Where did Chris Brown get his dance moves?

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the great Michael Jackson
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Where is Chris Brown from?

Chris Brown is from Tappahannock Virginia.. If you realize he represents VA in almost every music video and he's always saying 2 up 2 down. \nI think Virginia

How do you dance like Chris Brown?

All Chris Brown does is a series of glides and tricks with his hat. If you go onto youtube, you can probobly learn No we wouldn't learn from youtube cuz it goes 2 fast n WA u talking bout fat head

How old was chris when he started to dance?

my man chris breezy! started to dance since he was 2 years old. and won't stop anytime soon..... because that's one of his favorite things to do.

What are the dance moves in street dance?

3 simple moves for the beginner. 1.step turn step: basically you step onto your right-leg,pick up the left leg and turn to face the back and put your left-leg down. then pick up your right leg and turn to face the front then put your right leg down in first position [legs together] do this faster ( Full Answer )

When is chris browns dance auditions?

As of September 2014, there is nothing listed anywhere forauditions for dancers for Chris Brown. When he needs new dancers,he will probably post in the local newspaper or by word of mouth.

Does scooter dance with Chris Brown?


Who does Chris Brown dance with?

there names are Miles and Scooter and they are soo adorable just like my boyfriend Christopher Maurice Brown. Sorry, bay i know you don't like me tellin people your middle name but its just so cute. Luh you> and make sure you tell Jaime I said hey. Oh and sorry about when . . . Jus call me and I'll ( Full Answer )

Who is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown is a talented young and very successful African-American singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, and dancer. He was born on May 5, 1989 in Tamaphannock, Virginia. His first album was Chris Brown which was released on November 29, 2005. Some hits were Run It, Yo, Gimme that, Say Goodbye, and ( Full Answer )

What is Chris Brown?

the question is not what it is who and he happens to be a great r&b singer

Does anyone know Chris Browns dancer James moody he used to dance for usher?

Hiya I'm intrested in getting in touch with James Moody, i saw him in concert tonight with Chris Brown, is there any way you could pass on an e-mail or anything i'd love to go to one of his work shops etc. Thanks. Rebecca ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Brown and rihanna moving in together?

yes, they have as a matter of fact u people should be happy for them . Correction: . NO They are not moving in together. Chris Brown has confirmed that this is not true. He is shopping for a house but swears that it is indeed going to be a bachelor pad.

How did Chris Brown learn to dance so good?

his parents taught him at a young age. Watching Micheal Jackson on T.V. when he was little. and he is black.Most black guys are born with the talent ofdancing,so does Chris.

Is bobby brown related to chris brown?

R and B artists Bobby Brown and Chris Brown are not related. Theyhappen to share the same last name and perform the same genre ofmusic.

Did Omarion beat Chris Brown in a dance-off?

Omarion And Chris Has Had More Than 1 Actual Dance Battles.....Omarion Has Won Most Of Them....They Can B Seen On Youtube....1 Of Them Is On Omarion's Myspace Fan Page......http://www.myspace.com/omarionfansonly....In The Videos Omarion Is Also Known As The "King Of Dance" As Of Right Now & Prince ( Full Answer )

How can get to Chris Brown?

Enter Contest or you might find him cruising around Beverly Hills or Virginia. he at find him at beverly hills because his knowledges because i am having faith because and thanks i will be here for you

Is Quincy brown chris browns brother?

No They are not brothers just because they have the same name and there both mixedrace they have COMPLETELY diffrent parents ok just because they are really close i know them!!. No They are not brothers just because they have the same name and there both mixedrace they have COMPLETELY diffrent pare ( Full Answer )

Where did Chris Brown get Chris breezy from?

Chris gor the nick name "breezy" frm his last name "Brown". He did not get it from Jay-Z and Jay-Z is not his manager! His claose frieds called him breeze

Does Myles Brown know Chris Brown?

coz the trees in the south hate the trees in the west so they fight with the sky gods inside a pool table BREEZY 4 LIFE

Does Chris Brown dance better than george samson?

Chris Brown is a singer not a dancer but George Samson is a dancer and a bit of a singer so if you think Chris is better than George thank that's what you think but if it is the other way round it is what you think.. I think that Chris Brown is the same as George Samson.

Why did Chris Brown do that?

No one really knows. Maybe something happened that day, because I dont think he would do that to a girl just because he got caught cheating.

Should Chris Brown move on?

I think he should. Because he doesn't need that. Its just messing up his career.

What are the dance moves for the song Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown?

The dance moves for "Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown include the electricslide. Brown and his choreographer also included the famous breakdancing move known as the side step. To emulate the dance moves,simply watch the video and try them out at home. You can also joinyour local dance studio that specializ ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown dance like Michael Jackson?

Yes because at the Bet Awards 2010 Chris Brown did a tribute to Michael Jackson everybody was shocked at the way Chris Brown was dancing because they it looked like Michael Jackson was dancing. They also said it was it was the best tribute to Michael Jackson anybody had seen.

Who would win in a dance off Chris Brown or Michael Jackson?

no questions asked: Michael. he was the creator of all the dance moves that chris brown immitates. im not saying chris brown is a bad dancer, im just saying Michael is just a but bttr and more expiercnced and could beat out many ppl

Is Chris Brown in a dance group?

Yes he has his own dance troop which you can see on Mechanicaldummy.com search for chris brown in the search bar

How did you learn how to dance Chris Brown?

you can be able to dance like chris brown by going on to youtube and put in dance steps step by step teached by chris brown IM only 10 years old and i know his address

Why did Chris Brown began to dance?

well he began to dance when he was about 2 or 3 because he saw Michael Jackson dance and ever body else that inspired him!!!!

What are the dance moves to Just Dance?

There are many like ballet , tango , breakdance and more... but in my opinion the breakdance is the best one. I wish this answer is helpful. Enjoy

Who is bobby brown to Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Bobby Brown are not related in any kind of way. Just because they have the same last name it doesn't mean anything.

What song did Helen dance off of for Chris Brown?

Helen is the official dancer for Chris Brown she started dancing for him in 2002-2009 after her and Trey Songz divorced she was the best dancer he ever had the best song she danced off was "Yo Excuse Me Miss" the song that made Chris Brown Popular Trey songz was once caught cheatin in Helen with the ( Full Answer )

Who dances better Justin Bieber or Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are both very talented people and dancers but as much as i love Justin. Chris is a lot better. if you look at his dance moves in some of his songs you will see.

Is Chris Brown loooking for somebody to be in Chris Brown entertainment?

I suppose he is always on the look out for great un-discovered artists. But so far he has signed K-mac (AKA Kevin McCall), se7en (previously sevyn) and Joelle James, who he signed pretty much after hearing her on youtube. She does a cover of Chris's all back which is great!!

Did Michael jac his moves from chris brown?

If this question is referring to Michael Jackson, then he did not steal his moves from Chris Brown. Michael Jackson's performances predate Chris Brown's performances.