Where did Cody Rhodes Attened High School?

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Lassiter High School, Marietta, GA
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Is Cody Rhodes single?

NO he is dating Jordan spragg _________ Okay wtf?? first someone says Barbara Blank then someone says Allyse then Sophie Graham NOW Jordan Spragg.... wtf Cody Rhodes is single. The real truth: Ok so Cody is currently single. he used to date Beth phoenix s but they split up end of 2009 . i ( Full Answer )

Randy Orton and cody rhodes?

Hate each other Only in storyline do they hate each other outside the ring they are good friends and have been since they were kids.

Who is Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes is a wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He is in a legacy with Ted DiBiase Jr. and Randy Orton. His real name is Cody Runnels however.

Does Cody Rhodes smoke?

there's a few pictures of him where he has cigarettes behind his ears, but I've never seen one of him actually smoking. Randy Orton smokes.

What is the Best Catholic High school in Rhode Island?

Prout high school it has the IB program and it is a very small school with a total of around 600 which allows for more one on one it is looked prestigiously by colleges and the only catholic high school in rhode island with the IB program (international Baccalaureate) this is the highest leve ( Full Answer )

Cody Rhodes ticklish?

Cody Rhodes is a professional wrestler. Cody has never mentioned inany interviews that he is ticklish in any way.

Did Cody Rhodes go to school?

Cody Rhodes was going to attend Pennsylvania State University buthe decided to turn professional. This wrestlers real name is CodyRunnels.

Cody Rhodes girlfriend?

Cody Rhodes is an actor and professional wrestler from Georgia, US.He was born on June 30, 1985. Cody does not have a girlfriend buthe is married to Brandi Reed.

What is Cody Rhodes finisher?

He uses a Rolling Cutter or the Silver spoon DDT as his finishing move. He also uses moonsault, drop kicks etc. His finishing move is called Cross Rhodes

What is Cody rhodes mom name?

Cody Rhodes is a professional American wrestler who fights in WWE.He is a son of former wrestler Dusty Rhodes and half brother ofDustin Rhodes (Gold dust). His mother is second wife of DustyRhodes and her name is Michelle.

Does Cody Rhodes have a health issue?

As of July 2014, Cody Rhodes does not seem to have any healthissues. He did hurt his leg a few years ago, but is much betternow.

What school did James Deaf Burke attened?

James Deaf burke was orphaned at an early life and never got to attend school, instead he spent his childhood around the docks looking for work and trying to stay out of trouble

Who is Cody Rhodes brother?

Dustin Rhodes/Runnels is his half brother. Better known as his ring name as Goldust. They both share the same father, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes/Runnels.

Is Kim Rhodes son Cody Rhodes?

No. Cody "Rhodes" is the son of Dusty "Rhodes" Runnels and Michelle Rubio. his birth name is actually Cody Runnels.

Is Cody Rhodes brother goldust?

yes last name Rhodes and runnels Runnels is the son of Dusty Rhodes as well as the half-brother of fellow WWE superstar Dustin Rhodes who is better known by his ring name"Goldust".He is also nephew of Jerry Sags and Fred Ottman better known as "Typhoon" or "Tugboat",and godson of Magnum T.A..On Mar ( Full Answer )

Who is Cody Rhodes gilfriend or is is single?

Cody Rhodes is single -don't listen to people on this site they're crazy hormonal teenage girls, they'll make you think that Cody's girlfriend is them.

WWE - Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes is the son of the American dream dusty Rhodes and is currently working on a team called "legacy" with randy ortan and ted debise son of the million dollar man.

Are Cody Rhodes and golddust related?

Yes Dashing Cody Rhodes and Goldust are related. They are brothers. and goldust's real name is Dustin Runnels and Cody and dusty's last name is also runnels

Who is Cody Rhodes' girlfriend?

I think her name is Allye. Someone said it was Sophie Graham. or one from the list below Sarah Allison Williams Barbara Blank Jordan Spragg Abby Zamorano (i think the Allye & the 1st peron might the same)

Do Cody Rhodes have a Facebook?

