Where did Chris Brown work before coming famous?

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at his fathers gas station
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How old was Chris Brown when he became famous?

he was like 15 and now he is 19 actually he was discovered at 13 at a gas station his first single "run it" came out when he was 16! NOW HE IS 19! He is also famous cause he is FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Who seen Chris Brown before?

i have. my dad interviews celebrities and i get to see many famoise people. i went to the teen choise awards this year and got to meet chris brown and i even have his phone number.

How did Chris Brown become famous?

He was discovered at his fathers gas station when a music producer came and chris's father said that his son had talent and chris sang for the music producer at the gas station and the producer took intrest and the rest you know!!

How did Chris Brown get famous?

He worked at his father's gas station in Virginia. One day in2004 he started to sing while pumping gas. The person he waspumping gas for was someone who had helpful connections. . Then in 2005 he came out with his first hit single, "Run It"

Why is Chris Brown famous?

Actually most of the country had never heard of him til he beat up Rhianna Because of his beautiful voice.

When is Chris Brown coming back to DC?

he is never ever coming back to dc for the rest of his life he is going to move to teaneck new jersey . he is never ever coming back to dc for the rest of his life he is going to move to teaneck new jersey

Is Chris Brown famous?

Yes Chris Brown is famous. Chris Brown is a rapper,singer,actor,songwriter and dancer.Chris Brown is always going to be famous even after he is dead.Chris Brown is going to live forever in our hearts.

Is Chris Brown coming to NewZealand?

some people he came to new zealand in 2006 but i have no idea if he is coming in 2008 but it will be great if he comes to new zealand!

Where does Chris Brown work at?

jive records. chris brown dose not work the only thing he dose as far as work is singing and danceing

When is Chris Brown coming to Trinidad?

chris brown was said to arrive in Trinidad on Thursday. he went club zen on Friday for the all star's party and his concert was on SATURDAY 28TH JUNE 2008 at the Queen's Park Savannah in port of Spain it was WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Chris Brown ever come to London?

Chris brown has been sentenced to 5 years probation. So, until 5 years is over he will not be able to come to England. After his probation has ended then maybe he might come to England. The cause of this probation was of the incident between him and rihannah.

Does Chris Brown have a concert coming up?

Yes chris brown does have a concert comin up on the 6th of January :D Yes chris brown does have a concert comin up on the 6th of January :D Yes chris brown does have a concert comin up on the 6th of January :D

Who did Chris Brown have a fight with before the Grammy Awards?

According to police reports, officers responded to a 911 call at around 12:30 a.m. An unidentified woman (for reasons of privacy) at the scene identified Brown as her attacker. Investigations revealed that the two singers, Rihanna and brown- were in a car together and got into an argument on Nort ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Brown still famous?

To me yes he is, because I still love his music even though I know what he did was wrong!! Yes he is still famous, he was just on Keri Hilson's video for slow dance.

When did the Chris Brown album come out?

He has lots of albums, but his newest one is called F.A.M.E (standing for Forgiving All My Enemies) and that's already just came out in April 2011, I think.. :) Yeah, so this answer was given on 25/04/2011 , so there's probably going to be more albums coming out from him in the future ! Your am ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Brown happy he became famous?

i would think he is happy that he became famous... he has the money cars clothes and and followed by the hoes laugh out loud if i was him i would be super happy to be famous

Who is more famous Harry Potter or Chris Brown?

Harry Potter, hands down. To put it in perspective, the series has sold more than 450+ million copies, translated into 67 languages, successful in every continent, and is the most successful film series to date. Chris Brown, on the other hand, has scored several hits in the states, and his song Yeah ( Full Answer )

Who is more famous Yoda or Chris Brown?

Let's compare. Yoda is a much beloved character from one of the most epic film franchises of all time. Chris Brown is a low-rent hip-hop/r&b artist who was not well known until he beat up his famous girlfriend. His 15 minutes are pretty much up. I'd say Yoda is clearly the more famous one.

Who is more famous Chris Brown or Sonic the Hedgehog?

statics show back in the 90's more people played video games than listen to music ,but when the 2000's hit everyone got into music ,dance etc so i would have to say sonic the hedgehog ! hope i helped :)

Who is more famous Spider-Man or Chris Brown?

Your question cannot be answered with the information currently available. "More Famous" is too idiomatic to provide an adequate answer without poll data from various areas & age groups, perhaps even from different socio economic groups. Without any data of this sort there is no way to really de ( Full Answer )

Who is more famous Bart Simpson or Chris Brown?

I would have to say Chris Brown. 1: I like him better 2: Today things are more popular because of young people, and some young people might not know what the simpsons even is.

Who is more famous Lionel Messi or Chris Brown?

Definitely Messi because Soccer is a worldwide sport and he is one of the greatest players ever. Its sort of like comparing some European rapper with Payton Manning or LeBron James etc.

What year did Chris Brown become famous?

Chris Brown became famous after being signed to Jive Records in 2004. His popularity started to rise with his release of the album entitled Chris Brown on November 29, 2005.