Where did Christian Beadles and Justin Bieber meet?

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Christians sister Caitlin is Justin's ex! He's single! YES!

Are Christian beadles and Justin Bieber brothers?

no they are just good friends. Im not sure but i think they are step brothers. If you go on youtube.com and type Justin bieber and christian beatles and leave on the bubble things, it will say on the bottom ...me and my brah fooling around... they act like bros cuz there so close but they arent ( Full Answer )

How did Christian beadles meet his girlfriend?

Yes! according to entertainment magazine. Jade beadles. or known as jade Jackson are currently dating.. Public say Jade Beadles. Formally known as Jade Jackson are dating.. They apparenly met on Holiday. She was on a road trip with the family and met during a fanfaze. They dated over the Easter holi ( Full Answer )

Is Justin bieber and christian beadles friends?

yeah they became friends when Justin first moved into there neighborhood then no one knew who Justin was. They soon became great friends and that's when he started dating Catlin Beadles. And he kind of joined the family. But when Justin's career started taking off when you would never kind Justin a ( Full Answer )

How did Christian beadles and Justin Bieber meet?

some say church, but actually they met because Justin and christians' sister, Catlin, were dating and he used to go round catlins' and christians house and they met :) that is true

Does Christian beadles justins bother?

No They Are Not Brother's. There Just Best Friends But There So Close ItSeems Like There Brothers. (I LOVE YOU CHRISTIAN BEADLES & JUSTIN BIEBER)

How did Justin Bieber meet Caitlin beadles?

When Justin Moved To Atlanta, Georgia. He Moved Into The Same Area As Caitlin Beadles, He Became Friends With Christian Beadles, Then Caitlin And Justin Met At Church.

How can you meet Christian beadles?

to meet christian beadles you have to know someone close to him or live in atlannta dont worry i wanna meet him to:)

How are Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles?

Justin Bieber was born March 1, 1994. His friend Christian Beadles was born November 22, 1996. Justin was friends with Christian's older sister Caitlin, bornAugust 4, 1994.

How is Justin Bieber and christian beadles related?

They aren't related. Justin went out with Caitlin Beadles (Christian's sister) and they became friends through her! they just call each other "brothers" but they really aren't.

Can you meet christian beadles?

Yes you can i met him last year at his meet and greet he is also having a 2013 tour so yes you can

How did Justin Bieber meet Christian beadles?

Justin dated Christian's sister! Justin and Caitlin (Christian's sister) stated that when he met Christian at first they didn't like each other, but then after a while they started to be friends! Caitlin, Christian, AND Justin are now friends and Caitlin is not dating Justin anymore!

How did christian beadles meet Justin Bieber?

Justin bieber went out with christians sister a while ago. that's how they met I'm not shurrre how they met bu their really good friends check out youtube type in Justin bieber and his lil bra messin round and there is a funny video of Justin and christan lip singing its funny!!! Just check it out l ( Full Answer )

Did Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles make out?

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Is christian beadles brother of Justin bieber?

No they have different parents. Justin used to date Christians sister, Caitlin, so their families are really close so they just call each other family and brothers, because they are so close.

How does christian beadles know Justin beadles?

Justin beadles? don't you mean Justin bieber? well first of all they aren't related, they just know each other because Justin bieber dated christian's sister caitlen beadles

How Justin Bieber and Christin Beadles met?

Well christian lives in the same nieghorbooh as just, when he first moved to Atlanta, Goargia. And was dating Catian, Christan's older sister who's 16 same age as Justin! When Justin first moved he really wasn't full swing into traveling so he thought he might pick up a lady! That summer he starte ( Full Answer )

How Did Justin bieber and Caitlin beadles meet each other?

He has know Caitlin Beadles practically all his life. He met her a couple of days after he first met Christian Beadles. Caitlin and Justin have dated also but that was before all his fame and fortune, so no worry ladies his currently single.

How did mattyb meet christian beadles?

They live on the same street! In one of mattyb's videos he is walking a dog past christian beadles house, and since the are not related the must be living on the same street!

Is Justin bieber and christian beadles hot?

to me yess but i depends if you likee theem or not but i think theey are smoking and me and chridtian bealdes are almost the samee age i love hym i want to meet hym so bad