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Were the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets the 31st and 32nd teams to enter the NHL and how come there are only 30 now?

Answer No, the Wild and Blue Jackets were the 29th and 30th teams to enter the NHL. They entered the league in the 2000-2001 season and both were placed in the Western Conference to balance the number of teams in each conference. The season prior there were 15 teams in the Eastern Conference and 13 ( Full Answer )

Where is Columbus?

Columbus is no longer alive but there is a holiday that we celebrate to remember him The person isn't alive, but there is a Columbus in Ohio..

What did Columbus do?

He sailed across the ocean blue. In fourteen hundred andninety-two. Sailing for the king and queen of Spain, Italian-born Columbus waslooking for a passage to China without going around the tip ofAfrica or across the Middle East on land. Using erroneous figuresfor the Earth's circumference, he thou ( Full Answer )

Why did Columbus come to the Americas?

he came t the Americas because he was misguided tring to find Asia he came t the Americas because he was misguided tring to find Asia though all people say tht he was searching for the new land and to get nearest root between erope and Asia but tht is not TRUE. truth is the red Indians belong to Am ( Full Answer )

When did Christopher Columbus come to the US?

Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492. He never landed on the mainland of North America. He visited South America in 1498, and Central America in 1502, after which he was stranded for nearly a year on the island of Jamaica in 1503.

Were did Christopher Columbus come from?

He sailed from Spain and landed in Hispaniola an island off of Cuba. He never made it to America and hence didn't discover America.

Who paid Columbus?

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Where did Columbus lived?

Christopher Columbus was an important man in history. He lived inItaly, Portugal, Porto Santo Island and Spain in his lifetime.

Where did Columbus think he was?

He thought he had arrived in India, but found an island called Hispaniola. He was a very disappointed man because the natives didn't have any gold to give him. He cut off a Native American hand because the man only brought him gold nuggets. Columbus, despite the popular belief, did NOT land in North ( Full Answer )

Where is Columbus buried?

His current resting place is in the cathedral in Santo Domingo. For more information on the history and the other theories put forward (but proved wrong) about Columbus's burial place, look at the Related Links below.

Why did Christopher Columbus come back from Spain in chains after his third voyage?

Ferdinand and Isabella had heard that Columbus and his brothers were not doing a good job governing the colonies in the New World. Columbus had not brought back much in the way of gold or other riches, and the King and queen thought he might be cheating them. They sent a nobleman, Bobadilla, to inve ( Full Answer )

Where did Christopher Columbus come from?

Recent research shows he was Spanish. He wrote in Spanish and spoke Spanish. His wife was Spanish. Columbus wasn't Spanish. He was born in Genoa Italy. However no one in Italy would finance his voyage so he was forced to go elsewhere to get funding, his most famous voyage to the Caribbean (West I ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus come to Texas?

Christopher Columbus never went to Texas. He is fmous because he encouraged other explorers to explore more and to explore north america. :) Hoppeeee I heelppedd :P

Why did Columbus come to India?

He didn't go to India. He was looking for a quicker route to India but ended up in the Caribbean.

Does the the mail come on Columbus Day?

No, it's an official government day when most offices, including post offices, are closed. Express mail may be an exception. For more accurate and up to the date information, check your local post office website for whichever service you are using.

Why did Columbus do what he did?

Well he at first was gunna sail west to try to get to Asia but he didnt realize that there was 2 massive continets and an ocean in between so when he landed on the islands he though it was the philipeans and stuff like that....he named is el salvador meaning holy savior....and west indies.........he ( Full Answer )

What part of Italy did Christopher Columbus come from?

The newest research on Columbus actually shows that he was Spanish and not Italian. He wrote only in Spanish and spoke only Spanish. His wife was Spanish nobility. Historians think that Columbus took on the persona of an Italian because his family in Spain were not friends with the crown and he knew ( Full Answer )

Is Columbus in Spain?

It depends on how you mean the question. If you are referring to the city of Columbus, NO, it is a city inOhio. If you are referring to the explorer, YES, Christopher Columbus isburied in the floor of the Seville Cathedral in southern Spain.

How do you spell Columbus?

The Latinized spelling of the explorer's name is Columbus .In the original Genoese Italian, his name was Cristoforo Colombo.

Was Chritopher Columbus the second person to come to Trinidad?

No, there were natives living on Trinidad before Columbus even had the idea of what a ship even was. However, Columbus was one of the first Europeans to set food on Trinidad, because he revealed its existence to Europeans.

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Who was Columbus and what did he do?

Christophorus Columbus, who called himself Cristóbal Colón, was born in 'The Most Serene Republic of Genoa', 300 years before became a part of Italy. He sailed in the name of Spain trying to find a new route to Asia across the Atlantic. He instead found a whole new world, the Americas a fact w ( Full Answer )

Why was Columbus Ohio named Columbus?

Columbus Ohio founded and named after Steve Columbus ( StevoColumbo) in 1725. Steve Columbus was the Great Great Great Grandsonof Christopher Columbus.

Did Columbus come to India?

Columbus did not come to India but when the Voyager had gone in search of India, he reached America to which he had called India. The Voyage Book of Christopher Columbus 'A New World Revealed' got lost; his biographer Bartolome de Casas, in the 1530s describing the details of his travels has wri ( Full Answer )

Who was Columbus and why do you celebrate Columbus Day?

Columbus was the first civilized man to prove the existence of theAmericas and set up permanent ties between the Old and New worlds.Because of him, you live like you do today. I celebrate it forthese reasons.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Coming of Columbus - 1912?

The cast of The Coming of Columbus - 1912 includes: Charles Clary as Christopher Columbus Walter McCollough as Saracen - Arab Sheik George McDermott as Diego - Son of Columbus Marshall Stedman as King Ferdinand William Stowell as Francisco De Boabadilla Joseph Sullivan as Fra Antonio Frank Weed as M ( Full Answer )