Where did Chris Brown beat his girlfriend?

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Who is Chris Browns girlfriend?

chris browns girl friend is a model her name i jessica lint she works with Victoria justice and on lots of covers of magazines chris brown wants to still go out with rihanna though even after the fight

Does Chris Brown want a girlfriend?

well no,he is dating kayleen valentin. most people say he is with riahnna.....not those people think so its not real. if you believe and want proof find it on chris browns sight.

What does Chris Brown want in a girlfriend?

I think he wants a sexy black girl that can hold him down through thick and thin which will be me. he need someone that don't want to go with him for money. I THINK HE WANTS A SEXY BEATIFUL TALENTED SMART GIRL THAT CAN BE MZ.BEDROCK ND LOVE HIM FOR EVERYTHING ND NOT JUST HIZ MONEY ND LOVE HIM ON D ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Brown girlfriend pregnant?

wow don't you think he would have put the baby in one of his songs or something? or had talked about it? that is stupid question..

Who is Chris Brown new girlfriend?

Chris Brown is an American singer, known for his single "With You".He is not currently dating anyone as far as it's known.

Does Chris Brown have a girlfriend at the moment?

Yes! He does. Recently, CB is happily dating Rihanna, R & B, superstar. Despite all the rumors, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown weren't anything more than friends. On No Air Jordin just needed a cute guy to be lovey dovey with.

Did Omarion beat Chris Brown in a dance-off?

Omarion And Chris Has Had More Than 1 Actual Dance Battles.....Omarion Has Won Most Of Them....They Can B Seen On Youtube....1 Of Them Is On Omarion's Myspace Fan Page......http://www.myspace.com/omarionfansonly....In The Videos Omarion Is Also Known As The "King Of Dance" As Of Right Now & Prince ( Full Answer )

Did Chris Brown really beat up Rihanna?

Yes he did because............ He never made it to the Grammy Awards stage, but Chris Brown's performance Sunday could become an example of how to wreck one's career in record time. With the awards ceremony under way, Brown was booked by Los Angeles police for purportedly "making criminal threa ( Full Answer )

Did Chris Brown beat up Rhianna?

yes it is true chris brown beat up rihanna and she deserved dat shyt to cuz she could have told him dat she had herpes and dat shyt just real

Why did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?

No one knows why he did it; that information wont be released untilthey cleared up in court. The only people that know right now arethe people involved.

Did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?

Yes he beat up Rihanna and has charges. Because it is said thatRihanna got him mad. Yes, yes he did. He beat her a couple times actually. If you lookup on Google.com images and type in Rihanna's Black Eye orRhianna's beatings then you will see that I'm telling you thetruth.

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown back together after he beat her up?

Actually no they are not getting back together rihanna an chris brown already made that clear that they are friends an no more then frieinds an yes i know this because i heared from chris brown on bet awards back stage by letara washington peoria arizona any questions {contact nuimber is} {602}502 ( Full Answer )

Did Chris Brown beat his girlfriend?

yes! chris brown attacked rihanna and it was horrible. it was suppose to be a secret, but i don't think that is going to well. chris brown and rihanna did not peform at the Grammy awards 2009. aww! and chris brown did get arrested. go to youtube and type in: a picture of rihanna getting attacked by ( Full Answer )

How are you after Chris Brown beating you up?

You aren't too good. Just some bruises, bumps, and marks. I would recommend you to go on www.youtube.com, and search Rihanna's face, and you will see what are the results.

Did Chris Brown really beat rihhana?


Why did Chris Brown beat up Rhinna?

Chris Brown, Rhinna's former boyfriend, beat her up because she claimed to be cheating on him with her previous boyfriend and he should have never earned a grammy award! Aughgh

Rihanna beat up by Chris Brown?

He beat her up because she hit him first. He got a call from a girl saying meet me later and Rihanna got mad and slapped him so he punched her in the face, like that's how he grew up his dad always abused his mom.. Also because that skank gave him herpes. If she wasnt having sex with everybody she w ( Full Answer )

Y did Chris Brown beat Rihanna?


What did Rihanna do after Chris Brown beat her?

the stupid girl went back to him. if she was gonna go back she should of hid until it heald so nobody would see she gonna get beat down again and nobodies gonna care

Why did Chris Brown beat rihhana?

Chris brown beat rihhanna because she was checking his phone before they went to a award show.Then rihhana started a argument and smacked him across his face.So he was just defending himself by banging her head into the window. But he did go a little to far. But i would have never saw this coming at ( Full Answer )

Is it true that Chris Brown beat Rihanna?

Yes it is true that chris brown who is a jerk did beat rihanna for no reason and for your info all the people out there who like chris brown still think about this what if you were in that car with him and he beat you how would you like it???

Did riannah beat Chris Brown?

It is aledgedly said that Chris Brown has multiple scratches on his face and arms from her. But nobody is certain that she beat him. They have all kinds of pics of Rihanna after the beating, but oddly, none of Chris. Is it because he dosent want to let his fans see him when he is not perfect looking ( Full Answer )

What did Rihanna do for Chris Brown to beat her up?

Rihanna was invading Chris Brown's privacy on his phone and Rihanna saw a text message and they started arguing and Rihanna started slapping Chris Brown and Chris Brown snapped and he started beating her up.

What day did chris brown beat rihanna?

He beat her up on February 7, 2009. The next day was the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Which they both missed. She missed it because of her injuries and he missed it because he was being detained at the Los Angeles Police Department. Allegedly, he had to pay $50,000 Bail to be released.

What did Chris Brown beat rihanna up for?

He beat her up because she kept on pestering him when he got a text from his ex. And if someone keeps on talking, asking you quetions then you would get annoyed. And chris brown normally bottles his anger in, so she must have been proper p***ing him off. But i would be suspicious if my boyfriend got ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown have a new girlfriend 2011?

None of y'all Chris brown girl friend I am his real girlfriend we went out a the age of 12 now me and Chris. Brown is going to get Mary so don't hate bitchies dont get jealous you dumb bitchies he dont want y'all so stop hating if you response to this your jealous

Is Chris Browns girlfriend pregnant?

Yes Chris Browns Girl Friend Is Pregnant. There's Pics Of His Girlfriend With A Pop Belly Like Beyonce' and I Really Doubt She Was On The Heavy Side So Yeah. There's Your Answer.!

Why did Chris Brown beat rihhna?

They got into and argument in Chris Brown car and things got outta hand. Yes he did beat her. He apologized for it, and also went to therapy.

Did neil beat up Chris Brown?

Yes, Neil He beat up Chris Brown ... infact, he gave him a black eye and Chris was close to fainting. This happened at Conneticut, New York in 2011.

Did drake ever get beat up by Chris Brown?

No, but Drake was repeatedly beat off by Chris Brown during their various meetings. Brown was even once reported to have even claimed that he had beaten off Drakes penis more than his own.

Why did chris brown beat rhinna up?

Rihanna said in an interview from ABC that after the Grammy Awards they went drove home together and Chris got a text from an ex-girlfriend and Rihanna asked "Who was it" and he said "No one". She wouldn't drop asking this question of who it was and it led to Chris assaulting her..