Where did Christian get his armor in the book pilgrims progress?

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Armour was provided by the Lord for the protection of pilgrims, including swords, shields and breast-plates.
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Does Christianity have scripture or a sacred book?

Yes - the Holy Bible. This is split into two sections - the Old Testament (old promise of God/Old Covenant or agreement) which is the story of God's revelation since the earliest times. This is still the Bible that the Jewish religion uses today, and would have been the Bible known to Jesus. The se ( Full Answer )

What is in the Christian holy book?

Life.... If you want to live choose this Book ' the Holy Bible... I know it has given me life and now I know the meaning of Living Life

What is Progressive Christianity?

Progressive Christianity is a movement within the Christian faith that encourages the exploration of the implications of critical biblical scholarship and the emerging proposals of eminent contemporary theologians, scholars and others. It explores alternatives to traditional religious beliefs and pr ( Full Answer )

What are the books and writings of Christianity?

The most important text for Christianity is the Bible itself andfor Bible scholars the ancient manuscripts and texts used to createaccurate translations of the Bible including the originalmanuscripts (e.g. Codex Vaticanus 340 AD), Septuagint, Masoretictext, Dead Sea scrolls, and similar ancient text ( Full Answer )

Were the pilgrims Christians?

Yes, they were Puritans: Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries, including, but not limited to, English Calvinists.

What kind of armor would a christian wear in the crusades?

Well, they would wear a white cloth with a red cross overchainmail. which is a type of armor with little rings linkedtogether. The red cross represented that the Crusader bearing itwas a follower of Christ.

Did the Christian Church Help or Hinder Medical progress?

Helped: For example, the Puritans believed that the book of nature agreed with revealed religion. For the Puritan, creation was God's other book, besides scripture, and it too was worth the most intensive study. Increase Mather articulated their view succinctly: "the [natural] Works of God hav ( Full Answer )

What was the pilgrims progress about?

It is a metaphor for the Christian's journey to heaven, the main character being called Christian. He encounters obstacles like the Slough of Despond-a slough being an area of swampland, despond being depression. Needless to say, it has nothing to do with US History.

Why did Christian pilgrims travel to the Holy Land?

A: Euan Cameron ( Interpreting Christian History ) explainsthat beliefs about how to be a good Christian are not uniform orstatic. Patterns of Christian thought and experience evolve, andeach period in Christian history has identified a different bundleof themes and objectives as ultimately importa ( Full Answer )

What books are on Christianity?

There are many different books on Christianity and you would need to specify what topic under Christianity you would like to research to narrow the choices. The Bible is one of the best sources because it is the Christian religious book.

How many pilgrims were in the pilgrim's progress?

Well, there were many. I am reading Little Pilgrim's Progress, andI do not know how much alike it is to the real Pilgrim's Progress.But the main ones in Little Pilgrim's Progress-or at least as faras I have gotten-were: . Christian, . Faithful, . Hopeful, . Christiana, . Mercy, . Matthew, . ( Full Answer )

In Pilgrims Progress what does vanity fair symbolize?

Sin and pleasures of the flesh; it is full of people trying to make money, deceive people etc. Answer: It represents the Tower of Babel(Hebrews 11). Also there is no way around it in order to get to the Coelestial City you must go through it. It was established by Appollyon, Legion, and Beelzeb ( Full Answer )

How is Fahrenheit 451 a Christian book?

Fahrenheit 451 is a Christan book because it talks about the bible and mortag is reading it and trying to memorize it (which is impossible for us).

Why is Fahrenheit a Christian book?

this is because the bible is mention in the book and also mortag reads the bible and trys memerizing it. (which is impossible for us)

Who is By Ends in little pilgrims progress?

First off I don't really see how this is realted to United States History or Colonial America, considering this book is a spiritual representation of a physical journey, but anyways By-Ends is a character Christian and Hopeful meet after leaving Vanity Fair. By-Ends wants to join them with their jou ( Full Answer )

What is the holy book about in Christianity?

There are lots of possible answers to this question. My favorite: the Old Testament is the story of our search for God; the New Testament is the story of God's search for us.

What are Judaism and Christianity Holy Books?

Jews and Christians both consider the Old Testament as sacred-- but Jews do not call it the Old Testament; they call it the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible (Jews do not use the term "Old Testament" since they do not accept that there is a "New Testamant"). Christians, on the other hand, have two holy boo ( Full Answer )

Why did Christian pilgrims wish to go to Palestine?

because Palestine is where Jesus and many of the apostles lived and died it is the place where their salvation was fulfilled and where a God amongst men walked, also in Mesopotamia in general is where all people came from; the middle east is the cradle of civilization.

