Where did Cody Simpson study middle school?

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he was probally home school alot of popstars are
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Should middle school have study halls?

kill u Updated Answer. Hi Study halls are a good idea, if there is provision made for computer literacy tutoring by mentors or teachers. There are so many ways to go in education in 2012, some young students may us the facility, and if there were genuine office admin courses, science topics and join ( Full Answer )

Who is Cody Simpson?

He is from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He is an extremelytalented singer. He has loads of fans which are known as"simpsonizers". He is currently dating Gigi Hadid and is 18 yearsold.

Where is Cody Simpson from?

Cody Simpson lives in the Goldcoast, Queensland, Australia . He went to a private school called All Saints which is also in the Gold Coast.

Why don't you have study in middle school?

This in not entirely true.... Plenty of kids I knew studied in middle school..... I'm a freshman now and have as and bs and never study.... But in your case, it seems like the work might just be 2 easy for you, or you can memorize words when teachers tell them... This is a gift millions of People wi ( Full Answer )

What are all Cody Simpsons songs?

i dont know ALL of them but some are: summertime iYiYi one all day dont cry your heart out perfect round of applause and he does some covers of songs like: replay i'm yours

How do you contact Cody Simpson?

You can contact Cody on his twitter @ twitter.com/thecodysimpson or his youtube @ YouTube.com/CodySimpsonMusic He also has a facebook that isn't really run by him but by his team and you can contact them and if you ask they will deliver your message to Cody

Does Cody Simpson have a girl friend?

no he dosent he is single laddies ;) and by the way he likes ugly girls whos favorite color is barf brown and bloody nose red

What is Cody Simpsons favourite song?

I'm not sure what songs exactly, but he's really into Jack Johnson and Bruno Mars. He likes beachy, chill songs at the moment, as he stated in an interview.

Is Cody Simpson a good singer?

Everyone has different tastes in music but I personally think that Cody is a fantastic singer. I think he is very talented and has a great voice! :)

Where is the song by Cody Simpson made?

Cody Simpson like most musicians moved to Los Angeles in June 2010, but released his first single 'IYiYi' a month earlier in May 2010. Assuming he had not moved yet then it was made in Australia.

Who does Cody Simpson love?

Rumours have it that girls have been crushing on Cody Simpson for a while now, it looks like theres a future for him and a girl.

Does Cody Simpson have fans?

UH yeah, why would somebody famous have no fans, honestly I find this question very disturbing, at least try to make a harder question, got it,okay,now my time is up and i got to go so see ya

How can you contact Cody Simpson?

You can contact him on Twitter, @CodySimpson, or you can send him fan mail at PO Box 1766, Studio City, CA, 91614.

What are all songs by Cody Simpson?

crash guitar cry as good as it gets ends with you 2nd chance ay na na evenings in London what you want one perfect i want candy not just you angel on my mind all day round of applause summertime iyiyi dont cry your heart out you wanna say no so listen before ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to Iyiyiy by Cody Simpson?

Cody Simpson, y-yeah (Flo Rida) Sh-shawty who dat, who dat, you think always missing you I-I-I cannot get enough of kissing you I don't cry-y-y, ok I she'd a tear, or two On the gri-i-ind, yeah, but girl ain't no forgetting you, cuz (Cody Simpson) Every minute, every second, every ho ( Full Answer )

Would Cody Simpson date you?

It depends how y'all meet He likes girls personality's ( then he likes the looks after ) so probably..

What is Cody Simpsons favorite drinks?

i have to say lemonade, sweet tea, rootbeer, any kind of drinkslike that, cuz lots of people like those kinds of kinds of drinks.mine is sweet tea his favorite drink might be sweet tea as well

How was Cody Simpson found?

he was found on youtube by a big producer who messaged him on myspace telling him to have his parents call him. so he went to L.A with his dad & signed a record deal

How was Cody Simpson discoverd?

Cody simpson was discovered on youtube when he posted a video of him and his sister friend singing 'im yours' by Jason Maraz. After he posted that video he posted a few more video with him plying his guitar and singing and thats how it happened =))

Whos is Cody Simpson?

Cody Robert Simpson is a 14 year-old popstar from Gold Coast, Australia. He has two younger siblings, Tom and Alli Simpson. He has thousands of fans (I'm one of them) known as the "Simpsonizers" or they have Simpson Syndrome, or a Cody Cold achoo! If this answered your question yayy! If it did not, ( Full Answer )

What is Cody Simpsons email address?

ok then i like cody simpson and all but seriously i know you likehim and all but he needs his space heneeds his priavcy ok i bet only hisclosest friends and sister and family know i dont think anyone elsewould so please dont take it the wrong way.

Is Jessica Simpson related to Cody Simpson?

No Cody Simpson is Australian and he only has two sibling and is not his mom nor can be his dad No. They may have the last name, but they are not related. Cody has a sister named Alli Simpson and little brother named Tom Simpson. No they are not related. They only have the same last name. Cody does ( Full Answer )

Is Cody Simpson ticklish?

Yes , Cody Simpson is ticklish on his feet and under his arms, but especially on his bare belly.

Who is Cody Simpsons Gf?

Reportedly from TMZ and J-14 magazine he has been rumored to have dated or is still dating Bella Thorne, but also from TMZ a girl named Carson Justice. They reported that Carson Justice on twitter (cj13luv) but there are a few Carson Justice's o Facebook. Bella Thorne and him have gotten really clos ( Full Answer )

What does Cody Simpson hate?

Cody doesn't hate he likes to say dislike... anyways Cody dislikes posers he doesn't like negative things that people say to him, others and especially family members he dislikes grumpy people.

What does Cody Simpson see in a girl?

Listen "Sweety" your probably never going to marry Cody Simpson so give that up now, you may meet him but its not likley he will marry you or become your BF anytime soon. Why does it matter what he looks for in a girl, your perfect the way you are and you don't need to change a bit.

What school does Cody Simpson?

If you are trying to ask what school Cody attends the answer is none. He has a tutor that travels with him on tour.

What high school is Cody Simpson going to?

considerong the popularity of him, he will most likely e tudored along wwith his two sibking, alli and Tommy Simpson. so if u wanted to go to the same highschool as him or something, its not gonna happen. keep in mind that Cody Simpson is just a regular kid that has some amazing talent!! and don't f ( Full Answer )

Does Cody Simpson swim?

Oh yes he is one of the most best swimmers he loves swimming and he does swim he won rewards from swimming actually he is truly a good swimmer

How many middle schools have study periods?

you only have 6 periods and theres a class in the morning like for about 45 minutes that helps u catch up with your homework eat breakfast or read

What is Cody Simpson?

cody simpson is not a it he is a singer and a very fine looking lad he is 15 years old and his birthday is january the 11th he was born in 1997.

What is Cody Simpsons old school?

Believe me, Cody used to go to All Saints Anglican School! Funny because I go to All Saints as well!

Is alli Simpson and Cody Simpson related?

Indeed, they are. Alli and Cody Simpson are siblings. Alli Simpsonis Cody's younger sister. Cody has two younger siblings, Alli andTom.

How do you study in middle school?

What I do is I just study in class. If I have extra time. Like in L.A. I just study and my teacher doesn't care. If you have strict teachers, don't. I got in serious trouble last time. Give it a shot. Good luck!