No he has a myspace (myspace.com/coderhodes). Anything else is fake. ...He has a facebook actually ive got him on it u can even talk 2 him on msn on it he has loads of pics if u dont believe its him with all of the friends and stuff and they arnt on google

Cody Rhodes' eye color?

his real eye color is green/blue,but when he is wearing contacts,they are brown.if u don't believe me,look up Cody Rhodes photos.it has close-ups and you can tell!!!

Is Cody rhode goin out with anyone?

no he's not; he's actually kind of desperate because in one of the wwe issue he said " yes ladies, I am single" I don't see desperation in that... but this is desperation "IM SINGLE, LOOKING FOR HOT BLONDE...CALL ME-555..."

Wwe Cody Rhodes age?

Cody Rhodes is 23 and his birthday is June 30th 1985 Cody is actually 24. But u got the b-day right.

Is carlito and Cody Rhodes dating?

Both men are straight,meaning they don't like other guys, just girls, so it's easy to conclude from that, that they're not dating.

How can you contact Cody Rhodes?

I have the fan email address, but we are not allowed to post on Wiki even though i have permission from Stephanie McMahon to post it.

Cody Rhodes is angaged?

Yes Cody Rhodes Is Engaged To Sophie Graham, But Hasn't Married Her Yet As He Has His Career At The Moment. ____________________________ Okay now something is seriously wrong here i mean heres a list of women who other people said were Cody's girlfriend- Allye Sarah Allison Williams Barba ( Full Answer )

Is Cody Rhodes on steroids?

Yes, it is the Main Reason why he is not to be seen on raw. They scripted for him to get punted at Wrestlemania XXVI because he got caught with steroids. Cody has never done steroids you can tell that by looking at him! Don't spread lies

Is Cody Rhodes related to Dusty Rhodes?

yes he is his son and he is also related to goldust (brothers) he also have a sister Kristen Ditto Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Is Cody high school in Detroit still open?

Yes, it is still open. Read the below and follow through with the link provided. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

What happened to Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes has split from The Legacy and Ted DiBiase, and is currently competing on Friday Night SmackDown.

Did Cody Rhodes die?

Cody Rhodes never really died there were you tube videos but they are false he is much alive and taunting big show right now is his prime target and gold dust (Dustin Rhodes) is his brother

What high school is Cody Simpson going to?

considerong the popularity of him, he will most likely e tudored along wwith his two sibking, alli and Tommy Simpson. so if u wanted to go to the same highschool as him or something, its not gonna happen. keep in mind that Cody Simpson is just a regular kid that has some amazing talent!! and don't f ( Full Answer )

Does Rhode Island accept Adison High School diplomas?

Not sure whether you talking about Rhode Island the State, or University of Rhode Island or Rhode Island school of design. Your Adison high school diploma will be accepted in both universities and the state. However, this does not guarantee you admission into any college. RISD has their own 3-Drawin ( Full Answer )

Can you get a autograph from Cody Rhodes?

There are many ways to receive Cody Rhodes autograph, a few suggestions are: Go onto the WWE website and check regularly for Superstar appearances in your local area. This way you can go to the place it says and meet Cody in person, get a photo with him (if this is possible, sometimes they will n ( Full Answer )

Does Cody Rhodes have a pet?

Cody has a british bulldog called dozer and he has 2 other bulldogs called Winston tj with ex wife Katie Chapman.

When was Cody Rhodes debut?

It was July 2nd 2007 in a backstage segment with his father Dusty Rhodes and Randy Orton

When will cody rhodes be dashing again?

When he wants to. Just leave the poor kid alone! I don't think he's been scheduled to be given any big pushes in the near future as they're more focused on the CM Punk promo and busy backstage with Sin Cara.

Is Cody Rhodes dating kaitlyn?

No, Cody Rhodes is not dating Kaitlyn. In fact, he is dating Brandi Reed, or better known as 'Eden Stiles'.

Do Cody Rhodes like kaitlyn?

Well you can't say yes or no because you don't know. It's may bebecause they are just friends. Who kmows?