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Originally, it was recommended that the First Fleet would settle at botany Bay, where it arrived on 18 January 1788. However, Captain Arthur Phillip immediately determined that there was insufficient fresh water, an absence of usable timber, poor quality soil and no safe harbour at Botany Bay. He sailed north, seeking a better site for settlement, and decided Port Jackson met the immediate needs of the colonists. Thus the fleet was moved to Port Jackson, and thence on to Sydney Cove, arriving on 26 January 1788.

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Arthur Phillip lived in Sydney, in Port Jackson.

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No, his estranged wife remained in England and died in the same year - 1792 - as he returned.

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Q: Where did Arthur Phillip live in Australia?
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Where does Arthur Phillip live?

did Arthur phillip live in eglan

Who governed the first colony in Australia?

Captain Arthur Phillip

Where was Arthur Phillip founder of Australia from?

Governor Arthur Phillip was born in London, England in 1738.

What year did Governor Phillip land in Australia?

Governor Arthur Phillip landed in Australia on 26 January 1788.

Did Captain Arthur Phillip abuse his powers when he was governor?

No. Captain Arthur Phillip was one of the fairest governors of colonial Australia.

Who was the first governor Arthur?

The first governor of Australia was Captain Arthur Phillip.

What did captain Arthur Phillip do famous?

He found australia

When did Captain Arthur Phillip go to Australia?

Captain Arthur Phillip left England for Australia in May 1787, and arrived in New South Wales in January 1788.

Who was Port Phillip District named after?

Port Phillip was named after Australia's first Governor - Governor Arthur Phillip.

Who captained the first fleet to australia?

The Captain of the First Fleet was Arthur Phillip.

Was Britain happy that Arthur Phillip settled Australia?


How old was Captain Arthur Phillip when he arrived in Australia?

Captain Arthur Phillip was 49 years old when he arrived in Australia. He turned 50 in October of 1788, the year the First Fleet arrived.