Where did Claudius pour the poison?

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in the kings ear
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What is poison?

A substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action even in a small quantity. (Can come in Pills, Liquid, gas)

What is poisonous?

Poison is ingested by the victim through eating the poisonous animal n most cases. Of course, don't touch something poisonous and then your mouth. Venom is injected into the victim by fangs, stingers, spines, etc.

Why was Claudius ptolemy famous?

Claudius Ptolemy was famous as an ancient scholar. He was a Roman of Greek origin, living and working in Alexandria. He was a mathematician, astronomer and geographer. He is best known for his Algemest, a writing on astronomy and for his geography.

How did Claudius die?

There is some dispute as to how Claudius died. There are two possible explanations for his death. The most likely was that his third wife, Agrippina, had poisioned him, so that, her son Nero, that Claudius adopted would take over Rome and she could rule Rome through him. The second explanation is th ( Full Answer )

What does a poison do?

It depends on what poison it is. Some snake poisons paralyze victims, but only small ones. Spider poison swells and jellyfish poison kills. Most of the poisonous animals in the world come from the sea. It is very toxic and the fastest is that it can kill you within minutes.

What is Claudius?

Claudius is a fictional king in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Hewas the brother and uncle of King Hamlet and Hamlet.

What did claudius accomplish?

Claudius began a great expansion of the Roman Empire. He alsoexpanded many of the public works of the Empire.

What is a Poison?

A poison: is any chemical or substance that enters the body that has the ability to cause harm either internally or externally (or both). Eg. overdose of drugs/medications. ANS2: "Poison" is defined by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as anything with an LD 50 Oral Rat less than 200 mg/Kg. ( Full Answer )

What is claudius famous for?

Claudius is famous for conquering and colonizing Britain. He was also famous because he was a little handicapped, so no one really thought highly of him. Nevertheless, he proved to be a great and intelligent emperor.

Who were Claudius and Hadrian?

Claudius was emperor of the Roman Empire around 40AD. He expanded the empire to include Britain where Hadrian was a great general who tamed the frontier and built Hadrians wall in Northern England to help keep out the "savages".

What do you do if you get poisoned?

You should go to the hospital immediatly. Also , you should eat bread. The best solution is to go to the hspital so that you can get checked.

Who was king claudius?

Hamlet's Uncle and Step Father. They didn't like each other. Claudius (Caesar) was born disfigured. He married many times but his last marriage was to his niece. She had a son named Nero, and wanted her son to become emperor, so she poisoned Claudius with poison mushrooms. To her surprise they di ( Full Answer )

Where can you get poisons?

Make themNicotine is the easiest I can think of. Just soak tobacco in water overnight, filter, and dry. you should have a black, sticky syrup. 5-10 drops is more than enough to kill an adult human.

What are the achievements of Claudius?

Claudius undertook the first major expansion of the Roman Empire after Augustus. He annexed the provinces of Thrace (in north-eastern greed and eastern Bulgaria) Pamhylia and Lycia (both in Turkey) and Judea. He completed the annexation of Mauretania (northern Morocco) by defeating rebel forces. He ( Full Answer )

What did claudius do?

Claudius did many things including expanding Rome and have laws to protects sick slaves. He help give wealth to Rome but he died because his wife kill him just so her son could take over. Make sure to check other website to be sure and don't just wrie this until it is correct.

Was Claudius deformed?

To the Romans he was deformed as he dragged his foot when walking and his head sometimes wagged. Modern thinking is that he had cerebral palsy, which is a condition where the person is not actually deformed, but does not have the proper use or control over certain body parts.

Why was Roman Emperor Claudius imprisoned?

Emperor Claudius was not imprisoned. You must have got confused with Tiberius Claudius Narcissus. He was a freedman who was in the inner circle of the court of emperor Claudius. He was imprisoned and executed by Agrippina (the emperor's last wife) soon after the emperor's death. Ancient writer Tacit ( Full Answer )

How did Emporer Claudius die?

The story is that Claudius liked to eat mushrooms, so Agrippina his 3rd wife, had a plate of them presented to him. After the poison taster Halotus tested the mushrooms she introduced a slow acting poison into them. Claudius retired after eating the mushrooms and during the night he became sick. Fe ( Full Answer )

Why is Hamlet mad at Gertrude and Claudius?

Hamlet is mad at Gertrude for happily marrying so soon and to he's Uncle of all people. And as for Claudius, to take the place of Hamlet's father was a villain of a decision. Most of the madness is shown after the Ghost appears and tells what has happened in the past. Revenge for what has happened-- ( Full Answer )

How does Claudius poison the wine meant for Hamlet?

He puts a pearl in the wine glass as the fencing match is going on between Laertes and Hamlet. Something along the lines of this is for your health and says so in front of everybody, but Hamlet does not drink it. Queen Gertrude is the one who gets thirsty and drinks during the fencing match. She die ( Full Answer )

Why did Claudius want to kill Hamlet?

