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Stalingrad, was where Paulus surrendered, but a small number fought on, not knowing that their war was over.

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Q: Where did German troops surrender to the Soviets on January 31 1943?
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German troops surrendered to the Soviets at?


Site where German troops surrendered to the soviets on Jan 31 1943?


Why did France surrender to the Germany?

They had no choice as France had been overrun by German troops.

What happened on May 2 1945?

Soviet troops complete the capture of Berlin. The remaining German troops in Italy surrender.

What is the Soviet city which refused to surrender to German troops during the winter of 1942?


Soviet city that refused to surrender to German troops during spring 1942?


Where did the German troops surrender to the soviet union in World War 2?

Berlin , Germany

How did the European Theater of Operations come to an end?

The European Theater ended when Red troops (Russian) invaded and took the German Capital of Berlin causing an uncontontional surrender of all German troops.

When did Germany surrender in the World War 2?

German Armed forces officially surrendered to Allied troops on May 8, 1945. General Alfred Jodl signed the instrument of surrender for the German military.

When did the German army surrender at Stalingrad?

The Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS surrendered at Stalingrad on February 2nd 1943. However, some loyal German troops either remained hiding of still fought with what they had left for a month prior to the German Surrender in February 1943.

What are the release dates for The War in China -- Review of German Troops - 1901?

The War in China -- Review of German Troops - 1901 was released on: USA: January 1901

Why was the opening of a second front an important issue for the Soviet leader Josef Stalin?

Because i would split the German Troops and reduce pressuare on the Soviets

How did the Soviets defeat the German army in Stalingrad?

It's because of the retreating of Soviet troops. Germans were invading, Russians were retreating and burning everything. So, Germans couldn't get any resources. In winter, German troops got problems and they were being very tired because of temperature and long march, and they couldn't get any resources. At that time, Russians got ready for attack Germans. So, Finally Soviets defeated German in Stalingrad.

What was the German code name for the deployment of German troops in North Africa in January and February of 1941?

operation sonnenblume-operation sunflower

Where did British troops surrender at?


Where did the German troops surrender?

On May 2, the Soviets conquered Berlin. The Associated Press wrote, “Berlin, greatest city of the European Continent, fell yesterday afternoon to the Russians as 70,000 German troops laid down their arms in the surrender that Adolf Hitler had said never would come.”Due to the failure of Nazi troops in Berlin and elsewhere, Dönitz and his fellow negotiators lost any leverage in asking for certain conditions in regard to the surrender. Dönitz therefore decided on May 7 to give in to Allied demands of unconditional surrender. The surrender was made official the following day with a signing at a formal ceremony. May 8 was declared Victory-in-Europe (V-E) Day, a day still celebrated as a public holiday in some European countries.

What was the Battle of the Buldge?

It was in January of 1945 when German troops tried to do a last desperate offensive on the western front.

Why did the Confederates surrender at Vicksburg?

The troops were starving

When Germany invaded the Soviet Union the Soviets?

burned their own troops

How do you say troops in German?

troops = Truppen

Which area did German troops enter in 1936?

german troops enreted the Rhineland in 36

Why did the German troops surrender at the Battle of Stalingrad?

The Germans had fought themselves to the point of exhaustion having been surrounded by Russian forces and reduced to the point of not being able to resist .

What ended the revolution?

When Washington made Cornwallis's troops surrender.

When did the British surrender at Saratoga?

The troops surrendered after the french came.

Where were confederate troops forced to surrender?

Because they loose the war