Where did Christianity religion spread?

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i really dont know and care im only doing it for a project in social studies
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How did Christianity religion Spread?

Answer :from a Non-Christian Perspective Often by force. Constantine made it the "official" religion of the roman empire which is the main reason (in my opinion) it is as pre

How did people spread the Christian religion?

by telling others the grace and love of Jesus Christ by telling the ppl how JESUS CHRIST changed their lives and how he changed the lives when he was alive...............2 sp

How and why did Christianity religion Spread to Africa?

As with the spreading of it too most other area's, Evangelist have traveled all over the world to spread the Christan Faith and share with those that are not fortunate to have

The Christian religion was spread by whom?

Many people have spread the Christian religion. One notable person was Saint Paul in the first century who spread it to many Gentile communities, because he believed that God

How and where did christian religion spread?

Actually it started from the Apostles that take action to spread the Gospel and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit they told the Gospel story. It started from the country of

How did Paul's view of Christianity help to spread the new religion?

Both Peter and Paul both sought to reach out to Jews and non-Jews with the gospel. Both preached the same gospel. However, whereas Peter was better attuned to the sensitivi
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What made Christianity faster at spreading its religion?

Many religions spread quite quickly. It is difficult to make comparisons, as our information is quite limited. See the related question: When did Christianity gain follower
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How did the christian religion spread to rome?

The Christians told people about their faith, and the converts spread the word, and eventually made their way to Rome, where they kept growing until Constantine made Christian