Where did Club Penguin originate?

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Well it started from Experimental Penguins , ( go to www.penguinchat.com to play ) Than it went to Penguin Chat , but sadly this game is no longer available , then Disney bought it and made it into Club Penguin
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Where is Club Penguin?

Answer: . Club Penguin is on the internet. Type in www.clubpenguin.com. Get a free account and you can play..

Who is the richest penguin on Club Penguin?

The money on cp accounts is constantly changing, the richest penguin ever known in the history of cp was Aqua Icicle. If you want to be the richest penguin around then search around! There are loads of money makers, here are some good ones... clubpenguinMM.com (downloadable, virus and spyware free) ( Full Answer )

Why is there a Club Penguin?

club penguin was made so people can have fun and play with other people hope this helped

Can you kill a penguin on Club Penguin?

Unfortunely you can't KILL a penguin on cp! But you can get desktop destroyer which is a free download and when you go into it it pauses the screen and then you can hammer it, chainsaw it, shoot it, burn it, laser it, squirt paint at it, and make temites eat it! it is quite injoyable and i use it al ( Full Answer )

What do you do on Club Penguin?

What you do is, you explore, play and make new friends! Plus, if u become a member, you can decorate your igloo, get clothes for your penguin and get lots of puffles! You can also become these things; an agent,ninja,fire nija and tour guide. Plus if your lucky, you can meet famous club penguin peopl ( Full Answer )

What is Club Penguin?

What you can do : . Club Penguin is an online game at a multiplayer website in a world covered by snow. It allows players to walk around as penguins, make buddies, and talk to other players. You can buy clothes and dress up and decorate your igloo if you are a member. You can play cool games or ( Full Answer )

Club Penguin is?

Club penguin is a virtual world where kids all over the world play. In club penguin you can play mini games to earn coins. You can be a non member or member. A non member is a free account. A member is an account that you pay for so you can buy stuff from the gift shop or sport shop. You can also de ( Full Answer )

Why do penguins hack on Club Penguin?

I don't know but you have to rewire your computer and hack your computer then when you go on club penguin you can go on any players account without using a password or even knowing they're user good luck PS unless your a computer genious you will probably have a hard time doing all this 😄

What do you do in Club Penguin?

You chat walk around play games do missions and take tests...and hang out with people all around the world!! Okay Well Where Do I Start... Club Penguin Is A Place Where You Chat And Have Loads Of Fun... If Your Hanging Out At The Beach Or Decorating Your New Igloo With The Latest Items!! You Can Buy ( Full Answer )

Club Penguin is what?

Club Penguin is a fun site for anyone (kids-teens) who love playing games and having friends! You get to make a penguin, chat with people, play games, dress up, buy things, party, buy puffles, and more!. If you want to be an official member, you must pay each month the fee they give you. I think it ( Full Answer )

What are Club Penguin?

Club Penguin Is A Virtual Disney™ Game Featuring Penguins. You Can Play Games To Earn Money. You Can Pay A Monthly Fee To Let Your Penguin Get Clothes. It Is A Great Game For Ages 3+.

Are you on Club Penguin?

Lots of people go on club penguin including America, Australia and England. About over a million children aged between 6 and 14 go on it.

What can you do on Club Penguin?

Here is a list of games on Club Penguin! Coffee Shop- Bean Counters Night Club- Dance Contest Dock- Hydro Hopper Lighthouse Beacon- Jet Pack Adventure Lodge- Ice Fishing Top of the Mountain- Sled Race- Multi-player Dojo- Cardjitsu Ice Burg- Aqua Grabber Mine- Cart surfer and Puffle Rescue Cove- Sur ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Club Penguin?

You can talk (but most things you say don't appear), throw snow balls, adopt a pet, play games, dance, decorate your igloo, buy clothes, do missions, explore, use special dances, dress up, use emotions, meet famous people, look through a telescope, go sledding, join parties, get free items, read boo ( Full Answer )

Why get Club Penguin?

You should get it because its kwl & safe 4 thoose mums and dads out there who need 2 know also its free unless you become a member you can pay £5 for a month and £50 4 a year which allows you to get more pets for your penguin,more cloths,and acsess super secret places!

What is Club Penguin about?

Club penguin is a virtual world where you have a penguin pal and you play through it.

Where is the Club Penguin stadium on Club Penguin?

You look on the map and it should have a green field. Once you click that area, on the center of the map, you arrive to the penguin stadium! However, you may not find it at times as it changes to the ice rink once in a way. It is a white field. The stadium/ice rink can also be found waddling thro ( Full Answer )

On Club Penguin what is the Club Penguin army?

Its a group of penguins that call them self ACP (Army Club Penguin) and have battles against other Club Penguin Armies! Another good army is the Lux Leprecons. That is not true there is no such thing as the "club penguin army" trust me i have been playing for 567,890,745 days. the second awnser ( Full Answer )

Where do you get Club Penguin from?

Club Penguin the website is found at http://www.clubpenguin.com. If you want the game Club Penguin Elite Force, you can buy it at EB games, or sometimes they have it in stock ant HMV.

