Where did Chris Brown live in his childhood?

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Chris Brown lived in Tappahannock, Virginia.
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Where does Chris Brown live?

Answer . He lives in Virgina. He actually had a house built in southern Virgina, he said.

Where is Chris Brown from?

Chris Brown is from Tappahannock Virginia.. If you realize he represents VA in almost every music video and he's always saying 2 up 2 down. \nI think Virginia

Does Chris Brown live with his mom?

No, Chris Brown does not live with his mom. Chris Brown said in a interview that he has a house a few houses away from his mom's house.

Where do Chris Brown live?

chris brown is a man of his own he will tell you guys where he lives on his own and yea am a big fan BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE HE LIVES ILOVEYOU CHRIS BROWN

Where does Chris Brown live country?

Christopher Maurice Brown or Chris Brown lives within the borough of Palisades Park in New Jersey. Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989 at the town of Tappahannock in Virginia. It is said he still owns the property where he was born. He has a house in New York and also is said to own a huge property ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown live in New York?

yes he does he moved there 2 years ago. he said it himself 2 years ago. he moved there,cause he wanted to start his own new life. Love Chris brown thanks

Where In Harlem Does Chris Brown Live?

Chris Brown does not live in Harlem. Chris Brown lives in Richmond,Virginia. Chris also has a home in the Hollywood Hills area in LA.

Who is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown is a talented young and very successful African-American singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, and dancer. He was born on May 5, 1989 in Tamaphannock, Virginia. His first album was Chris Brown which was released on November 29, 2005. Some hits were Run It, Yo, Gimme that, Say Goodbye, and ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown live in Virginia?

Yes he does, his home town is tappahanok now he lives in the Richmond area more specific Hanover county as well as his parents.

What city does Chris Brown live in now?

He lives in the western end of Virgina. In a subdivision. He has a 20 acre lot.. And a dog named Diamond.. He lives in New York his family is in Virginia

What is Chris Brown?

the question is not what it is who and he happens to be a great r&b singer

Where does singer Chris Brown live?

New York City, New York or Harlem, New York..it is one of those two.. he lives in Tappahonack Virginia and he visits New York often!!!!

How was Chris Brown's childhood?

Chris Brown's childhood wasn't really god. Chris Brown's parents got divorced when he was 6 years old. His mother then got married to another man.(Chris Brown never said how old he was when he was his mother got married to his stepfather). Chris Brown saw his mother get abused by his stepfather. H ( Full Answer )

Chris browns childhood?

There are many things that could be learned about Chris Brown'schildhood. You could learn about his family for example.

Chris Brown live chat?

chris usually webcam's with his fans on a site called Ustream.com he also does them on tinychat.com

Is bobby brown related to chris brown?

R and B artists Bobby Brown and Chris Brown are not related. Theyhappen to share the same last name and perform the same genre ofmusic.

Chris Brown childhood?

ok who said at my man is gay and when i find at person i am going to fight then ok

How can get to Chris Brown?

Enter Contest or you might find him cruising around Beverly Hills or Virginia. he at find him at beverly hills because his knowledges because i am having faith because and thanks i will be here for you

Is Quincy brown chris browns brother?

No They are not brothers just because they have the same name and there both mixedrace they have COMPLETELY diffrent parents ok just because they are really close i know them!!. No They are not brothers just because they have the same name and there both mixedrace they have COMPLETELY diffrent pare ( Full Answer )

Where did Chris Brown get Chris breezy from?

Chris gor the nick name "breezy" frm his last name "Brown". He did not get it from Jay-Z and Jay-Z is not his manager! His claose frieds called him breeze

What country does Chris Brown live on?

hi dis is chris borwns cuz and he lives in virginia.and he has a town house in new york.if i could i would say where but i cant srry bye

Does Myles Brown know Chris Brown?

coz the trees in the south hate the trees in the west so they fight with the sky gods inside a pool table BREEZY 4 LIFE

Why did Chris Brown do that?

No one really knows. Maybe something happened that day, because I dont think he would do that to a girl just because he got caught cheating.

Who is bobby brown to Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Bobby Brown are not related in any kind of way. Just because they have the same last name it doesn't mean anything.

Is Chris Brown loooking for somebody to be in Chris Brown entertainment?

I suppose he is always on the look out for great un-discovered artists. But so far he has signed K-mac (AKA Kevin McCall), se7en (previously sevyn) and Joelle James, who he signed pretty much after hearing her on youtube. She does a cover of Chris's all back which is great!!

Where can one find a DVD of Chris Brown live?

There are number of online retailers that sell DVDs of Chris Brown live. One can purchase them from 'ebay', 'Amazon', 'Chris Brown World' and one can also watch them on YouTube.

Where did Chris Brown hold his first live performance?

Chris Brown's first performances were with his church choir. However, he gradually moved into hip hop music. He's also dabbled in acting. Chris Brown is often linked romantically to Rihanna.