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the north west... WaSHINTON oREGON AND CANADA
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Where did Columbus explore?

Christopher Columbus explored, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Colmbia,India, and Europe actually he did not explore India, he thought he had discovered it(which is why he called the native americains Indians) but the resti am unsure of He did explore the Bahama's and Puerto Rico on his 2nd Voyage,howev ( Full Answer )

What country did Christopher Columbus explore for?

separate voyages to the Caribbean from 1492 to 1504, he remained convinced that he had found the lands that Marco Polo reached in his overland travels to China at the end of the 13th century.

Why did Christopher Columbus want to explore?

Basically it was all about the money. Although fame could also belinked to his decision. It was not heroism if that is what you werethinking. Christopher Columbus believed that the world was smallerthan it really is and therefore he can find short sea routes toIndia, Indonesia, Japan and China. By ( Full Answer )

What was Christopher Columbus' purpose for exploration?

to find gold and spices to trade. He was looking for a shorter route to India for the purpose stated above. He actually thought he landed in part of India and called the land West Indies, and the natives Indians. he wanted to find a new rout to India

What did Christopher Columbus explored?

Christopher Columbus explored the United States. Well, technically he told every one about the United States and the native Americans discovered it

Why was Columbus exploring?

Christopher Columbus was exploring because he was a voyager and waslooking for a new route to the Far East. He also believed the worldwas smaller than it is.

Why did Christopher Columbus become a explorer?

Christopher Columbus was cerainly not inspired to be an explorer by his father but in 1476 he sailed on his first expedition so that might have inspired him to become a real explorer.

Was Christopher Columbus an English explorer?

No, Christopher Columbus was Italian. In his voyages to the Americas he did not sail for England or Italy, though. He sailed for Spain, therefore he was a Spanish explorer.

What did Columbus explored?

Christopher Columbus explored the Central and South Americancoasts. Between 1493 and 1496 he explored Cuba, Hispaniola, PuertoRico and Jamaica.

When did Columbus explore?

Christopher Columbus started his first exploration in 1492. Hissecond voyage was in 1493, his third in 1498, and his final journeyin 1502.

What part of America did Columbus explore?

Christopher Columbus mainly explored the West Indies. This included Cuba and the Bahamas. He though he had achieved the wanted; a sea route to sell goods to Asia. Parts of what is today in the USA, were explored by mainly Spanish and French explorers, such as Magellan and Cartier.

What was Christopher Columbus dates of Exploration?

Christopher Columbus made four journeys in his lifetime. The firstin 1492 to the Caribbean Islands. He then sailed in 1493 to takemen to the New World via the Caribbean Islands. He traveled againin 1498 to Cuba, but had to turn back due to a hurricane and landedin Venezuela. His last voyage was in 5 ( Full Answer )

Where did Christopher Columbus explore from?

Christopher Columbus (1451 - May 20, 1506) was an Italian navigator, colonizer and explorer whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere.. Though not the first to reach the Americas from Afro-Eurasia - preceded s ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus explore?

First Voyage 1492-93. Second Voyage 1493-96. Third Voyage 1498-1500. Fourth Voyage 1502-04. He was trying to go to India He was trying to get spices. He wnet the wrong way and (I don't know how he did it) reached North america. He then Asked the british they agreed. So that is how and what chris ( Full Answer )

Columbus explored for who?

Columbus explored for who ever could sponsor him. when he explored America Spain sponsored him,at first he tried the king of Portugal,England and France they all refused

What places did columbus explore in america?

He explored South America, Carribean Islands, and Central America. And for your information he did not explore India he thought he did that's why the Native Indians are called Indians because he thought he landed in India.

What motivated Christopher Columbus to explore?

When Christopher Columbus was still young, he believed he was appointed by God to spread the Gospel to heathen lands; and so that was his biggest purpose. He wrote about it in his own journal. if you read a book called "The Light and the Glory" by Peter Marshall and David Manuel, you can see for you ( Full Answer )

Is Christopher Columbus a conqueror or an explorer?

Explorer would mean he discovered and left. But he is a Conquerer. He Raped,Murdered, and Pillaged the Native Americans which makes him a Conquerer. Which means everyone has always been taught wrong. Especially seeing that when he came the Norwegians were already here.

Why was Christopher Columbus an important explorer?

