Where did Colin Powell go to for elementary school?

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Who is colin Powell?

\n\n Colin Powell was a famous military general and politician as well as the first African American National Security Advisor, (1987-1989,) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,(the highest military post in the nation, 1989-1993,) and the first African American Secretary of State, (2001-2004.) H ( Full Answer )

What high school did colin Powell attend?

He attended elementary and secondary schools, graduating from Morris High School in 1954. He then enrolled City College of New York, a college for the children of New York's newest citizens, where he earned a B.S. in geology in 1958. Powell earned an MBA at George Washington University in Washington ( Full Answer )

Where did Jane Goodall go to elementary school?

Jane Goodall went to elementary school at Domo university. Domo is a brown fuzzy stuffed animal and he or she i think domo is an it but anyways Domo is my idle and he always will be i know im not answering the Jane Goodall question but OH WELL! BECAUSE I LOVE DOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOMO ROX HI ( Full Answer )

What elementary school did Taylor Swift go to?

Taylor Swift went to the private Wyndcroft Elementary School in Wyomissing, Pennslyvania until 4th grade. She then switched to the public school in Wyomissing for middle school. When she was 13 her family moved to Hendersonville, TN, a higher-class suburb of Nashville, where she attended Hendersonvi ( Full Answer )

Where did James Monroe go to elementary school?

ELECTED FROM: Virginia POLITICAL PARTY: Democratic-Republican TERM: March 4, 1817 to March 3, 1825 BORN: April 28, 1758 BIRTHPLACE: Westmoreland County, Virginia DIED: July 4, 1831, New York City. Buried in Richmond, Virginia OCCUPATION: President of Untied States (5th) MARRIED: ( Full Answer )

What elementary school did Queen Elizabeth go to?

Elizabeth's Schooling . A series of admired tutors were called upon to help propel Elizabeth's education - she did not attend a traditional school. These great minds, many from Cambridge University, laid the foundations for an intellectual gifted future queen. Much credit can be given to Elizabet ( Full Answer )

Where did Miley Cyrus go for elementary school?

Miley Cyrus went to Trinity Elementary School Franklin, Tennessee Murfessburo road. no she went to heritage elementry school ill prove it just go to youtube type in i went to school with miley cyres in search then look for it click it and there She went to Bethesda Elementary, in Thompson' ( Full Answer )

What elementary school did obama go to?

His Kindergarten, years 1966 to 1967, was at Noelani ElementarySchool , a public school in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 1st through 3rd grade , years 1968 to 1970, was at St. FrancisAssisi , a private Catholic school in Jakarta, Indonesia. 4th grade, years 1970 to 1971, was at State Elementary SchoolMe ( Full Answer )

What is colin Powell?

Colin Powell is a former Secretary of State for the United States.He is also a former 4 star general with the United States Army.

Where did neil Armstrong go to elementary school?

Neil Armstrong went to elementary school at Gates Elementary. Itwas located in Wapakoneta, Ohio. He attended college at PurdueUniversity, university of Cincinnati, and the University ofSouthern California.

What elementary school did Jane Goodall go to?

Jane Goodall was an English primatologist who revolutionized theway that primates were studied. Jane Goodall went to DomoUniversity for her elementary school career.

Where did Dimitri Mendeleev go to elementary school?

Nice joke - Mendeleev - element ary school. He was born in Tobolsk in Siberia and at the age of 13 attended the Gymnasium in Tobolsk, so we can assume that earlier schooling, if he had any, also took place in Tobolsk.

Did Colin Powell go to West Point?

No he did not, which is even greater testament to his accomplishments. He did enroll in ROTC while at City College. Source: http://www.westpointaog.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=495

What elementary school did Ronald regan go to?

Reagan attended public elementary schools where his family lived in Illinois. After he was school age , they lived in Galesburg, Monmouth, Tampico, and finally Dixon. I do not know the names of any of the schools nor if any are still standing.

Where did Michelle go to elementary school?

She attended Bryn Mawr Elementary School (later renamed Bouchet Academy) She skipped the second grade and was placed in the gifted class in 6th grade.

Where did Colin L. Powell go to school at?

He went to Morris High School, got a bachelor's degree in geology at the City College of New York (got a C average), got an MBA at George Washington University.

Where did Stevie Wonder go to elementary school?

All I know is that Motown assigned Stevie a tutor while he was on the road. The tutor was from the Michigan School for the Blind. All I know is that Motown assigned Stevie a tutor while he was on the road. The tutor was from the Michigan School for the Blind. All I know is that Motown assigned Ste ( Full Answer )

What elementary school did Malcolm X go to?

Pleasant Grove Elementary School. Lansing, Mchigan Mason High http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What high school did Malcom X attend#</a> ; in Mason, Michigan.

What elementary school did tupac go to?

omg tupac goes to my exact school..he goes to Roland Park elementary/middle school located in Baltimore Maryland close to Baltimore school of the arts his highschool..about 20 mintues away

What elementary school did selena go to?

Selena Gomez when to West Bench School in grade 1 2 3 4 and 5 she absolutely loved it there and recommends it for kids!!!! Mi I wish I went there.

What junior high school did Gen Colin Powell attend?

In the late 1950's i lived at 940 kelly street, Bronx ny and general colin Powell lived at 952 kelly street and he attended junior high school PS 52 also located on kelly street and graduated from Morris high school in the Bronx. However, i do not know and would like to know what elementary school ( Full Answer )

Witch school did Baden Powell go to?

After attending Rose Hill school, during which his favourite brother Augustus died he was awarded a scholarship to Charter house, a prestigious public school.

Did Amelia go to elementary school?

Yes, Amelia went to school. Then, where would she get the education? But my question is. Did she go to public schools or private schools or was she home schooled?

What elementary school did Justin go to?

He is so famous, even when he was little, he didn't go to school. He was home schooled by a teacher named Carolina Brooks. I know this because Carolina B taught Lady Louise Windsor as a young girl.

What elementary school did Jay-Z go to?

I believe Jay-Z started at PS 243 Weeksville School and then went to IS 318 for middle school. I am currently a teacher at 243

What elementary school did latoya Jackson go to?

they went to a school in Gary, Indiana, then a school in California for a few days. But with so much chaos of asking the jacksons tosing and dance for them, they became homeschooled by a women named Rose.

Where did Candace Parker go to elementary school at?

Candace Parker went to Kingsley Elementary School district 203 inNaperville Illinois and she also went to Naperville central herelementary school gym teacher was Mrs. Jackubiak

Where did Jeff Buckley go to Elementary School?

Because of the nature of his childhood, where he was constantly moving around. Buckley probably attended several Elementary and Middle Schools. It is said that he attended Loara High School in Anaheim, California where he was born.

What grades to you go to elementary school?

You start going to elementary school in kindergarten, and depending on where you live, it goes up to 4th, 5th, or 6th grade (but 5th grade seems to most commonly be the final year of elementary these days).

What elementary school did Maya and bailey go to?

Maya and Bailey went to George Washington High School. They are remembered as one of the greatest authors, film producers, dancers, activists, playwrights and the film directors.

Who was colin powel?

Colin Powell was the commander of the allied forces in the first Gulf War against Iraq. Later on he was Foreign Secretary in the first George W. Bush administration.