Where did Chris Mentillo get ordained as a minister?

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Chris Mentillo was ordained through "The Chapel of Light Ministry, and Seminary." In addition, around this same time, he also received his earned doctorate degree in Divinity from there.
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Who was the first ordained woman minister?

Antoinette Brown Blackwell . Antoinette Brown Blackwell became the first American woman ordained a minister by a recognized denomination (Congregational) in 1853.

If you are Roman Catholic can you still be an ordained minister and get married?

I believe you can be an ordained deacon. Under the Roman Rite, you cannot be married and a priest. There may be some exceptions for Episcopal priests who were married and who converted. Also, the Melchite Rite, which accepts Roman authority, might allow a married priesthood. In some of the eastern ( Full Answer )

How many presidents were ordained ministers?

There have been no presidents who were ordained ministers, although several presidents were lay preachers who led services in their church. If Mitt Romney is elected, he will be the first Mormon Bishop to ever serve as president. I enclose a link to a site that gives factual information about the re ( Full Answer )

Can a felon be ordained as a minister in Missouri?

Anyone can be ordained as a minister. It just depends upon the rules of the church.. If you want, you can be ordained online. tcolw.com is a great one to do it through. Upon completion of the course, you can perform baptism, funerals, weddings, etc. Check your state laws to make sure you are able t ( Full Answer )

How do you address an ordained Baptist minister?

"Pastor" -- if he's a pastor; if not, "Reverend" is normally the title used. . In Australia, "Reverend" is commonly used for Baptist pastors who have undergone extra study. . It is common for Baptist ministers to be called "reverend" but that is not a title that is found in the Bible that's used ( Full Answer )

What is an ordained minister?

In most major faith groups an "ordained minister" is an individual who has been instructed (educated) in the theological beliefs and creed of their faith and is able to impart this knowledge to their congregation in their sermons. In some faiths (Catholic, Orthodox"Body and Blood of Christ. Lutheran ( Full Answer )

What title do you address an ordained minister by?

The titles of clergy members varies from denomination to denomination, in most cases: - Protestant clergy may be addressed as Reverend or Pastor. If they hold the title of doctor or dean their surname is added to the proper title, as in "the Reverend Dr. Smith". - Catholic priests are Father, an ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an ordained minister and a licensed minister?

"In many states ordained ministers are deemed "licensed ministers"; however, they are to be in "good standing" with their organization to perform marriages, etc." Therefore, a license is a document that can expire; thereby, demonstrating that the minister is in good standing with their organization. ( Full Answer )

Who was the US President that was an ordained minister?

It is commonly held that James A. Garfield, our 20th president (from March 4, 1881 -- September 19, 1881) was an "ordained" minister. This is partly true. Garfield was an ardent follower of the Disciples of Christ faith. As he became active in the church, he gave sermons, performed weddings, lead fu ( Full Answer )

How do you become an ordained minister?

It depends what you mean by the term "ordained". United States The fastest and easiest way to become ordained is with the Universal Life Church. Online ULC's, such as the Universal Life Church Seminary, The ULC Bookstore or ULC Headquarters, issue legal ordinations with the click of the mouse a ( Full Answer )

Can you become an ordained minister online?

Biblical Response: Mans ignorance allows one to do anything these days. If God were toanswer this question I am sure His answer would be no. Man cannot ordain man to become a minister just because he haspassed some exam. That is not how God works. A man must first havefaith in the existence in Go ( Full Answer )

If one is an ordained deacon then becomes a minister do you have do be ordained again as a minister?

Deacon and minister are just titles within a church. Once you are ordained you technically hold all of these titles and can perform all of the duties, but can specialize in one at a time, often your church will appoint you to such positions sometimes in a hierarchy. This is really a question for you ( Full Answer )

Can a self ordained minister marry himself?

I've never heard of being self ordained, but as far as being ordained at all and marrying yourself, no. Marriage is a legal contract where you are required to have so many people bear witness, be present and such. The minister is actually a separate part of the contract and must be a separate entity ( Full Answer )

Who can ordain a minister?

In terms of religion, ministers are appointed by a community of believers. "Technically speaking, only God can ordain ministers. It is God who calls and ordains people into ministry. The irony is that man still has to acknowledge this calling to make it "legal". Therefore, from a legal standpoint ( Full Answer )

What is a licensed minister vs an ordained minister?

Very good question. "In many states ordained ministers are deemed "licensed"; however, they are to be in "good standing" with their organization to perform marriages, etc."(NACM).

Is Bill Gothard an ordained minister?

Yes, Dr. Bill Gothard was ordained at La Grange Bible Church on September 30, 1961, the same year that he received his M.A. degree from Wheaton College. (See his bio at http://www.billgothard.com/bill/about/bio/)

How can someone become an ordained minister in Texas?

First, determine that God has called you to the ministry. Second, decide what sort of minister you would like to become. Third, connect with that group of people and find out what they require. For Christians, here is a link to a great interdenominational ordination body: http://www.nacmini ( Full Answer )

Once a minister is ordained where are they registered in the State?

Ministers do not have to be registered with the State unless they intend to marry or bury people, otherwise they are free to witness to whom ever and wherever they please unless legalities restrict them. In my city I have to show my ministerial ID in order to enter hospital rooms and offer prayer or ( Full Answer )

Who is Chris mentillo?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chris Mentillo Born January 30, 1968 (age 41) Origin Auburn, New York,U.S. Chris Mentillo, Ph.D., [1] AKA, "DOC," born January 30, 1968 is an American writer, [2] producer, [3] minister, [4] businessman, & record label founder. [5] He is best known fo ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Mentillo Famous?

