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When the Second World War began in 1939, it began in Europe. As part of the British Commonwealth, Australian & New Zealand forces were sent to the European Theater to fight the Germans, and then in 1940 the Italians also. Australia & New Zealand sent ground troops, pilots, and naval vessels. The naval vessels were often deployed throughout the world (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, & Indian Oceans) chasing German surface raiders. Most Australian & New Zealand ground forces would be in combat in the North African campaign against the Italians & German Afrikakorps to successfully defend Egypt and the Suez Canal (1940-1942). They also participated in the unsuccessful attempt to defend Greece & Crete from the German invasion in 1941. When the Japanese began the war against the United States & the British Empire in the Pacific in December 1941, then some Australian & New Zealand forces would be shifted to the Pacific. Australian forces were used in the unsuccessful defense of Singapore and other places in South East Asia, including the Dutch East Indies. As the Japanese forces came closer to Australia, more Australian forces were used to defend Australia itself. Australian forces, later assisted by some US forces, were instrumental in the defeat of the Japanese in New Guinea. Australian forces were also used ito retake territory from the Japanese in the Solomon Islands and the Dutch East Indies. This is not a complete list of places, however as you can see the Australian were involved in combat throughtout the world against the Germans, Italians, and Japanese.

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Why did New Zealand and Australia have to go to world war1 and fight?

to get freedom Australia had to go to a war because people from other countries are destroying Australia.

What did you get to go in the trenches?

To fight in the First World War or similar. To fight in the First World War or similar.

What age did men go out to fight in World War 1?

every man came to fight in the war at 19

Why did Australia go to war with Britain in World War 2?

They were and are a part of the Commonwealth.

What year did nicholas the second go to fight in ww1?

He went to fight in World War I in 1915.

Why did people go to war in World War I?

People had to go fight in the army at World War 1 otherwise they would have been shot dead or killed.

Where did Australians go to fight for the first time?

As a federated country, Australia first fought in the Second Boer War.

Did all rich men go and fight in World War 1?

On the contrary. Most of those who fought during World War I were poor or underprivileged men. The rich were not required to fight in the war. It was during World War I that the Selective Service began.

How did world war 2 change peoples lives?

the had to go and fight for their country

Where did Canadian soldiers go to fight in World War 1?

The Canadian soldiers went to your under pants to fight.

Why did people go to world war 2?

Thats just what you did, if you couldnt get a job, or you just wanted to fight, war was the way to go

Why did women have to go to work during World War 1?

Many of the able bodied men had to go fight in the war. Someone had to make the war materials.

How old did you have to be to go to fight in World War 1?

18 to 45 was the age requirement.

Where did Australia go first in World War 1?

Gallipoli, in Turkey, Eastern Mediterranean.

When did Australia go to Crete in World War 2?

In the summer of 1941. (The Germans won that campaign.)

What kind of jobs do men have in Australia?

Your question doesn't make sense, but most men in Australia during world war two fought in the war. Some that didn't go help support the war

Why did every man over the age of 16 have to go and fight in World War 2?

every man had to war to serve there country

Did easy company in World War 2 go to the pacific?

No they did not. They began training to fight in the Pacific but the war ended in August 1945.

Did Australia go to war at Poland in world war 2?

No, the opposite we were allies with Poland. When Hitler first invaded Poland, Australia along with Britain and New Zealand immediately responded by declaring war on Germany.

Did farmers have to go to fight in world war 1?

Yes They Would Due To Lack Of Soldiers In WW1

Where did the fight in world war 2 go on?

WW II took place in the Pacific, African, and Europe.

Did the us troops go to France to fight in World War 1?

Yes, Americans were in France in WW1.

Did Australia have to go to World War 1?

No, but they chose to support the British (and, most Australians are of British descent).

Did Australia go to world war 2?

well yes and no. Australia was still a colony of Britain so they couldn't declare war but there were battles in the pacific in order to protect Australia and there were Australians at D-Day. So even though they didn't go to war Australians were fighting in the British Army, Navy, etc.

Why did women go undercover as men to fight in the Civil War?

they wanted to go to war