Hamlet was causing problems for Claudius. His antics had disturbed the court and the kingdom. His killing of Polonius had deprived Claudius of his counsellor and had put him in an awkward position, since a murderer ought to be tried and put to death yet that would be politically unwise. Finally, Ham ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of Claudius' soliloquy?

If you mean "O, my offence is rank", then it confirms that he did indeed murder his brother, if we didn't get it from his earlier aside "How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience." But at the same time it makes Claudius a more human figure and less of a monster. He is a man struggling wit ( Full Answer )

Who is Claudius in Shakespeare?

King Claudius is an anatgonist in Shakespeare play Hamlet .He is the brother of King of Denmark and married Gertude the Queen after the murder of the King to usurp the throne.

How do Get Poison?

if u are around it or it bites u or if u touch it u can get poison and die

How does Claudius react to Hamlet's play?

Claudius stands up during the performance and asks for light so that he can see well enough to leave the court performance. The death of Gonzago has been so very close the Claudius'

Does Claudius have a conscience?

Yes. He reveals that explicitly in the Nunnery Scene, Scene 8 (Act 3 scene 1.) His exact quote is: "Oh, 'tis too true! How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience."

What did Claudius do for Rome?

He helped to expanded more women rights, gives civilizations (meaning people who wanted to join Rome he would except them as a Rome citizen too.), and also he made a law to protects sick slaves. He married his cousin and she trie to kill him so her son (Nero) can take over the throne. She try to kil ( Full Answer )

What is was the personality of Roman Emperor Claudius?

Claudius was on the whole an intelligent man, however he was never trained for public life except for a brief time during his nephew Caligula's reign. Consequently, he relied on others to help him in making decisions. He was criticized for relying on advise from his freedmen and his wives. But on th ( Full Answer )

Why was Claudius important?

In terms of the play characters, Claudius is important because he's the villain, opposite Hamlet as the hero. During the play, when we think of the characters as real people, Claudius is important because he's the King.

What did Claudius grandmother do?

claudius's grandmother was usually poisoning people who get in the way of herself and her own family

What did Claudius do as a child?

While we don't know what Claudius actually did as a child, we do know that he was kept out of sight and out of the public eye because of his infirmity. We assume that as a child he developed his interest in history, but this is just speculation, as Roman children were generally not written about, ( Full Answer )

How did the play affect Claudius?

He didn't like it. He got up in the middle of it and went off to his room to pray about how he had killed his brother.

Why did Caligula passed his regin to Claudius?

He didn't. Caligula was assassinated and had no choice as to who his successor was to be. Claudius was made emperor by the Praetorian Guard, simply because he was the only member of the imperial family they could find.

Who is Claudius Templesmith in 'The Hunger Games'?

Claudius Templesmith is the legendary announcer in the arenas of the hunger games. Claudius is described to have a large, booming voice and a sense of superiority. During the 74th hunger games, Claudius, for the first time, spoke in a panicked voice, as Katniss and Peeta faced the capitol with suic ( Full Answer )

What did Claudius do that was bad?

Actually Claudius was one of the better emperors. The criticism of his reign came from the elite who didn't like the fact that he took advise from freedmen. He made a big mistake by adopting his wife's son as his heir and when he began to relent, it cost him his life.

Was Claudius a protagonist?

If you mean Claudius from Hamlet, then no. The protagonist is the character that the play/story/film/book/tv programme or whatever centres around. They're the main character, or 'hero.' Therefore Hamlet was the protagonist. Claudius was the antagonist, the character who opposes the protagonist, or a ( Full Answer )

Why do you hate Claudius?

If this is Claudius in Hamlet, its because he killed hamlets father to take the thrown.

What did emperor Claudius do?

Claudius made laws to protect sick slaves; hehelped give wealth to Rome, expanded women's rights, built twoaqueducts and he also changed the way that Rome should begoverned.

Who is claudius from Hamlet?

Claudius is the antagonist. He is the brother and murderer of the late King Hamlet, who marries his brother's widow. He is the man which Hamlet must kill to avenge his father.

How old is Claudius?

Claudius was born on August 1, 10 BC and died on October 13, 54. Claudius would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 2024 years old today.

Why does Hamlet say he can not kill Claudius while Claudius is praying?

Hamlet says that he cannot kill Claudius whilst he is praying because he is scared that God might hear him or see him committing this is crime and he couldn't possibly live with himself if god knew what he had done, Not to mention is is disrespectful to interrupt someone who is praying.

What does Claudius do to hamlet?

He does various things. He forbids him from returning to University. He names him heir apparent to the throne. He sends him to England on a diplomatic mission. He plots Hamlet's death three times, but only the second one gets him.