Where did Chris Brown resign?

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VA is where I resign. so that means he resigned in.. Virginia
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Does Chris Brown want a girlfriend?

well no,he is dating kayleen valentin. most people say he is with riahnna.....not those people think so its not real. if you believe and want proof find it on chris browns sight.

Where is Chris Brown from?

Chris Brown is from Tappahannock Virginia.. If you realize he represents VA in almost every music video and he's always saying 2 up 2 down. \nI think Virginia

Im18could you go with Chris Brown?

Chris brown can't go out with you because 1 hes currently dating Rihanna and 2 hes 19 now just to give you the 101

Does Chris Brown have ant tattoos?

Yes, Infact, He is 4 tattoo's. He has a C in his left hand, And Jesus on his right WITH music notes.. He also got a new one.. It is a skull on his right hand.

Is Chris Brown the only child?

Answer . no he has a sister and a twin brother. Answer . no he has a sister named Lyndell Bundy and a brother Farrell Brown

Where is Chris Brown in the world?

If u really want to no where (my man) I mean Chris Brown is well i will gives u some tips.. 1= he lives in VA. 2=he is 18years old. 3= figure the rest out your self

What does Chris Brown look for in a girl?

He looks for 4 Things!!!: . a smart girl . who likes to have fun . an honest girl . and last but not least, .................................. meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown is a talented young and very successful African-American singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, and dancer. He was born on May 5, 1989 in Tamaphannock, Virginia. His first album was Chris Brown which was released on November 29, 2005. Some hits were Run It, Yo, Gimme that, Say Goodbye, and ( Full Answer )

What is Chris Brown?

the question is not what it is who and he happens to be a great r&b singer

What are facts Chris Brown?

1. his birthday his May 5, 1989 2. his first single was 'Run It' 3. a name he is also known by is 'Chris Breezy 4. He has been compared to Michael Jackson and Usher 5. He was one of the main characters in 'This Christmas'

Who is Chris Brown new girlfriend?

Chris Brown is an American singer, known for his single "With You".He is not currently dating anyone as far as it's known.

What is chris browns latest song?

Chris Brown is an American singer and rapper, known for his single"Run It!" and "Forever". His latest single was "New Flame" from hisalbum X.

Is Chris Brown on tour now?

the answer to that is chris brown is goin on tour this year holla at ur girl deysha145 holla !!! tham mad i got colors that even noe the rainbow foreal holla!!!

Is Chris Brown Puerto Rican?

no.chris brown is not puerto rican and neither is he mixed it doesnt really matter what he is

Is Chris Brown a smoker?

no he says "its bad for you and i wouldn't do it i got my singing career to worry about"...his fan 2

Is Chris Brown a Muslim?

yes he is because he kneeled in a Muslim praying way in his song with u no u that's not true if he kneeled like Muslim do in praying that doesnt mean that hez Muslim hez not a Muslim true ! said yeah just coz he neeled down doesnt make hiim a Muslim. ! No, He's a Christian

Does Chris Brown have a girlfriend at the moment?

Yes! He does. Recently, CB is happily dating Rihanna, R & B, superstar. Despite all the rumors, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown weren't anything more than friends. On No Air Jordin just needed a cute guy to be lovey dovey with.

Is Chris Brown from Houston?

His full name is Christopher Maurice Brown. He's 6'1. He's from Tappahannacock,VA. He discovered his talent of singing at age 11, although he wanted to be a hip hop singer. He is signed to Jive Records, but his dancers are incorporated by Interscope Records

Songs by Chris Brown?

Old ones or new ones oh well uhm look at me now ft. Lil Wayne busta rhymes, wet the bed by chris brown featuring ludacris, bullsh*t ft tyga, an more

Is bobby brown related to chris brown?

R and B artists Bobby Brown and Chris Brown are not related. Theyhappen to share the same last name and perform the same genre ofmusic.

How can get to Chris Brown?

Enter Contest or you might find him cruising around Beverly Hills or Virginia. he at find him at beverly hills because his knowledges because i am having faith because and thanks i will be here for you

Is Quincy brown chris browns brother?

No They are not brothers just because they have the same name and there both mixedrace they have COMPLETELY diffrent parents ok just because they are really close i know them!!. No They are not brothers just because they have the same name and there both mixedrace they have COMPLETELY diffrent pare ( Full Answer )

Where did Chris Brown get Chris breezy from?

Chris gor the nick name "breezy" frm his last name "Brown". He did not get it from Jay-Z and Jay-Z is not his manager! His claose frieds called him breeze

Does Myles Brown know Chris Brown?

coz the trees in the south hate the trees in the west so they fight with the sky gods inside a pool table BREEZY 4 LIFE

Why did Chris Brown do that?

No one really knows. Maybe something happened that day, because I dont think he would do that to a girl just because he got caught cheating.

Is bobby brown the father of Chris Brown?

i no u not chris brown dad but i love him and i love him to met me and taik about meet lil waney my futer boyfriend i love him so bad

Why did Gordon Brown resign?

Because he was unable to get a policy agreement with the Liberal Democratic party so didn't have enough MP's to form a government. Remember that his party came second in the recent election.

Where is Rihanna from and Chris Brown?

Chris brown's birth place is Tappahannock Virginia born on may 5 1989. Rihanna isw born at saint Michael Barbados born on february 201988

Did riannah beat Chris Brown?

It is aledgedly said that Chris Brown has multiple scratches on his face and arms from her. But nobody is certain that she beat him. They have all kinds of pics of Rihanna after the beating, but oddly, none of Chris. Is it because he dosent want to let his fans see him when he is not perfect looking ( Full Answer )

Who is bobby brown to Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Bobby Brown are not related in any kind of way. Just because they have the same last name it doesn't mean anything.

Is Chris Brown loooking for somebody to be in Chris Brown entertainment?

I suppose he is always on the look out for great un-discovered artists. But so far he has signed K-mac (AKA Kevin McCall), se7en (previously sevyn) and Joelle James, who he signed pretty much after hearing her on youtube. She does a cover of Chris's all back which is great!!