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The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

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Q: Where did Franklin D. Roosevelt live during World War2?
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Who was president during the great depression and world war2?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Who was the leader of the US to World War2?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Who was the president at the start of world war2?

Franklin Roosevelt was the president at the start of world war 2

Who were the leaders in world war2?

Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Who was president during world war2?

F Roosevelt and Harry Truman

Who was US's president at the time of the war2?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who was the chiefs in the World War2?

The power leaders during the time was Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini.

What leader was famous during world war2?

The leaders in WW2 were very different. For the U.S there was Franklin Roosevelt, for the British it was Winston Chruchill, Germany had Hitler,and Japan had Tsung.

Who was the leader if the united states during most of world war2?

President T. roosevelt

Who was president in war1 and war2?

WW1 --- Woodrow Wilson WW2 --- Franklin Delano Roosevelt until his death and replacement by Harry Truman.

Who was famous in Germany during world war2?


France was invaded by during World War2?

by Germany

What country did Harry S. Truman lead in world war2?

The United States of America, from 12 April 1945 to 20 January 1953, following the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt while in office.

Who was the leader of russia during world war2?

Josef Stalin.

Was Finland occupied during world war2?

Yes, by the Nazis.

Who was the Russian commander during world war2?

The Almighty Stalin

Were the Us's armies segregated during world war2?


Who was the leader and Emperor of japan during world war2?


Which city was bombed by Japanese planes during world war2?


Who were the enemies of France during world war2?

Nazi Germany and Italy

What is appeasment act during world war2?

noone knows what the appeasement is.

What was life like for women during world war2?

They had more responsibilities

Who was the heroic Prime Minister of Britain during World War2?

Winston Churchill

Who was the secret police of Germany during world war2?

The Gestapo (State Police) .

Was wORLD WAR1 wrser than world war2?

no world war2 was worser than world war1.