Cody Simpson

In addition to being a gold medal winner in swimming at the Queensland Swimming Championships, Cody Simpson is a pop singer. He posted his talents on YouTube, where he was later discovered. He released his first album in 2010.

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Cody Simpson

Does Cody Simpson have belly button?

Yes Everyone in the world must have one.

^^ This is not true a guy at my school does not have one ^^

no boys dont have belly buttons

Everyone has a bellybutton, unless they r some kind of medical marvel.

Cody Simpson

Is Cody Simpson Justin Bieber's brother?

No, Cody only has a sister (Alli Simpson) and a younger brother (Tom Simpson)

Cody Simpson

What gold coast school did Cody Simpson attend?

All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac, The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Cody Simpson

Why did Cody Simpson become a singer?

Actually he never wanted to be a singer, he just wanted to post videos for fun, then pretty soon he got attention from viewers and just started making more..........then he became a showoff

Cody Simpson

Is Cody Simpson the oldest in the family?

Yes, he has two younger siblings, Tom and Ali.

Cody Simpson

Is Cody Simpson allergic to anything?

No, not that I know of. But most people are allergic to something, even if they don't know it.

Cody Simpson

Does the Cody Simpson concert cost any money?

TANGINA MO! It does, ofcourse!

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Cody Simpson
Greyson Chance

How tall is Greyson Chance Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson?

Greyso= 5'4 Justin= 5'8 Cody= 5'9

Cody Simpson

Is Cody Simpson off home and away?

No, Cody Simpson is a young aspiring singer, who was discovered after posting videos on YouTube. He was not on Home and Away.

Cody Simpson

What type of guy is Cody Simpson?

cody is a really great guy and he is also so cute i luv u codyyy

Cody Simpson

What was Cody Simpson's second song?

All day I think im not to sure

Cody Simpson

What are Cody Simpson's fans called?

They're called Angels and Simpsonizers. A lot sometimes say they have "Simpson Syndrome" :^)

Cody Simpson

What is the color of Cody Simpsons braces?

The color of Cody Simpson's braces are a clear grey to match the color of his teeth

Cody Simpson

What is Cody Simpson's girlfriend's name?

Cody Simpson is not dating anyone currently.

Cody Simpson

Does Cody Simpson still swim?

Oh yes he is one of the most best swimmers he loves swimming and he does swim he won rewards from swimming actually he is truly a good swimmer. ;)

Cody Simpson

What type of food does Cody Simpson like?

He loves Italian food, you might wonder how I found that out but if you look at his you tube videos or other you tube videos, with him in it you would not be questioning me. He loves Italian food like, Pizza, Burgers, and stuff like that. He also likes fries with his burgers. On his burgers... he replied "yummy stuff" and that doesn't really help... He also hates cheese. Plus for breakfast if your wondering and cant find the answer elsewhere he loves cereal, cinnamon toast crunch, that's his favorite cereal he likes more cereals. By the way he is a cereal addict he even admit that on some videos. He also loves ketchup. He eats it on almost anything! The craziest thing he's ever eaten it on is salad he said. Cody also HATES seafood. I probably guess that either because he loves sea life (He does love sea life) or he actually just doesn't like the taste of it...

Cody Simpson
Bella Thorne

Does Cody Simpson love Bella Thorne?

There have been rumors that Cody was going out with Bella Thorne. But the truth is, Cody said that he and Bella were just friends. And Bella already has a boyfriend.The name was

Tristan Klier maybe cause it says in bella thorne facebook
Cody Simpson

How tall is Cody Simpson in 2011?

About 5'8

Cody Simpson

Is Cody Simpson a Twilight saga fan?

He's actually more of a Harry Potter fan :^)

Cody Simpson

How can you get Cody Simpson to follow you on twitter?

By talking to him & chatting

Cody Simpson

Is Cody Simpson doing a world tour?

not yet but he is doing a MALL TOUR

August 6

Smith Haven Mall

LOng Island, NY

2 pm

August 7

South Shore Plaza Mall

Boston, MA

2 pm

August 14,

stoneridge mall

pleasanton, CA

2 pm

August 20

Arizona Mills

Tempe, AZ

2 pm

August 30

Orland square

Orland square park, IL

6:30 pm

August 31

castleton square

Indianapolis, IN

6:30 pm

September 10

colorado mills

lakewood, CO

2 pm

september 17,

fashion vally mall

san diego, CA

2 pm

september 18

the block at orange


2 pm

hope this helped!!

Cody Simpson

Did Cody Simpson go out with Bella thore?


Cody Simpson

How do you win a date with Cody Simpson?

by enter in a draw

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Cody Simpson

What is Cody simpson's dad's cell phone number?

Cody will you go out with me and come to my house



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Cody Simpson

What is Cody Simpson's official fan phone number?

No official fan phone number for Cody Simpson is known at this time.


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