Where did Christian knights live?

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Christian knights or Knights Templar did not stay in one place during the crusades. They were given a place to live within the Temple of Mount Moriah after the freeing of Jerusalem.

Where do Christians live?

Answer \n. \n. \nEverywhere, there are Christians all around the world, from every race and every nation. They live basically anywhere a normal person would live. Christians live in cities, rural areas in all parts of the world.

Where did medieval knights live?

Knights mostly lived in manor houses on manorial farming estates. Knights, during most of the Middle Ages, were heavy cavalry. They needed to have armor and heavy horses. They were mostly people of some means, as they needed to be able to get such things and maintain them. They tended not to be peop ( Full Answer )

How do Knights Templar differ from Christians?

Answer . The Knights Templar were Christians. Their original purpose was to assist travelers to the Holy Land. Legend has it that they hunted for relics of Christianity in the Holy Land. They also developed the first banking systems in Europe. The institution of the Knights Templar was destroyed ( Full Answer )

Where did the knights live?

They lived in the manor house or the great hall.If they were special they might be given a room.

Where did knights live?

What constituted a medieval knight differed in various countries. In western Europe, knights were connected with nobility and royalty, often the sons of lords. They lived in a castle or manor of their own. When the king called upon their service, then they were mustered with other knights for war. O ( Full Answer )

Where do knights live and work?

Some were given duties such as patrolling around the outside if they were under the service of the king. Most were hired by a lord to protect their lands from raiders in exchange for lodgings, food, money, etc.

In 1947 you lived in Chuckatuckat C Knights?

Please rephrase your question. I can find no place named. Do you have a state? What are you looking for? If you have a state, you can write to the State Bureau of Records for the information you seek.

Where did a knight live?

It depends on culture and timeframe. Knights were usually landowners, often local justices. They'd control an area, and the locals would support them in exchange for protection and a legal system. So they lived all over, but usually near a major road so they could arrange travel. They often built a ( Full Answer )

What is the code knights live by?

European Knights lived by The Code of Chivalry. This covered all aspects of gallantry, individual training, and service to others. They swore to be noble and generous and display the knightly virtues of honor, courtly love, courtesy The Code of Chivalry stated, all knights should protect others who ( Full Answer )

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How do Christians live their lives?

christians are just normal people. we try to live our lives the was jesus would want, but we are only human. we make stupid mistakes just like everyone else. if we lived in a perfect world with no sin then a christians would live like jesus lived and how he wants us to live our lives.

How do Christians live?

Most think to follow Jesus as listed in the gospel accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) is how christians are to live today. What these fail to do is to rightly divide the truth of the scriptures from Israel and the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ's instruction (for all today) are written by our ( Full Answer )

Where does Jordan Knight live?

I know where he lives, but why would I tell you. He doesn't need people invading him and his family.

How did Christians live?

The same way as you (I am assuming), I am guessing youre not a christian. But we christians live in houses, flats, bungalows etcc. We (well most) of us go to the church every sunday. :)

What is the code that all knights live by?

Knights were supposed to live by the Code of Chivalry. This was the code that states that knights have to respect both the poor and women, never show fear in battle, and also respect and honor those who have a higher authority than you.

What role did new religious orders such as the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights play in Christianity?

the religious knight orders played a crucial part in trying to keep the christian influence and pilgrims getting to the holy land and Jerusalem they also fought the "infidels" and "heretics" who were not followers of Christianity so they fought saracens of Islam in the middle east or holy land and f ( Full Answer )

Where in the castle would a knight live?

Depending upon the time period and wealth of the lord of the castle, knights and soldiers could live within a barracks, where they were crammed together, sometimes with beds/cots but often sleeping on the floor or on pallets of straw. In poorer or older castles, soldiers slept where they could. Only ( Full Answer )

Where did medieval knights live in the castle?

\nIn England the medieval knight lived in a manor house not in the castle. A number of farms supported one manor house. One manor house supported one knight. England had about 6,000 manor houses. It took a number of manors to support a castle. The baron living in the castle might also be a knight. T ( Full Answer )

Where did knights live in?

Depending of the knight's properties, if a knight had a castle he would live in his castle, if he had just a small house he would live in that house.If the knight was in service to a King or Lord than he would live at the King or Lord's court or wherever he was comanded to.

A fortress where a knight may live?

A fortress where a knight might live is sometimes called a citadelor a stronghold. They are also referred to as a fasthold.

How did feudalism influence the way knights lived?

Feudalism is the structure of the government and part of the society. It is not a separate thing so in asking this question you are asking about a system that the knights were part of and created. Knights were nobles and a different class of people and were created because of feudalism.

Where did the green knight live?

His true name is Bercilak de Hautedesert, lord of a large castle. His name says he's from Hautedesert, Old French and Celtic for High Wasteland. Where that might be is unknown. According to Wiki: Hautdesert is thought to be in the area of Swythamley in northwest Midland, as it is in the writer' ( Full Answer )

Where did king arthurs knights live?

When they were at court, of course they lived at Camelot but each of them had a castle somewhere in Britain or, in some cases, elsewhere in Europe, which protected their lands and was their personal residence.

Is Matthew Knight a Christian?

Matthew Knight stars in a show literally about occult, (My Babysitter's A Vampire) so, no matter what he claims, I doubt it. No, I am not a person who goes around demeaning people.

What did Knights do for a living?

When a knight was not fighting, they ran business as usual in their lands. This could be any form of income to keep their estate wealthy, their servants paid, and pay their dues to the king. In England, this often consisted of raising sheep for wool, which could then be made into textiles. Knights a ( Full Answer )

How many knights lived within a castle?

Since only the Nobility could be a knight all of them did. ----- Most castles were too small to have any number of horses kept in them. Knights, who were cavalry, required horses, and so most castles had few or none. Some of the larger castles could have a number of knights, but the number of k ( Full Answer )

Do many Christians live in Christianity today?

Many still lived in Christianity today.They follow the teaching of Christ,but many also although they are Christians,they act as not Christians,they are like pagans.Many of them allow abortion and immorality.It is not a Christian way of life.Christians today account more than 2 billion but few perce ( Full Answer )

Did knights live on manors?

1st Answer Since knights were nobles and got lands from the king they did live in manor houses. 2nd Answer Not all knights had manor houses. If a knight belonged to a specific order, he might have been prevented from having a manor by the order itself. Some orders of knights required a vow of po ( Full Answer )

Why did Christians live?

To spread the word of God! To help save souls through the words of Jesus Christ!

How long ago did the knights live?

In England the idea of knighthood was introduced by the Normans in 1066. Knighthoods are still bestowed today

What would knights do for a living?

Offer military services to a king or lord, fight as mercenary, win tournaments, or nothing if he already owned lands.

Did knights live in manors in the medieval times?

No, they were sent to live in the Castle of their leige lord and continue with their training as a medieval Knight after their training as a Page and a Squire. Only those that passed these and took their Holy Orders were then assigned to a liege lord

Where does Ray Knight live?

Ray Knight, the former MLB player and current broadcaster with theWashington Nationals, lives in Georgia during the off season.