Christopher Columbous was an important explorer because he was the first to discover the New World - America! He crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of new lands, which was a brave and daring expedition. Also, he helped gained economic growth of Spain by travelling to distant lands to trade goods.

Did Columbus explore Central America?

No. He only found the islandHispaniola and had thought he landed in India. He never got close to either North or South American. De Leon is the first to step on North America. Columbus is highly overrated as an explorer.

What was the cause for Columbus' exploration?

He was trying to reach Asia via the sea. Many people at the time considered the distance to great for 15 th Century ships. However Columbus had calculated where he thought Asia was and decided it wasn't too far. He almost ran out of supplies before he reached the Caribbean. (Which was almost exactl ( Full Answer )

What was the results of christopher columbus exploration?

He found the island of Hispaniola, brought back some trinkets, didn't find gold, and was considered a failure by the crown. His son had to sue the crown after his death for the things promised in his contract.

Where was the area Christopher Columbus explored?

On his voyage to Spain to India he was willing to find India. They thought there was no north America so the tried to go to India by turning left. Instead they bumped to a unknown part of North America. They Called The people that lived there were called Indians because Columbus thought That were in ( Full Answer )

Did Columbus explore for Spain?

Yes, Columbus was directed by the Queen of Spain to explore. The Santa Maria, Pinta, and the Nina were the Queen's ships.

Was Columbus an explorer or an exploiter?

Christopher Columbus was officially an Italian explorer for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. However, he was also accused of exploiting his position as governor and viceroy of the Indies and was arrested on behalf of governing tyrannically.

Why was Christpher Columbus exploring?

He was funded by the King and Queen of France to try to make his way to India to get spices but ended up discovering the Americas

Did Columbus explore South America?

Columbus' exploration of South America was limited. On his third voyage in 1498, from August 4 through August 12, he explored the Gulf of Paria which separates the island of Trinidad from Venezuela. He explored the mainland of South America, including the Orinco River.

What is the impact exploration of Christopher Columbus?

His impact was very minor if he had any. In his life he was considered a failure. Not only didn't he find a water route to Asia, but he also did not bring home riches, gold, or spices. As far as the crown was concerned he didn't meet the demands of his contract with them. When he died he was broke, ( Full Answer )

What did chistopher columbus want to explore?

He was looking for asia. Unfortunately, he found the americas instead, by accident. Till the day he died, he still thought that he found asia (specifically india, hence the term Indians)

Why was Chistopher Columbus exploring?

Christopher Columbus was exploring because he was certain that he could find a shorter route to India. People of his time would normally sailed south all the way around the land masses of western Europe--past Africa--around the southernmost tip back up north-easterly to India as they believed the Ea ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus explore this region?

Christopher Columbus sailed west from Spain because he waslooking for a direct route to India and the far east to shorten thedistance for trade with the east. He was unaware that twocontinents lay in his path.

Who was the next explorer after christopher Columbus?

In 1497, Italian-born John Cabot sailed from England to North America, looking for a northern route to Asia. Accounts vary on where he landed; most likely it was the coast of Newfoundland, Labrador or Cape Breton.

Where did chistophire Columbus explore?

Christopher Columbus discovered America (actually, not the mainland of America) but he did not know about it. He wanted to reach India, but he came upon the islands of the Carribean, that is why he named them West Indies (and the native people Indians). He thought that Cuba was China. Later he explo ( Full Answer )

When did Columbus explore India?

Christopher Columbus NEVER set foot in India. He believed that he could sail the Atlantic Ocean to East Asia to find a trade route to India because trade through Turkey (Ottoman Empire) was difficult and expensive for western European countries. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain financed hi ( Full Answer )

What was the results of the explorations of Christopher Columbus?

Columbus discovered the Caribbean islands. This resulted in moreexpeditions by himself and others who traveled further to discovermainland America. With those visits the sailors brought back exoticvegetables and fruit never seen in Europe or Asia before like thepotatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, rubber, b ( Full Answer )

What is the explorer Columbus known for?

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer and navigator. He was looking for a route to India to help facilitate easier trading. He discovered America.

Why did Christopher Columbus explore where he did?

The trade routes from Europe east to China were difficult, dangerous, and costly. Columbus, knowing, as most educated Europeans did, that the world is round, wanted to open a route to China by sailing west. While trying to do that he landed in the Caribbean and began exploring what he thought were i ( Full Answer )