Yes! He is most notable and best known for his spiritual and paranormal writings, (particularly memoirs and autobiographical sketches, which he has documented, involving his own encounters and experiences), as well as his many entrepreneur and business ventures, such as his record label com ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Mentillo an Independent Filmmaker?

Yes, Chris Mentillo, Ph.D. owns a production company, which consists of a talent agency, radio show/station, record label, and television, movie and film productions company. God knows what else too.

Is Dr Chris Mentillo rich?

Dr. Chris Mentillo made millions in the entertainment industry but lost lots of money due to investors who embezzled and extorted his companies back in 2006. Since then Chris Mentillo has been slowly recovering from this mentally and emotionally.

What are the three types of ordained ministers?

There are several types of ordained ministers. In the Catholic faith, ordained ministers can be bishops, priests and deacons. In the Protestant faith, ordained ministers are generally pastors of churches. There are also other ordained ministers within Protestant churches, including youth ministers, ( Full Answer )

How can you extend your help to an ordained minister?

You extend your help to an ordained minister in exactly the same way you'd extend your help to any other person in need. Don't let the person's ordination color your responses to whether you offer help, or to the type of help you offer. Extend the help you feel they need, or the help they may be ( Full Answer )

How does a person get ordained as a nondenominational minister?

Go to the American Fellowship Church (link below). They have ordained people from all over the world for over 35 years. Nondenominational and they welcome women. They also provide online training, and hold a strong code of ethics.

What does an ordained minister need to do in order to perform a wedding in Texas?

Nothing other than having proof of your ordination or license. Persons authorized to perform weddings in Texas include licensed or ordained Christian ministers, priests, Jewish rabbis, officers authorized by religious organizations, justices of the supreme court, judges of the court of criminal ap ( Full Answer )

How can one ecome an ordained minister in the ame church?

To become an ordained minister in the AME Church, one must first be a regular and in good standing member of an AME Church for two years. If you feel a calling, you must then make your wishes known to the pastor of that charge. The pastor will then determine if you are pursuing the itinerant or loca ( Full Answer )

Does an ordained minister have to register to perform weddings in illinois?

This is an interesting question because it seems not all employees in the Cook County Clerks office knows the answer. I have personally tried to register my credentials at the court house on more than one occasion to be told it is not necessary. The staff stated " we will be glad to take your money, ( Full Answer )

What does God say about female ordained ministers?

Nothing, he has set men in the order to where the female submit to him but the female also can minister. In the Bible, God onced used a donkey to speak to a man. All can serve and all can minister... God says in the Bible 1 Kings 1 that Abishag the Shunammite (a young beautiful virgin girl) ministe ( Full Answer )

Does Gannon University ordain ministers?

"Gannon university has a theology major and many religion classes available for students to attend. They do not, however, ordain ministers, they simply educate them!"

What is the sacrament received by ordained ministers in Catholic Church?

Ordained Ministers in the Catholic Church receive the sacrament of holy orders. This one sacrament has three levels. The first level is the episcopate for the ordination of bishops. The second level is the priesthood for the ordination of priests, and the third level is the diaconate for the ordinat ( Full Answer )

What two sacraments do not require an ordained minister to administer them?

A lay person may Baptise in an emergency. A lay person may anoint with oil, although it is not sacramental. A lay person may hear a confession, although it is not sacramental, and rather than pronouncing absolution, a general prayer of forgiveness is prayed together. Confessions heard by laity ( Full Answer )

Is Blake Shelton an ordained minister?

Yes, Blake Shelton is an ordained minister. He received his ordination online, and officiated at the wedding ceremony of Ashley Monroe (from Pistol Annies) and John Danks (of the Chicago White Sox). He had been announced as the officiant for Kelly Clarkson's wedding during the planning stages, but i ( Full Answer )

What church is Danny Koker ordained as a minister from?

All that is known about Danny Koker becoming an ordained ministeris that he became ordained in order to officiate over the weddingof Rick Harrison. No church affiliation for the ordanation isknown.

Where did chris mentillo receive his formal education?

Chris Mentillo received most of his formal education in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He attended several schools. Here is a partial list: 1. Bradford College, Haverhill, Massachusetts. (creative arts & sociology). 2. Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council. (M.C.J.T.C) Foxboro - Boston ( Full Answer )

What genre does chris mentillo write about?

True crime mixed with paranormal, horror and the supernatural forwhich he believes all intertwine. Additionally he has written moviescripts, songs, and of coarse books which almost always fall intothe supernatural horror genre or the Macabre. Other Authors such asH. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and E ( Full Answer )

What genre does author Chris Mentillo write?

Bestselling horror author , Chris Mentillo writes short stories in the horror and macabregenre. Many professional authors compare him to Steven King and H . P Lovecraft .

What books do writer chris mentillo write?

Short stories in the supernatural horror genre. Many compare his story plots to horror author Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft. Due to his lifestyle, Dr. Chris Mentillo is considered to be the real deal when dealing in the macabre. "A True King Of The Macbre."

Who are the only ordained ministers?

The only ones who are engaged in a public ministry, an evangelizingwork, pointing others to salvation on the basis of Jesus' sacrificeand teaching meek ones to call on God's name. (Psalms 83:18;Acts2:21; 4:10-12; Romans 10:13)