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Lucknow, India
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Who is Cliff Richard?

Cliff Richard (born October 14, 1940 in Lucknow) is an Indian-bornEnglish singer and musician whose career has lasted from 1958 tothe present day. Richard is the only singer to have a UK number one single in fivesuccessive decades, from the 1950s to the 1990s.

What is Cliff Richards real name?

Harry Rodger Webb was his birth name. He became known Cliff Richard at age 17 and legally changed it to Cliff Richard (so technically that's his "real name" now) at age 39 when he received his MBE.

What are cliff Richard contact details?

I have contact with Cliff's office please email me your reasons to contact Cliff and I may be able to help. My email is mark_melbourne@y7mail.com thanks Mark NOTE = I have tried this e-mail address and it has come back undeliverable - please update with a useable e-mail address. thank yo ( Full Answer )

How can you get in contact with cliff Richard?

Through the Cliff Richard Organisation in the UK, but you wont find their details anywhere they are silent not even the record company will give them out.. I am in contact with Gill who is the Personal Assistant to Sir Cliff. If you email me the reasons for wanting to contact Cliff I can forward th ( Full Answer )

How tall was Cliff Richard?

He is 5' 10½" (1.79 M) now, but when he was much younger he was a lot shorter!.

Is British Singer Cliff Richard Gay?

The sexuality of legendary British rock and pop singer CliffRichard has often been called into question as he has never marriedand currently shares his house with a male ex-priest. That said,despite comments seemingly supportive of gay relationships, he hasnever come out publicly and stated he is ga ( Full Answer )

Is sir Cliff Richard gay?

Sir Cliff is not gay. He has stated in various interviews he is not. He has had many relationships with very famous woman. He is straight.

When did Cliff become Sir Cliff Richard?

In 1995 Cliff Richard was knighted in the UK by the Queen for services to charity throughout his lifetime. He was the first music icon to be knighted. In 2006 Cliff Richard received Portugal's equivalent of a knighthood in recognition of his 40 years of personal and business involvement in P ( Full Answer )

Where does the term cliff hanger come from?

\nSerial movies and radio shows would typically end with the hero in a hopeless and perilous predicament, such as hanging off the edge of a cliff by a threadbare burning rope. \nCliff hanger now applies to any story that ends in suspense.

Why was cliff Richard banned from Singapore in 1972?

Answer can be found in detail in website called: singapore60smusic.blogspot.com. There was a general clampdown on Western pop music in the early 70s. Since Cliff Richard is Western pop, he was part of the general clampdown. No one to blame actually since Western pop was supposed to be part of "Yell ( Full Answer )

How many albums has cliff Richard sold?

Depends...do you mean in the U.S. or in Britain? He has sold more records than the Beatles in Britain, but he was around for a lot longer.

Where does Cliff Richard live?

Cliff Richard spends his time at his various homes in the UK, Portugal and Barbados. He also tends to spend the UK winter months in Australia and New Zealand.

How many Christmas no1s did cliff Richard have?

In the Uk Cliff Richard Had 3 Christmas No1s. 1960 I love You. 1988 Mistletoe & Wine. 1990 Saviours Day. Miillennium Prayer Reached No1 But Only In November For 3 Weeks.

What year was Cliff Richard famous?

Cliff Richard has been famous for many years, bless his little cotton socks. He has had hit records in each of the past decades, so I read. His first was in about 1958.

Why did Cliff Richard change his name?

Virtually all aspiring male pop singers changed their names in the late fifties when Rock and Roll took off. The names had to sound sexy and powerful so such names as Marty Wilde , Billy Fury, Vince Eager , Duffy Power etc were chosen. Very often it was the the manager who named the star most nota ( Full Answer )

When did cliff Richard start singing?

1958 was when Cliff released his first single: Move It/School Boy Crush. It is regarded as the first British rock n roll record.

What was cliff Richards first band?

His first band was in high school called "The Quintones" He then joined the Dick Teague Skiffle Group in 1957 and subsequently left with drummer Terry Smart to form their own rock 'n' roll band, the Drifters in 1958. After getting a record contract they became Cliff Richard and the Drifters (for a f ( Full Answer )

When was cliff Richards famous?

Sir Cliff Richard started singing in 1958. Since then he has released hundreds of albums and singles, toured worldwide and starred in various films. He has sold over 300 million records and has had the most hits in the UK. He is still famous to this day. Touring and releasing an album in Octob ( Full Answer )

Why was cliff Richard banned from entering Singapore in 1972?

The government of Singapore had launched a crackdown on what theyconsidered decadent youth behavior. Venues that featured rock musicwere forced to close, and all Hippies were banned from entering thecountry. Cliff Richard was banned from entering Singapore simplybecause he had long hair.

How rich is cliff Richard?

