Unless the body work is being done because of an accident that you were found at fault in. Then rates are determined if damages are over or under a certain dollar amount, this amount varies by insurance company but the threshold is usually $750.00

Where can one get a car bumper painted?

You can get a car bumper painted at a local auto body shop such as Maaco. You can also get bumper work done at your local Auto Zone location. You can learn more about Auto Zone at the official Auto Zone website.

Do auto body shops also do paint jobs?

Yes outo body shops also do paint jobs. A paint job has to be done after a body work. Body shops must therefore have equipment and experts for paint job.

Where could I take an auto body course to work on Mercedes models?

Auto body courses are offered in many different places. These days is easy to find different web pages offering auto body products, some of them offer for Mercedes models., and are some examples.

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You should visit Costco because they have excellent pricing and service for their repairs which cannot be matched by anything and get the work done quickly

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