Where did Christians hide from the Romans?

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In the underground catacombs.
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How did Christian churches help to hide Jews?

OK.......here is one who was apart of the Dutch underground. Her and those like her, spurred into action by their Christian convictions, did what they could. Many died in the camps as well, including Ms. Ten Booms family. She barely made it out. I think we often focus on the darkness(what went wrong ( Full Answer )

What did the Romans do for Christianity?

Answer . By the beginning of the fourth century CE, two new religions were vying for supremacy in the Roman Empire - Christianity and Mithraism. By choosing to support Christianity, the Roman Emperor ensured the survival and ultimate success of Christianity.

How did christians help hide Jews?

During the Holocaust many righteous Christians helped Jews. Some adopted Jewish children. Some built secret closets or room for Jews to hide in. Some let Jews hide in barns. Christians helped Jews sneak out of the ghettos and get false papers. They helped smuggle Jews to Sweden, Switzerland and Isra ( Full Answer )

Who was the first Christian Roman Emperor?

Answer The general consensus is that Emperor Constantine I (306-337) was the first Christian emperor of Rome. Certainly, he made his support for Christianity clear. Some say that Emperor Philip (Philip the Arab, 244-249) was a Christian and was therefore the first Christian emperor. This is diff ( Full Answer )

Why didn't Romans like Christianity?

At first, Rome did not like Christianity because it was seen as athreat to the Roman Empire. Religion has the power to inspirepeople, which in turn may cause Rebellion. In 312 CE, the RomanEmperor Constantine realized that religion's power to inspire canbe used to the advantage of the State and in 3 ( Full Answer )

Roman empire on the spread of Christianity?

Originally, the Roman Empire persecuted the early Christian Church(that is what the Book of Revelation was all about), but, in the end, it became Christian, under Emperor Constantine.

Why did the Romans hate christians?

Simply, because the Romans were roman catholic and they didn't agree with the christian religion. Some say that they began dislikeing them shortly after Jesus was crucified. The christians pray towards Jesus and the Romans were supposedly the people who crucified Jesus. So you can probaly see why th ( Full Answer )

Where did the Romans get Christianity from?

The Romans did not inventChristianity, Christianity comes from Israel (or so the story goes believe what you want :D ) which was under Roman rule, apparently a so called messiah was crucified by the Romans. His followers went about starting the religion Christianity and the Romans killed Christians ( Full Answer )

What did the Romans think about Christianity?

At first they thought of it as blasphemy to their current religion, then when Constantine came into power( a loooong time later) in order to end the persecution of Christians and to unite the nation under one religion he made it the Nations religion.

Why was the Roman Empire important to Christianity?

In the ancient world of Christianity, the whole world was divided into two opposing empires - that of Rome and that of Persia. The Roman Empire became important to Christianity because the faith was founded within its borders, it gradually expanded throughout the empire, and after about three hundre ( Full Answer )

Who spread Christianity to Romans?

Paul. "...when we got to Rome, Paul was allowed to live by himself, with a soldier to guard him... I was arrested in Jerusalem and handed over to the Romans. They examined me and wanted to release me, because I was not guilty of any crime deserving death. But when the Jews objected, I was compelled ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity affect the roman governance?

Because almost everyone was Christian at one time, the government had an easier time controlling all the people. The people were united, which gave the Empire strength. It was a little easier to defend, because there were not as many quarrels going on inside the empire.

What were the contributions of the Roman Empire to Christianity?

Augustus Caesar issued a proclamation that all the world should be taxed. Because of his decree, Mary and Joseph left their home and went to Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ was born. Birth in Bethlehem was a prophetic requirement for the Messiah. Without Augustus' decree, there probably would have bee ( Full Answer )

Why did the Romans stop persecuting the Christians?

In the first centuries after Jesus' death, conditions in the Roman Empire made it easy for new ideas to spread. The Pax Romana made it safe to travel from one region to another, and the empire's well-defined network of roads and waterways further facilitated travel. The government had encouraged inh ( Full Answer )

Did the Romans bring Christianity to England?

No one knows when the first Christians came to England. Christianity had come to England before 314 a.d. So Christianity came there during the period the Roman Empire persecuted Christianity.

What is the contribution of the Roman Empire to Christianity?

The fourth century Christian emperors contributed to Christianity by giving the new faith state patronage, providing generous state funds for the Church and persecuting the pagan temples, then finally declaring Christianity to be the state religion.

How did the Romans treat Christian?

They the early Christians were treated very badly by the Romans who were in power then. they burnt them,had them behead ed and fed them to the wild lions.

Why did the Romans distrust Christians?

At first, it seems that the Roman authorities preferred to pay no attention to the Christian Church, as long as its members did not foment unrest by overt displays of 'atheism'. Edward Gibbon ( The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ) says that the provincial governors declared themselves ready to ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity start in the Roman Empire?

Some believes started a church in Rome with no Apostle. Then Paul the Apostle wrote the Letter to the Romans (Romans) to help in their understanding since no Apostle was yet there. Paul later arrived.

Did Roman Christians serve in the military?

Yes, there were Christians in the army and as the religion grew, the number of Christians in the military grew. The Roman army did not discriminate on the basis of religion. At times Rome used conscription [drafting ] in the military service . Those Christians had no choice.They would serve or d ( Full Answer )

Why did the Early Christians worship in hiding?

