Where did Chris Park aka Abyss go to high school and college?

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Chris went to High School at Cleveland St Joseph and college at Ohio University
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What high school classes do you have to take to go to a good college?

Below are opinions from WikiAnswers contributors. . Well, first if you know the college you want to go to, go to their web page and look at their requirements. That will tell you what exact classes they want you to have. All colleges are different. The basic classes that colleges like to see are, ( Full Answer )

What percentage of high school students go to college?

Well it depends on whether you mean world-wide, or in English speaking countries or what? However here is some data that I found in the John.J.Macionis Sociology Textbook 7th edition: 12.4% of English speaking high-school students go to college 16.4% of French 27.3% of Chinese 27.8% of Japa ( Full Answer )

Can a student in high school go to college?

Answer . It must be possible because Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr. had already finished college when the infamous Leopold and Loeb murder took place-- The Crime of the Century --and he was only 19 years old.

Can you go to college without a high school diploma or GED?

Yes, however whether or not a particular college will accept you will depend on that college's admissions requirements. Many times you will need to start at a community college first. Contrary to popular belief, even many 4 year colleges do not actually require completion of High School in order to ( Full Answer )

Does high school student go to college?

Answer . It's not necessarily important to have a college degree. There are good paying careers that don't require one. The main issue that most people see is because of the money you can acquire. College degrees allow you to be paid a higher salary (and differential in each level of degree) in c ( Full Answer )

Did Rosa Parks go to high school?

yes, and she graduated and got her diploma, all prior to the bus incident that we all know her by today.

Where did Derek Jeter go to high school and college and what were the dates?

Derek Jeter attended Kalamazoo Central High for all 4 years. . Derek Jeter graduated high school in 1992. Although he received a baseball scholarship to attend the University of Michigan, he attended only one semester after he was drafted by the Yankees with the 6th pick overall of the 1992 amateur ( Full Answer )

Will high school effect the college I go to?

Which high school doesn't have a huge affect on the college, but how you did in high school will certainly affect your ability to get accepted in many schools.

What is the percentage of high school graduates going on to college?

For the source and detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (U.S. Census Bureau) indicated below. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "In October 2010, 68.1 percent of 2010 high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities." 60% of ( Full Answer )

What college did Barack Obama go to After high school?

He first attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, transferred to Columbia University in New York and graduated from there in 1983. He worked for a while and then attended law school at Harvard University, graduating in 1991.

Can you go to college when you are in high school?

Some local community colleges partner with high schools to offer "Dual Enrollment." Check with your high school guidance counselor or with the student services office of your local community college.

Can you start going to college when your in high school?

There are some colleges that have programs for high school students. Some may be referred to as Head Start, or Bridge programs. However, there are specific entrance requirements. You should check with the guidance office at the school you are attending for possible options.

Can high school dropouts go to college?

Depending on the requirements of your state and community college, YES you can go to college. In California if you take the college entry test and pass they will allow you to go without requiring a GED or High School Diploma. Keep in mind though, without a GED or Diploma you won't be eligible for fi ( Full Answer )

Where did actor chris cooper go to high school?

The actor Chris Cooper graduated from Southwest High School in 1969. Southwest High School closed down in 1998 and reopened in 1999 as Southwest Charter School. Southwest High School is located in the Kansas City, Missouri School District.

Can go college after high school?

community colleges will usually accept students even if they have yet to complete high school and are not currently attending, universities however are different.

Where can you go to college without a high school diploma or GED?

Many will let you in once you reach a certain age; it is one of the options for the requirement of entry in some places. Community colleges in your area may also admit you. In addition, if you are still of high school age and can score well on the SAT or ACT, you may qualify for an early entra ( Full Answer )

Can you go to college with a belford high school diploma?

In the united states you need either a high school diploma or a GED to get into a college. Accredited high school diploma are accepted by most colleges in the United States. However, a high school diploma alone is not the guarantee of admission. Each university and college has their own selection cr ( Full Answer )

Can you skip high school and go to college?

Probably not. It's a big part of your education, it's where you choose the path you will take for the rest of your life. Some people have but that is very rare. --------- Yes you can (sorry to the posts above.. but they are wrong). You don't have to go to high school you just need a high sc ( Full Answer )

Why some student in high school not going in college?

Students will follow a variety of career paths particular to their personal overall career goals and objectives. While very beneficial, not all careers require a college degree. Some students will enter the military, some will take up a trade (Electrician, plumber, etc.), while others in any number ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to college straight from high school?

The advantages of going to college straight from high school are that the student will not have time to lose his or her motivation for studying, him or her will not lose time in pursuing a degree and the chance of the student not going to college at all is at a minimal because usually more time of ( Full Answer )

Where did Derek Jeter go to High school and college and what dates?

He attended Kalamazoo Central High School from '88-'92. Then he passed on a scholarship from University of Michigan, and was drafted by the Yankees 6th overall. He ended up going to University of Michigan for a semester after his first minor league year in '92, but did not play baseball there.

If you get a d in high school can you go to a four year college?

That depends on your total G.P.A., also known as your Grade Point Average that is the total average you achieved in High School. If you only had one D most Universities will overlook it. If you have a D average then I would go to a Junior College to get your average up to at least 2.8-3.0 Then I w ( Full Answer )

Why go to college after high school?

You need better education to get a decent job. Without a college education, it's very hard to get a very good salary. Just getting an associates degree will increase your income. Furthermore, nowadays with a shortage of jobs, companies are much more likely to hire you if you have a college education ( Full Answer )

Did Alessandro Volta go to college or high school?

Because the Italian Alessandro Volta lived around the late 17-1800's it seems as if formal education was not required or expected of men. Although Volta was a professor of experimental physics at the University of Pavia for 25 years, I assume he had the equivalent of a college education.

What percentage of people in Denmark go to high school or college?

Hi! I'm Doing A Research On Denmark Right Now.. And Actually, The Children That Attend School There, Have To Be 15-16, Or Younger.. And That's Required.. But 82% Of Them Went On To Get More Education, And Basically That Includes College, And The Universities In Denmark..