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Where did Abel Tasman sail to?

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Why did abel Tasman sail to Australia?

able Tasman set sail for money and glory

Where did Abel Tasman set sail from?

he set sail from Batavia - Aparna

Who did tasman sail for?

Abel Tasman was employed by the Dutch East India company.

Where did Abel Tasman sail in 1642?

Western austtralia

What ocean did Abel tasman sail?

Tasman sailed in the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific Oceans

Who did Abel Tasman sail for?

The Dutch East Indies Company.

When did Abel Tasman sail to New Zealand?

13th December 1642.

What years did Abel Tasman sail in?

Abel Tasman's main voyages took place between 1642 and 1644.

When did Abel Tasman explore tasman?

Abel Tasman discovered Tasman in 1642.

How did Abel Tasman achieve his goals?

He tried setting sail into the Pacific and reached his goal.

Was Abel Tasman English?

No. Abel Tasman was Dutch.

Where was Abel Janszoon Tasman born?

where was abel tasman born and when

What is the full name of Abel Tasman?

abel janzoon tasman

When did abel tasman become a sailor?

why did abel tasman become a sailor

How did Abel Tasman grow up?

Where Did Abel Tasman grow Up

Is abel Tasman a Christian?

Yes Abel Tasman is a christian, he is from Holland.

Was Abel Tasman an Australian explorer?

No. Abel Tasman was a Dutch explorer.

Where was Abel Tasman place of birth?

abel tasman was born in nether lands.

Who is Abel Tasman?

Abel Tasman was a dutch explorer that discovered New Zealand.

When did Abel Tasman die?

Abel Tasman died on the 10th of october in 1659

Where did Abel Tasman die?

Abel Tasman died in 1659 on the island of Batavia.

Did Abel Tasman claim Tasmania?

No. Abel Tasman did not claim any part of Australia.

What were the places named after Abel Tasman?

Tasmania was one of the places named after Abel Tasman.

Abel tasman facts?

what the why doesn't it come up with abel tasman facts. this sucks

Was Abel Tasman a boy or a girl?

Abel tasman was a male, a man .