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Q: Where did Chinese immigrants go after they left Ellis island?
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How were immigrants' experiences different at Ellis Island than at Angel Island?

most immigrants left Ellis island very quickly -Moose

Whats the difference between Ellis Island and Angel island?

Most immigrants left Ellis Isand very quickly.

What was a difference between the immigration at Ellis Island and Angel Island?

most immigrants left ellis island very quickly

Why immigrant left their home and came to America through Ellis Island?

When immigrants came into the U.S. they had to enter through ellis island or angel island because if the immigrants tried to just run off they would have nowhere else to go

How did the experience of most Asian immigrants at Angel Island differ from that of Europeans at Ellis Island?

They were interviewed thoroughly, given physical examinations, and usually left the same day they arrived.

How much money did immigrants need to have in order to leave Ellis island?

There was no specific amount of money required. The immigrants had to show that they had money to prove that they weren't paupers. The amount was left up to the discretion of the inspector.

What are three reasons why immigrants left there homes and came to America through Ellis island?

1. Seeking a better life 2. Freedom from oppression 3. Work

What happened to you after you left Ellis Island?

Immigrants had to pass the medical examination to pass through Ellis Island. Doctors checked immigrants' hair, faces, necks, and hands for diseases. Eyes were also checked for a blindness disease called trachoma. If immigrants got a letter marked on their clothing, that meant that they needed to have a second, more thorough checkup. If immigrants had diseases or were too sick to work, they were forced to leave the United States. The immigrants who managed to pass thus far were then asked a series of question for interrogation. The inspectors had approximately two minutes with every immigrant to double check information. If the immigrants hesitated, they had to stay at Ellis Island for more questioning. Once the immigrants passed the medical examinations and interrogations and left Ellis Island, they began their new lives as Americans. However, they often met challenges as poor immigrants from other countries. The living conditions for them were mostly very poor. Families lived in tenements, which were small homes and apartments, sometimes even cramming one entire family into one room due to lack of money. The tenements sometimes didn't even have running water or electricity. Immigrants also had to work long hours in factories for little pay. Children would often work as well, selling newspapers or working alongside adults in factories.

What were the after effect of the chinese exclusion act?

They decreased the number of Chinese immigrants into the United States and forbade those who left to return.

Where did the immigrants arived and what where they given there?

They came into NYC through Ellis island. It was very well organized at Ellis with immigration officers checking people in, doctors giving physicals, providing beds in dorm rooms, a cafeteria to feed them, and when all was done they left the island going to NYC. They did all of this without the advantage of computers or technology and it makes me wonder why we can't do the same thing with our technology a 100 years later.

What year did Chinese immigrants come in America?

Many Chinese men (they left their families in China) came to America seeking gold, during the California Gold Rush of 1849.

IF you were an immigrant arriving from Europe in 1904 where would you most likely have arrived first before being admitted to the US?

In 1904 it's likely that you would have entered the U.S. through Ellis Island in New York Harbor. Ellis Island was the principal Federal Immigration Station until 1954.Prior to 1890, individual states regulated immigration into the United States. For example, New York State's entry point before Ellis Island opened was Castle Garden in the Battery. Ellis Island was designated the official Federal Immigration Station by President Benjamin Harrison in 1890. The station opened in 1892, and operated continuously until 1954, although the number of immigrants processed through Ellis Island dropped steadily after 1924, when prospective immigrants were permitted to apply for visas at American consulates in their countries of origin. Even the medical inspection could be conducted at the consulate. In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson declared Ellis Island part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. Eventually $160 million was spent to create the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Today, the museum receives almost 2 million visitors annually. It is a monument to many of our own forebears who arrived in this place in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty hoping for a better life than the one they left.See the Related Link for lots more information.

Does Dan Ellis shoot right or left?

NHL player Dan Ellis shoots left.

Does Matt Ellis shoot right or left?

NHL player Matt Ellis shoots left.

What discrimination did Chinese Americans Face?

There were anti-chinese riots which eventually drove them out of the united states. There was an extreme amount of Chinese immigrants originally coming in to America, so, the Americans got annoyed and many Chinese immigrants left as well as stopped entering the U.S. Around 1920's or early 1900's there were many Chinese working on a Visa but were latered denied the citizenship they were expecting and could not stay and live in the US.

What did the Chinese migration groups experience?

The Chinese migration groups experienced bad things. For example, the immigrants were mainly peasant farmers who left their homes because of economic and political troubles in China.

Who earned voting rights during ww1 and WW2?

In ww1, while men were fighting on the fronts, the women were left at home. So they decided to fight for their rights. 1919 was about the date for women getting the right to vote. (Canada) After ww2, immigrants like the Chinese and Japenese won the right to vote. In Canada, 1948 Chinese immigrants and 1949 Japanese immigrants

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No, Ellis Did not die. However Bill did.

What did immigrants bring with them?

This depends on where the immigrants came from, where the immigrants were going to, when they left, and which culture they belonged to.

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