Where did Chris Brown work before becoming famous?

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Chris Brown was a student at Essex County High School in Virginia, before becoming famous.
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How did Chris Brown become famous?

He was discovered at his fathers gas station when a music producer came and chris's father said that his son had talent and chris sang for the music producer at the gas statio

Where did John Lennon work before becoming famous?

John Lennon was a student before The Beatles started holding regular performances. He did work at his Step Fathers pub sweeping floors for pocket money, he also at one point w

Is Chris Brown still famous?

To me yes he is, because I still love his music even though I know what he did was wrong!! Yes he is still famous, he was just on Keri Hilson's video for slow dance.
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What year did Chris Brown become famous?

Chris Brown became famous after being signed to Jive Records in 2004. His popularity started to rise with his release of the album entitled Chris Brown on November 29, 2005.