He is regarded as one of the wealthiest in music. He is worth anything between £50-£200 million (the estimates have always been in this range). He owns property worth £25 million. Including a £6m Barbados Villa. However he is not as wealthy as some of his peers this is due to Cliff's ( Full Answer )

Where does cliff Richard now live?

He has taken citizenship in Barbados and lives there from January-May He lives in Portugal June-September. He also has homes in America and the UK.

Why did Cliff Richard get his OBE?

He received this for services to music in 1980. He was also knighted (for charitable services) in 1995 so is now Sir Cliff Richard OBE.

What is cliff Richards personality like?

I met Cliff Richard at a radio station in Cardiff in November 1988, he was very friendly and easy going, this is his genuine personality.

What is Cliff Richards doing now?

He is currently recording a new studio album. A duets album with various soul artists including Percy Sledge, The Stylistics and The Temptations. It will be released in October 2011. He will also tour in this month in the UK and Vegas in December.

Is cliff Richard a Christian?

yes he is a christian Yes, Cliff Richard is a Christian and in addition to his music tours he gives Gospel Concerts where he raises money for Charity.

Cliff Richard - Are his parents anglo-indian?

his grandparents came from England and both his parents were bornin India, but they were British. CLiff is 2nd generation British.He states in his latest book, not only this information but that hehad asked his mother if there was any Indian in his background andI believe she said no

What is Cliff Richard hit song?

the young ones living doll we don't talk any more Carrie wired for sound missletoe and wine im quite upset that i know these, lol

What was Cliff Richard famous for?

Singing, songwriting, acting, charity work and being a business man.. He still tours and releases albums. He has sold over 300m records worldwide. he has sung some of the most influential and most recognized songs in music history. For example Summer Holiday, Living Doll, Mistletoe And Wine, The ( Full Answer )

Who is john clark guitarist for cliff Richard?

he is the greatest and sexiest guitarist in the universe end of discussion. John Clark used to be with the Band Bruford. He is my guitar hero and i was so sad i never saw him in the Bruford Days, his playing is amazing. Graham W

Was cliff Richard an English singer?

Yes he is also a songwriter, film star, television personality,humanitarian and business man. He still tours and releases albums. In 2011 he is touring the UK and Vegas and releasing an album ofsoul duets with soul stars such as Percy Sledge, The Temptationsand Stylistics. ------------------------- ( Full Answer )

Has Cliff Richard had a US no1?

"Devil Woman" hit number 6 in 1976 "We Don't Talk Anymore" hit number 7 in 1979 "Dreamin" hit number 10 in 1980 Does not look like he had a number 1 in the US

What college did cliff richard attend?

Cliff Richard attended Cheshunt Secondary Modern School, later renamed Riversmead School (which was later rebuilt and renamed Bishopslea School) from 1952 to 1957.

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Cliff Richard?

There is not enough statistical data to answer this question properly and without the adequate amount of information (via poll or survey data), any answer would simply be opinion based and not a substantial answer.

Who wote cliff richards hits?

Cliff Richards is a British singer, performer, and actor. He has sold 21 million units in the UK which makes him the third most selling artist in UK history. Sammy Samwell wrote songs for him later on in his career. The member of the band wrote many of his hits.

What is the US address of the Cliff Richard fan club?

There is not a US address for the Cliff Richard fan club. However,the fan club can be accessed on Facebook or through their UK webpage which has a contact/comment option. You can also try theFacebook page Sir Cliff Richard - USA and like it - to join otherCliff fans

What was the first album released by Cliff Richard and the Shadows?

There are actually three answers to this question, depending where you want to set your goalposts!While Cliff Richard's first album, Cliff, was recorded with The Shadows in 1959, at this time The Shadows were actually called The Drifters. The Shadows also appear on Cliff's second album, Cliff Sings, ( Full Answer )

How did Cliff Richards get famous?

Cliff Richard got famous after playing roles in some known films like "Serious Charge", "Wonderful Life", "Take Me High" and "Summer Holiday". Cliff Richard has also won many awards like Ultimate Pop star, Spectacle Wearer of the Year, Best Dressed Male and many more.

What movie and television projects has Cliff Richard been in?

Cliff Richard has: Played Himself - Singer in "Toast of the Town" in 1948. Played Himself - Performer in "The Jack Jackson Show" in 1955. Played Aladdin in "ITV Play of the Week" in 1955. Played himself in "Spectacular" in 1956. Played Himself-host in "Spectacular" in 1956. Played Himself - Guest in ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Cliff Richard in Scotland - 1969?

The cast of Cliff Richard in Scotland - 1969 includes: Jan Colet as herself Sheila Coxhall as herself Norman Furber as himself Michele Hardy as herself Robert Iscove as himself Alix Kirsta as herself The Maljons as Themselves Frances Pidgeon as herself Rex Rainer as himself Cliff Richard as himself ( Full Answer )