Where did Christopher columbous set out to go?

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He was set for India - he arrived in the west INDIES, and named them that. He threatened to cut his men's tongues out if they didn't arrive in India.
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Where did Christopher Columbus want to go?

Christopher Columbus wanted to go to India for riches and supplies. He asked King Ferdidnan and Queen Isabella if he could make his voyage to India because he thought the Earth was round. They agreed and supplied him with his goods. The People of Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe didn't know about ( Full Answer )

When did christopher columbus go to america?

Christopher Columbus first sailed to the Americas in the early1490s, arriving in the Caribbean Sea in 1492 and setting foot onvarious islands in the Bahamas chain, Cuba, and other islands.Three other voyages followed before his death in 1506, during whichhe 'discovered' still more lands in what is n ( Full Answer )

When was columbous born?

The explorer Christopher Columbus was born in October of either1450 or 1451. He passed away in May of 1506.

Why did Christopher Columbus set sail?

Christopher Columbus (an Italian Jew) could have been responding to Queen Isabella's proposed expulsion of all Jews from Spain.

Did Christopher Columbus go to Florida?

Christopher Columbus never went to north America, only south America. The guy who went to Florida was looking for the fountain of youth, his name was Juan Ponce de Leon.

Where did Christopher Columbus go to?

Columbus landed on an island called Hispaniola. He never got to North America nor knew it was there. He thought he landed in India so called the natives "Indians." He made 3 more trips all in the area of the Bahamas and on his last trip he was shipped wrecked with his son for nearly 3 years before t ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus go exploring?

The thinking of the time was that there could be a water route to Asia so various people, including Columbus, began to look for a way to get to Asia to bring back trade goods. Columbus was also after riches and fame. He never did get to Asia and only found an island called Hispaniola with no gold an ( Full Answer )

Country Christopher set sail?

Although Columbus was Italian he sailed for Spain, he set sail to find spices in the far east and found the Dominican Republic instead he never did set foot on USA soil

Where did Christopher Columbus set sail?

Spain He set sail from Spain but sailed looking for the New Land. Instead he discovered the West Indies. Believing these islands were India, he named them the West Indies.

Did Christopher Columbus go to Asia?

My opinion is that Christopher Columbus really didn't go to Asia. Amerigo Vespucci found out. (Also John Cabot lied)

What school did Christopher Dean go to?

Hi, He was born in Calverton, a village on the outskirts of Nottingham and went to Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School in the same village before going to the nearby high school called Seeley High.

Why did christopher Colobus go exploring?

Columbus and others were looking for a water route to Asia so that trade could resume between Asia and Europe. Columbus wanted gold and fame as well.

Who was Christopher Columbous?

Christoforo Columbo was an Italian sea captain whose exploratory voyages resulted in the discovery of the West Indies by Europeans.

What did Christopher coulumbus go to?

Christopher Columbus had the objective of finding India but instead he found an island and returned back to Spain. He DID NOT DISCOVER AMERICA .

Why did Christopher Columbus go to jail?

Columbus mistreated his men and the native Americans. he murdered mative men and reped and burned the women and children. he then paraided the dismembered bodies through the towns. oth him and his brother were arrested and shipped back to loose their titles and prestige.

Why is Columbous a phony?

Columbus is a phony because he got credit for what Amerigo Vespucci discovered. Christopher actually only found the Bahamas. Amerigo Vespucci really discovered America. I don't know why we celebrate Columbus Day he didn't even find anything! I personally don't celebrate the holiday. I'd rather celeb ( Full Answer )

What would happened if Christopher Columbus never set sail?

if Columbus never sailed most of us would never be alive because our parents families come from different places and would probably not have met... and some people, when they sailed to America even had babies with the Indians which would also mean that even more of us wouldn't be alive.

Did Christopher Columbous Discover Asia?

No. He and the other Europeans all ready knew about Asia. That is why he wanted to find a water route to Asia. People had been going over land to India and China for 200 years to bring back goods, but this took a long time and was very dangerous. Marco Polo and his father took 4 years to get to Chin ( Full Answer )

When did columbes was born?

Born: 1451 . Birthplace: Genoa, Italy . Died: 20 May 1506 . Best Known As: The explorer who opened the door to the Americas . Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/christopher-columbus#ixzz1HSjNhQc5 2. If you don't believe me or the link look any where book, more websites, etc. ( Full Answer )

Why was Christopher Columbus going on the trip?

To prove the earth is round and that he can go around to get to India. But he ended up in America. You can remember this by Native Americans were called Indians because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India so he called the Indians. Hope this helped!

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Is Christopher Columbous dead?

Columbus was alive in 1492 and this is 2011. Do the math. It would be impossible for him to be alive. He was born in 1451 and died in 1506. He has been reburied 3 times and is now in a Seville, Spain cathedral. Think.

What is columb law?

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How do you spell columb?

The word is likely one of these: column - a vertical row, or an architectural support coulomb - a unit of electrical charge

Who helped Christopher columbs?

Ferdinand and Isabella, whose marriage a short time before united the kingdoms of Castille and Aragon to form modern Spain.

Why was Christopher Columbus going on his journey?

He wanted to find an all-water route to Asia by sailing west. He was right that one might reach Asia by sailing west but he did not know that the continents of North and South America lay between Europe and Asia. What he accomplished was of far greater significance in the long run.

Is Cristopher Columbs an Italian explorer?

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), Italian explorer. Based on flawed assumptions of geography, Columbus calculated that a westward route from Europe to Asia would be 3700 kilometres (as opposed to the true 19,600 kilometres). He secured the support of Queen Isabella I of Spain and in 1492 his ships a ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus set out to explore?

Most of us aretaught that Columbus wanted to find a sea route to India by goingaround the world, rather than going down around Africa. Hiscalculations of the circumference of the earth told him that itshould be doable. On the other hand, I think he wanted to get offthe war with the Moors. The year t ( Full Answer )