The early christians had to hide from the ruler at their time.All the rulers,or those that I know of, hated God and His ways.The christians would be killed if they decided that they could worship freely.Do you remember what happened to Jesus? It is the same.

Was it a crime to be a Christian in Roman times?

In the early Roman Empire, it was a crime to be an atheist, which was a person who refused to worship the Roman gods. However, Jews were exempted from this rule because of their obvious sincerity and the perceived antiquity of their faith. For most of the first century, Christianity was regarded by ( Full Answer )

Did the Christians destroy the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire was already in decline by the time of Emperor Constantine, and historians say that Christianity probably only hastened the inevitable.

Which roman emperor hated Christians?

The emperor who possibly hated the Christians the most was Diocletian. His persecutions are sometimes called the "great persecutions".

Did they have Christianity in roman times?

yes. they did but before Christianity came about people were pantheists which meant they followed many gods but when it came people were highly religious in Rome.

Which roman empire become christian?

Constantine is said to have been the first emperor to become Christian, but there's doubts that he ever converted. His followed the pagan cult of the sun all through his reign and the killing of his son and of one of his wives is very unChristian of him.

Why did poor Romans liked Christianity?

Christianity appealed to the poorer Romans because it gave them a sense of direction with rules for the worship of one God rather than the multitude of gods that were worshiped by the others. It also gave them hope of a better life in the afterworld.

How did the Christians get to their hiding places?

What hiding places? Edward Gibbon ( The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ) tells us that the church enjoyed many intervals of peace and tranquillity, and that there were actually only short periods of widespread, official persecution of the Christians. The early Christians used house churches, s ( Full Answer )

Why did Christians not serve in the Roman army?

Even in the first two or three centuries of Christianity, it seems that members of the faith could be both bigoted and intolerant of other beliefs. The example of Marcellus the centurion is a case in point. Obviously having become a Christian, he threw away his arms and the ensigns of his office, an ( Full Answer )

Why did the early Christians hide after the death of Jesus?

because the Romans were still persecuting christians for herecy. they had to keep the religion hidden until hundreds of years later when Constantine became Romes Cesar. he converted Rome's religion region wide to Christianity ending it all,

When did the Romans make Christianity official?

If you mean an official religion, Christianity was made a legitimate religion in 313 AD after the Edict of Milan. If you mean the official religion of the Roman empire, it was in 380 AD under Theodosius I. If you mean an official religion, Christianity was made a legitimate religion in 313 AD after ( Full Answer )

What roman providence did Christianity begin?

Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time was part of the province of Syria. Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time was part of the province of Syria. Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time was part of the province of Syria. Christianity began in Judaea, which at the time ( Full Answer )

When did roman officially recognized Christianity?

Christianity was officially recognized as a religion in 313 AD after the Edict of Milan. Christianity was officially recognized as a religion in 313 AD after the Edict of Milan. Christianity was officially recognized as a religion in 313 AD after the Edict of Milan. Christianity was officially re ( Full Answer )

How did the Roman Empire hurt Christianity?

A: This can be answered by comparing the Christian Church within the Roman Empire to that which existed in much of Asia and parts of Africa and was outside the control of the Roman Empire. Under various Christian emperors, from Constantine to Theodosius and beyond, the Christian Church became incr ( Full Answer )

How did the roman view Christianity?

The Romans basically viewed Christianity as just another cult. Sometimes they had to clamp down on the Christians when they caused civil unrest, but for the most part the Christians were allowed to freely practice their religion. Even during the persecutions, which in reality were the banning of the ( Full Answer )

Was the roman empire christian or pagan?

The Roman Empire was essentially a pagan Empire that was polytheistic. It had its own group of gods and goddesses and other minor deities, some of whom were adopted from other civilisations like the Babylonians, Mesopotamians, Hittites, and Greeks. By the time the Lord jesus was born the Roman empi ( Full Answer )

How did the Romans feel about Christianity?

The Roman leaders did not like it at all. They believed that one day, there would be a rebellion against Rome because many of the Roman citizens came to worship Christianity more than their country. Because of that, they thought that the Christian Romans would no longer feel like the Roman emperor w ( Full Answer )

Why were the christians persucuted by the Romans authorities?

The Christians were outlawed by the Romans as they were considered a treasonous cult due to the fact that they would not sacrifice to the gods for the good of the state. The Christians were outlawed by the Romans as they were considered a treasonous cult due to the fact that they would not sacrific ( Full Answer )

Were all Romans Christian?

No. All Romans were not Christian. One bad Roman Emperor even blamed Christians for a disaster that he did himself!

How did Christianity different from the Romans believed?

The basic difference between Christianity and the Roman beliefs was one of "isms". Monotheism and pantheism Christians believed in one God covering every aspect of life while the Romans believed in many gods with each god/goddess covering a specific aspect of life. The basic difference between Chri ( Full Answer )

Why Roman Catholic Church is not Christian?

Catholic Answer The Catholic Church is Christian, as a matter of fact, it is the only true Christian Church: Our Blessed Lord only founded ONE Church, and guaranteed It and send the Holy Spirit to guide It until the end of the world. Therefore there is only one Christian Church and it is the Catho ( Full Answer )

Why did Romans have Christianity?

Because Christians took the gospel to Rome. When the first gospel message was preached in Jerusalem there were people from many regions around the Mediterranean in Jerusalem to celebrate the festival of Pentecost. Many of these people believed the gospel and took the gospel message back to their ho ( Full Answer )