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One such area is Fredericksburg in Gillette County where you can still obtain excellent German cuisine and enjoy Oktoberfest.

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Who was the first Europeans to settle in Texas?


What state in the us did most Germans settle?


What were some nationalities to settle in Texas?

Germans,Polish,Czech,Mexican,french,and a few more.

Why did the Germans settle in the US?

because they did

Where did the Germans settle?

they settled in virgina

Where did the Europeans settle in Texas?

Where did many Europeans settle in Texas,especially the Germany

Where did Germans settle?

they settled in the mid west.

Where did the Germans settle in Pennsylvania?

German town

When did the Germans settle in the Roman Empire?


Where did most of the Germans settle in Canada?


Where did the scot Irish and the Germans settle?

Tidewater and Piedmont

Why did anglos want to settle in Texas during the nineteenth century?

the anglos wanetd to settle texas because they wanted the land of texas and texas didnt want the anglos to take over there land unless they want to love here not to settle texas

Where did Stephen f Austin settle in Texas?

I have no idea can someone please answer this why did Stephen F.Austin settle Texas

Where did immigrants settle in Texas?

they lived in north texas!!

Where did earliest settlers settle in Texas?

They settled in Texas!

Where did the Irish settle?


Why did Stephen Austin decide to settle colonists in Texas?

because Texas was cheap to settle in at 12.5 cents an acre

Why did people settle in San Antonio?

why did san antonio settle in texas?

Where di the Germans and the scotch-Irish mainly settle in Virginia?

where did the germons and Scott Irish settle in Virginia

Where did the vietnamese Texans settle in Texas?

In Dallas and Houston in Texas

Where in Texas did the Irish settle?

in where you live!!!

Where did the French settle in Texas?

In Houston

Where did Greeks settle in Texas?


When did the Norwegian settle in Texas?


Where did German immigrants settle in the United States?

The Germans settled in Pennsylvania.

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