Where did ChrisBrown have his 18 birthday?

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in new york on sweet 16
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Is chrisbrown saved?

Answer . Chrisbrown is saved because he is a christian,excellent,and is very smart.. P.S. Shantail

Do riannah have a crush on chrisbrown?


Is chrisbrown fine?

Answer . yes he is so cute. Answer . yea!!. Answer . yes he is but it depends on wat he is wearing............... answer. he is so fine that man is all mine bitchez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who has a birthday on September 18?

1974 - Xzibit 1974 - Sol Campbell 1971 - Lance Armstrong 1962 - John Fashanu 1895 - Tomoji Tanabe, the oldest validated man(there are older women) in the world at the time of writing (march 2008). me! lol

What is chrisbrowns addy?

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What state is Chrisbrown in?

C hrisbrown I havent met you yet but I wish to meet you. Tell your girlfriend your girlfriend to shut up.

IF your birthday is February 18 what you your zodiac sign?

The Zodiac sign if you are born on Feb 18th is Aquarius. (Jan 20- Feb18) To reinforce this in your mind go to below link about it about 37 seconds in-please turn up your speakers all the way for the full effect .

Is Rihanna still with chrisbrown?

No they broke up and Rihanna is now dating a baseball player named Matt Kemp and Chris Brown is now dating a model.

Who is chrisbrowns girlfriend?

Rihanna - ughh.. ew.. uglyness.. yeah he dates the rihanna thing.. isn't she ugly? she looks like a man.. ew! she was pretty when her hair was long.. now she looks like a lezbo! chris brown isn't to attractive.. but idk...

How can you get to chrisbrown?

\n. \nyou call him only if it is the right number and if he answers ask him.\n. \nthis is by: lyrika evans

What to get your 18 year old brother for his birthday?

It depends on what your brother likes and how much money you can afford to spend. If you don't have a lot of extra cash, you could make him a card and a birthday cake. If you have the dough, buy him a book, DVD, CD, or game he would like.

Did chrisbrown assault a women?

\nyes he did. rihanna had several bruises, and he turned hisself in. he paid a bail of $50,000

Did chrisbrown hit rihanna?

Yes chrisbrown hit her only because she give him herpies and it will cost chrisbrown 50,000 dollars but he got outa jail p.s. that don't mean u can hate him.The only reason chrisabrown hit her is because she made him mad enough to do it she threw his car keys out and he couldn't find them so he soc ( Full Answer )

Why did chrisbrown go to jail?

becaus ehe beat the stank out of rihanna man that was not cool she if she was mine ill let her slap me if it didnt hurt

Why did chrisbrown beat up rihanna?


What do you give an 18 year old girl for her birthday?

I would try clothes! or even a party. that's what i did for my friend who is 18. i bought her a really cute shirt(if u don't know what to buy, get a gift card.) and i through a party at this club for her. she really liked it.

Why did chrisbrown hurt Rihanna?

Just listen to the radio it will give you all the latest news about that situation but I believe that he didn't hit her

What is a good birthday present for a 18 year old?

money is always a big hit but sometimes it might be hard to give money to such ppl who seem to have everything and still too much money so in that case i suggest a random basket of a card with a custom gift card a photo frame stuff for their house since they might not have everything for it yet some ( Full Answer )

Is Chrisbrown Dead?

yes, he was taken hostage by terrorists and then the US government said they didnt want to pay the ransom because they never really wanted him anyway and were only interested in Rhianna so the terrorists shot him because he kept dancing

Birthday for 18 year old birthday boy?

Paintball is lame. Have it at a really nice hotel and make the girls spend the night in one room and the guys stay the night in a whole different room, you can swim and at night you guys can run through the hotel and all other things! its so fun! go ahead, try it!

What to get an 18 year old boy for his birthday?

If your family get him 30-40 dollars, but if your a friend then get his 20-25, you dont want to get them to much money but if your their family you need to get them an alright amount and this is the right amount.

What celebrities birthday is June 18?

1269 - Princess Eleanor of England (d. 1298) . 1318 - Princess Eleanor of Woodstock (d. 1355) . 1466 - Ottaviano Petrucci, Italian printer (d. 1539) . 1511 - Bartolomeo Ammanati, Italian architect and sculptor (d. 1592) . 1517 - Emperor Ogimachi of Japan (d. 1593) . 1552 - Gabriello Chiabrera, ( Full Answer )

18 children and counting children birthdays?

Jim-Bob- July 18th, 1965; age 44 Michelle- September 13th, 1966; age 43 Josh- March 3rd, 1988; age 21 Jana & John-David- January 12th, 1990; age 20 Jill- May 17th, 1991; age 18 Jessa- November 4th, 1992; age 17 Jinger- December 21st, 1993; age 15 Joseph- January 20th, 1995; age 14 J ( Full Answer )

What is the birthdays date of the 18 kids and counting?

It's now 19 kids and counting Josh March 3,1988 Jana and John David January 12,1990 Jill May 17,1991 Jessa November 4, 1992 Jinger December 21, 1993 Joseph January 20,1995 Josiah August 28, 1996 Joy Anna October 28, 1997 Jedidah and Jeremiah December 30,1998 Jason April 21,2000 James July 7,2001 Ju ( Full Answer )

Is chrisbrown half white?

no. both of his parents are black. His mom is just light skin but, some say his mom is half white but it has not been comformed.

Is rihanna pergent by chrisbrown?

She was but she got it abortionated because they broke up and she didn't think she could raise it by herself

Where does ChrisBrown live at?

Chrisbrown lives in my bed under my sheets and between these cleakes lol budd ion kno whre my baby live lol.....;)

Who is your patron saint if your birthday is Sept. 18?

There are a number of saints honored on September 18: . Carlo Erana Guruceta Dominic Trach Doai Eustorgius of Milan Ferreolus Ferreolus of Limoges Fidel Fuidio Rodriguez Hygbald Irene Jesus Hita Miranda John de Massias Joseph of Cupertino Methodius of Olympus Richardis Thomas of Villanova Winnoc (t ( Full Answer )

How do you make child support stop on the 18 birthday?

In most cases, child support stops the month the child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever comes last. In some cases, however, the court can be petitioned to provide support while a child attends college. In that case, child support can only be stopped after the 18th birthday if both t ( Full Answer )

Who is birthday from jls is on 18 march?

JLS- Jack the Lad Swing. Marvin Humes birthday is 18 March 1985, star sign: Pisces. Oritise Williams birthday is 27 November 1986, star sign: Sagittarius. Aston Merrygold birthday is 13 February, star sign: Aquarius. Jonathan 'JB' Gill birthday is 7 December 1986, star sign: Sagittarius.