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was this in World War 1 or 2?

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Where did Australian soldiers fight in World War 1?

some of the places where the Australian soldiers fought in WW1 were-German New Guinea-Western Desert-Gallipoli-The Middle East-France-Belgium-Germany-Northern Russia

What places in the world did Australian soldiers fight in World War 2?

Australia in world war 2Australian soldiers generally fought in the pacific campaigns but they also had involvement in the African campaign in Egypt and Libya as well as the Italian campaign but by for the pacific campaign was were most Australian soldiers were fighting a lot of the time they fought alongside British and other commonwealth forces. the New Zealand soldiers fought with the Australians often to form ANZAC.

Did black soldiers fight in World War 1?

Yes, Black Soldiers did fight in World War 1

Where did Canadian soldiers go to fight in World War 1?

The Canadian soldiers went to your under pants to fight.

Where did NZ soldiers fight in World War 2?

The New Zealand soldiers fought in Crete.

Where did the soldiers of Anzac fight?

in WORLD war I as well as WORLD war II

What year did Australain soldiers fight in the Vietnam War?

Australians arrived as advisers in 1962 and Australian Regulars arrived in 1965.

What motivated soldiers in the continental army?

The American soldiers were mainly in the fight out of a sense of duty, honor, and adventure, and a desire to end the English blockades and avenge the deaths of their countrymen.

Where did Australian troops fight in World War 2?

Italy, North Africa (Tripoli) and the Islands around what is now Indonesia as well as Burma and Malaysia.Australian soldiers fought with the United States against Japan in the Pacific, like at the Battle of Coral Sea. Soldiers from New Zealand also fought with the United States in the Pacific.

Did Australian soldiers fight in the world war 1 and 2?

Australian Navy, Army and Marines fought valiantly in both world wars because they were part of the United Kingdom. In World War 2 they had to save themselves from the Japanese taking over their nation so they fought with the Allied Forces in Australia and all over the Pacific.

Where did britin fight Germany?

All over the world, but, mainly in Europe.

Where did Anzac soldiers fight?

The term ANZAC was used for Australian soldiers during WW1 (there were also some NZ but not many and all were under Australian command). Probably the most notable fighting was Gallipoli and other major campaigns including Tobruk and Beersheba.

Why do soldiers want to fight?

Soldiers usually fight to be patriotic to their country.

What method was used to obtain men to fight during World War 2?

They mainly Drafted past soldiers or men to come with them at war Other methods such as going around to Military Pounds to look for men to fight were also common. I'm 11 ;)

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