Why is Club Penguin called Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is called Club Penguin because penguins live there and it it like a club! It is really fun and you get to meet people just like a regular club! You also get to go on adventures like in a club. And play games like clubs. And meet friends like alsorts on club penguin. Tip: If you go ( Full Answer )

How do you get backgrounds for your penguin on Club Penguin?

You have to go to the shop (gift shop or sports shop.They both have different backgrounds).Look in the catalog and near the back u will see backgrounds you can buy for something like 20 coins each and i think anyone can buy them (even non members). also the gift shopo has a wider range of background ( Full Answer )

The best penguin on Club Penguin?

The best penguin on Club Penguin (actually mentioned by C.P. in an article), is stated "One of Club Penguin's best supporters, oldest penguins, and has been reported as 'one of a Kind' is Fuji06. If you see her, give a shout out! Waddle On Club Penguin!" As the article states, give her a shout out ( Full Answer )

How do you get Club Penguin phones on Club Penguin?

In the past you used to be able to get a Blue Spy Phone (Given by the PSA, Penguin Secret Agency, after passing a quiz). After the PSA HQ was destroyed by a popcorn bomb thanks to Herbert P. Bear Esquire we had a popcorn party to cover it up. Now we have something called the EPF (Elite Penguin Force ( Full Answer )

How did Club Penguin make Club Penguin?

It all started in 2000 when Rsn@il games designed a game called experimental penguins, it was a snow themed world in which a player had a penguin which he used to go around the VR rooms and chat with other real world players outside the computer. The game had a huge success and won several award. It ( Full Answer )

How do you add penguins on Club Penguin?

find the penguin you want to add and the click on him or her. once you have who you want up simply click on the smiley face and say yes! its easy!

How can you get a Club Penguin?

You go online to play.clubpenguin.com and you press the create account button on the bottom of the page. Then, You press the "I agree" button. Then, you select the color of your penguin and name him. After that, you enter your parent's e-mail, choose a password, and the rest of the instructions are ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you can not get on Club Penguin?

Well, this is happening to me so this what I suggest. 1. Try logging in from miniclip.com 2. Try waiting until a different time. 3. It may be the time when everyone is getting out of school and is wanting to play. 4. Refresh the site/pc/laptop! Well, I hoped this help!! WADDLE ON!! :) :D

How can you be a perfect penguin on Club Penguin?

Wear some awesome clothes like the white sunglasses, or the black secret agent ones, and any color hoodie, and maybe the pearl necklace (if you dont have these things you'll find something)!! dont add too many people, try to be added and people will like you more, say a lot of lol 's, and Hahaha!! ( Full Answer )

How do you did on Club Penguin?

u have 2 first make an account (its free) and then u can play all u want but for some things u have 2 be a member and then u have 2 pay

Can you attack penguins on Club Penguin?

Users may say phrases like "hits", "punches" or "kicks". They may say other violent phrases like "shoots with gun", but these may get them banned from the game. The closet "Penguins" can get to attacking, is throwing snowballs by clicking the snowball icon and then their target.

How do log your penguin in Club Penguin?

When you go on to club penguin it should say play now Press that then it should say play. if there is not a penguin saved the log-in screen will come up if there is a penguin saved at the bottom it says log in as different penguin you press that and log in screen comes up. When you have done that it ( Full Answer )

What is Club Penguin times on Club Penguin?

The Club Penguin Times is a newspaper that is publish every Thursday. It contains events and secrets. It also has a joke section, a puzzle sections and much more.

How do you get to be a penguin in Club Penguin?

you go on the webst click login and then click join and do the stuff it tells you to then walla your on the website if you want to be a member then click the member thing o.k.

How do you get on i Club Penguin Club Penguin?

I'm sorry, but it seems that what you're asking is totally... well absurd! But if you're are asking how to log onto club penguin, you simply type in 'club penguin' into your search engine and click on the one that says: club penguin waddle around and meet new friends. then log in if you already have ( Full Answer )

What is Club Penguins?

It is a social network site for children; monitered by club penguin. Children can walk talk and play games as penguins. Not forgeting solving mysterys! I am a user of club penguin myself. It is a perfectly safe, enjoyable site to comminicate safely.

What does Club Penguin have?

Club Penguin is a social networking site that is very safe for children. Children create their penguins without their real or nickname, and waddle in the club penguin island. You can play games, make online buddies, buy clothes for your penguin, adopt puffles, earn stamps (of activities) for your pe ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of Club Penguin?

click the log out button at the top left hand corner. thanks for reading,if youant to add me as your friend my name on club penguin is [cool josh 38]. thanks again bye

How do you freeze penguins in Club Penguin?

First make sure you have a membership.Go to the bakery/cookie shop and get the blue frozen penguin biscuit.Once you have got it throw snowballs at people to freeze them.

What is Club Penguin what is Club Penguin?

club penguin is an online virtual world for kids where you can be apenguin, walk around and chat with other penguins, buy clothes andfurniture to decorate your igloo(house), and take care of yourpuffless(pets in the game) the game is free to play but you canupgrade and get membership which unlocks a ( Full Answer )