Where did Christoper Columbus go?

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to north america and south america
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Where did Christopher Columbus want to go?

Christopher Columbus wanted to go to India for riches and supplies. He asked King Ferdidnan and Queen Isabella if he could make his voyage to India because he thought the Earth was round. They agreed and supplied him with his goods. The People of Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe didn't know about ( Full Answer )

When did christopher columbus go to america?

Christopher Columbus first sailed to the Americas in the early1490s, arriving in the Caribbean Sea in 1492 and setting foot onvarious islands in the Bahamas chain, Cuba, and other islands.Three other voyages followed before his death in 1506, during whichhe 'discovered' still more lands in what is n ( Full Answer )

Where did Christoper Columbus die?

Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506 at the age of 54, from a heart attack. He died in his home in Valladolid, Spain.. (see related questions)

Why did Columbus go to north America?

The legendary explorer Christopher Columbus went to North Americaas part of his attempt to discover a westward passage to the FarEast. Setting sail on behalf of Spain, which had set its sights onfinding a quicker, less expensive trade-route to the rich marketsof the East, Columbus did not in fact su ( Full Answer )

Where did Columbus go?

Columbus was born in Genoa (now part of Italy) but lived in Portugal and later Spain. With backing from the rulers Ferdinand and Isabella, he sailed to the Americas (West Indies and northern South America) while seeking a shorter and safer way to reach the Far East (India and China). In 1492, he bec ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus go to Florida?

Christopher Columbus never went to north America, only south America. The guy who went to Florida was looking for the fountain of youth, his name was Juan Ponce de Leon.

Where did Columbus want to go?

India, and when he got here he thought he had made it, and that is why a lot of people use the INCORRECT term of Indians instead of Native Americans. It is because Columbus thought they were Indians.

Where did Christopher Columbus go to?

Columbus landed on an island called Hispaniola. He never got to North America nor knew it was there. He thought he landed in India so called the natives "Indians." He made 3 more trips all in the area of the Bahamas and on his last trip he was shipped wrecked with his son for nearly 3 years before t ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus go exploring?

The thinking of the time was that there could be a water route to Asia so various people, including Columbus, began to look for a way to get to Asia to bring back trade goods. Columbus was also after riches and fame. He never did get to Asia and only found an island called Hispaniola with no gold an ( Full Answer )

What is the name of christoper Columbus son?

his second and favorite sons name was Ferdinana also known as Fernando who lived 1488-1539. his second and favorite sons name was Ferdinand also known as Fernando who lived 1488-1539

Why did Columbus go to Asia?

He never got there due to the fact that he landed in the Americas thinking it was Asia. He wanted to go there because he was going to get silk and spices. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand told Columbus that he could go.

Where did Columbus really want go?

He wanted to find a really fast and easy trade route to the Indies, or Asia. The Indies had a bunch of spices, which Europeans did not have.

Did Christopher Columbus go to Asia?

My opinion is that Christopher Columbus really didn't go to Asia. Amerigo Vespucci found out. (Also John Cabot lied)

Where Did christoper Columbus explore?

He mainly explored the Bahamas and found Hispaniola He always thought he landed in India. He did not discover America. Never knew that North America existed.

Why did Christopher Columbus go to jail?

Columbus mistreated his men and the native Americans. he murdered mative men and reped and burned the women and children. he then paraided the dismembered bodies through the towns. oth him and his brother were arrested and shipped back to loose their titles and prestige.

Where was Columbus to go and where did he end up?

Columbus thought he was pioneering a back way to China or Japan - he thought the world was much smaller than it is. He ended up in what is now called the Bahamas on his first voyage.

Did Columbus go to Norway?

If he did it was probably to ask us for directions to America. No secret we found it 500 years before him, we just didn't go boosting about it. Leiv Eriksson was too modest.

Where was Columbus going?

On his first voyage in 1492, Columbus was trying to find a passage to India. Instead, he encountered the Caribbean Islands. In his other three voyages, Columbus was still trying to find a route to Asia, somehow going across Central America. He never succeeded.

Why did Columbus go on the expidition?

Columbus went on the expedition to find riches like silk, spices,paper,and jewels. But Columbus did not actually get to the Indies. (that's in Asia.) he landed in north America.

Why did Columbus go on his journey?

Christopher Columbus went on his journey because he heard about the riches in India and wanted to find a quicker route to India (instead of walking which was dangerous because of robbers). When he tried he found San Salvador (off the coast of Florida) also part of the US.

Why did Christoper Columbus die?

He ultimately died of effects of venereal diseases that he acquired abroad, or from numerous different starvations.

Which continent did christoper Columbus want to reach sailing westward?

Christopher Columbus wanted to reach Asia, because of its large amounts of riches and valuable goods. Instead, he reached the West Indies, which included what is now known as Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and so forth. Columbus refused to believe that he had landed anywhere but Asia, however.

Why was Christopher Columbus going on the trip?

To prove the earth is round and that he can go around to get to India. But he ended up in America. You can remember this by Native Americans were called Indians because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India so he called the Indians. Hope this helped!

Why did Christoper Columbus set out on this journey?

He believed, the world being round rather than flat, that if he sailed west he would find a short cut to reach the land of India and conduct trade with them there. Of course he found a new continent in between Europe and India.

What ship carried Christoper Columbus and his crew?

Columbus had three ships that carried them to America. He himself was on the Santa Maria along with about 15 other crew members. All other about 40 members were divided onto the other two ships, the Pinta and the Nina.

Did Christoper Columbus go to America from Spain?

Yes and no. Yes: He left on his first voyage to the "New World" in 1492 from Palos de la Frontera, a town located in southwestern Spain. And no: His intention was to sail to Asia, but instead he landed in the Bahamas archipelago, at a locale he named San Salvador. And, there were people alread ( Full Answer )

When did Columbus leave to go to Asia?

well actully nobody really knows when he left to go to asia.he really went to the weat indies to claim land for spain .if he went to asia it was for easier TRADE ROUTES.

Why did the spanish sailors go with Columbus?

Why do sailors go anywhere with anybody? A variety of reasons, one would suppose. 'Why not?' The adventure. A job. Money. Promises of wealth from the supposed Cathay. Boredom, Are there any actual records of reasons given, I wonder

Why was Christopher Columbus going on his journey?

He wanted to find an all-water route to Asia by sailing west. He was right that one might reach Asia by sailing west but he did not know that the continents of North and South America lay between Europe and Asia. What he accomplished was of far greater significance in the long run.

Is Christoper Columbus the first Hispanic on earth?

No. Hispanics are generally of a mixed decent from Spanishcolonists and Native Americans. Columbus was Italian, not Spanish.He was born in Europe and was of European descent. Although heexplored parts of the Caribbean, he never actually lived there.

Was Christoper Columbus a spainard?

No, although he did sail from Spain, on a Spanish mission. Columbus was Italian - well, Genovese, actually. Born in Genoa, in what is now Italy.

What was Christoper Columbus success and failures?

Historians today mostly agree that Columbus' successes and failuresmore or less even out. First of all, his calculations about thewestward route to the Indies were totally off the mark. Heestimated that the trip would be 2-3,000 miles, while in reality itwas some 30,000 miles. By rights, he and his ( Full Answer )