What is a Christian pilgrim?

A pilgrim is someone who goes on a pilgrimage. is someone who goes on a pilgrimage to somewhere like Israel or Rome as these are holy places. Answer All Christians (born again) are pilgrims--traveling in this world on their way to their eternal home.

What were the effects of Liberalism on Christianity during the Age of Progress?

Liberalism put quite a few nails in the coffin of Christianity, as many people were Christian out of habit/tradition and were now allowed to choose for themselves. In addition, it became more fashionable to doubt God, increasing the range of science and philosophy from behind the Christian construct ( Full Answer )

Where do Christian pilgrims get baptized along the Sea of Galilee?

The earliest ones I know of were baptized in the Jordan River, but if you are speaking of current pilgrims (which you appear to be, as you're using present tense) I don't know the most popular place, but I do know ofter people travel the the location of the River as a religious experience.

What are the sacred books and symbols of Christianity?

The Holy Bible is the set of sacred books. The symbols are thecross, the fish, and the dove. The reason for the cross symbol isthat Jesus was crucified and ran through with a spear on a crossand died. He ressurrected back to life. The reason for the dovesymbol is that some people use it as a symbol ( Full Answer )

What is contained in the holy book of Christianity?

Some refer to the Holy Bible as the 'instruction manual' for all mankind. In it one can read of our creation, fall, struggle, worldwide flood, new beginnings, fall again, battles and just about everything that a person could think of doing being done. Overall, the Bible teaches us of God's love fo ( Full Answer )

Why is pilgrams progress one of the books mentioned?

In Huck Finn, Pilgrim's Progress is mentioned because it deals with "a man that left his family, it didn't say why." Huck himself relates to this tale because he left everyone he knew besides Jim behind.

What can a Christian Jewish and Muslim pilgrims do in Rome?

Judaism Modern Judaism does not have pilgrimages. However, even if it did, Rome is of no religious significance for Judaism. Islam view Muslims don't go to Rome for pilgrimage. They go to Mecca (or Makkah); and its vicinties; in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Why is the Bible a special book for Christians?

The answer to your question can be summed up by the words at 2 Timothy 3:16, 17: "All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every goo ( Full Answer )

Why do Christians need the armor of God?

why do soldiers need armour when they go to war? To keep them safe Likewise, we need to wear the armour of God to give us strength and safety

Why did christian pilgrims go to Jerusalem?

When Christians go to Jerusalem, they go to see the river that Jesus Himself baptized people in. It is a spiritual place to go to for Christians. Whomever goes there gets to learn more about Jesus.

Which comic book superhero had an armor made of titanium?

Portions of Wonder Woman"s costume were/are of this powerful stuff- which is not a Steel alloy, but an element. no connection with Titanic disaster or ship. Iron Man, old #26 on the periodic table, well he is stuck with the Ferrous metals. he used to wear the initials FE on his breastplate- which is ( Full Answer )

Is quran a holy book of Christianity?

No Quran is the holy book of Islam religion per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Bible is the holy book of Christianity,

Why did christian pilgrims go to the holy land in turkey?

Your answer most likely resides in the book of Genesis in the 8th chapter, where you will learn the Ark rested on Mount Ararat. Mount Ararat is in modern day Turkey. The Christians most likely went there, looking for Noah's Ark.

Is the book of Mormon considered a Christian book?

To those who follow the Mormon faith, the Book of Mormon is indeed another testament of Jesus Christ, and His eternal position as the Savior and mediator of all mankind. To them, the Book of Mormon compliments and supports the teachings of the Bible, not replaces it. Just as the Bible is a record ( Full Answer )

How is pliable different from christian in the pilgrim's progress?

Pliable lacked perserverance. He was full of zeal when Christiantalked about the kingdom, but when they both were cought in the"Slough of Despond", He complained and ran away. He didn't completethe journey. Christian was focused on the journey; no matter whatobstacles lie ahead.

What is the book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek about?

The book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is the story of an explorer's take on nature and wildlife. It is a non-fiction book by Annie Dillard who is American, and it was released in 1974.

Did the Christian people write a book?

Many Christians have written books. Some of the very first Christians contributed to the Holy Bible's New Testament section.

What is the most important book in Christianity and why?

The Holy Bible: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 New King James Version (NKJV) . 16 All Scripture is givenby inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, forreproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete,thoroughly equipped for every good work ( Full Answer )

What is religion book of christian?

Christianity is not a religion but it's a relationship with God the creator of heaven and earth. Christians don't practice a religion but live the way of life that they were created to live as children of God. The book that helps the new Christians to stay on track is called the "Holy Bible".