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Where did Hitler live during the Holocaust?

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During the Holocaust years, Hitler lived in three primary places: 1. His mountain fortress home called the Berchtesgaden, near Munich;

2. The Chancellor's offices in Berlin; and

3. Sometimes, but very seldom, he lived at various military headquarters planning war strategies.

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Hitler was the driving force behind the holocaust. He lived in Germany, away from the concentration camps and extermination camps.

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Who ruled Germany during the holocaust besides Hitler?

Hitler was the sole ruler of Germany during the Holocaust.

How long after Hitler died was the Holocaust?

Hitler was alive during the Holocaust and 'inspired' it. After all, he was responsible for it ...

Did Hitler die during the Holocaust or after?

He died after the holocaust in his Berlin bunker on 30 April 1945 .===========Which was of course during the Holocaust

Who led the Nazis during the Holocaust?


Who Killed The Kids during the Holocaust?


How old was Hitler during Holocaust?


Who was in charge of the Germans during holocaust?


Where did Hitler live during World War 2?

Braunau, Austria WRONG!!!!!!!! He lived in Germany during WW2 and the Holocaust. He was born in Austria.

Who killed Hitler during the holocaust?

james balwin

How did adolf Hitler get his power during the Holocaust?

he just retained the power that he had before the Holocaust.

Where was alios Hitler during the Holocaust?

Alois Hitler died on January 3, 1903.

What did Hitler do for the holocust?

Adolph Hitler dreamed up the holocaust. Hitler planned the holocaust. Hitler supervised the holocaust.

Was adolf hitler the chancellor of germany during the holocaust?


Who was the leader of Germany Italy during the holocaust?

Hitler / Mussolini

What was Hitler known for during the holocaust?

Being the leader of Germany.

What did Hitler want to achieve during the holocaust?

a "perfect" race

Where did Hitler lived during the holocaust?

underground Hitler lived in bunkers underground in the city of Munich.

How did adolf Hitler effect Mexico during the Holocaust?

Jews migrated to Mexico to escape Hitler

Who was president of Germany during the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler was President at the time of the Holocaust. Hitler was made Chancellor and President, this new "role" was called Fuhrer. This is what ultimately made Hitler a Dictator.

What was aryan supremacy during the Holocaust?

that is more of a post-Holocaust concept. But Hitler did believe in aryan superiority.

What city in Germany did Hitler live in during the Holocaust?

Berlin, the German capital, though he did have a mountain retreat. Hitler, of course, did not think of that time as 'The Holocaust', which is the name given to that time by Jews. Hitler was trying to make most of the world subservient to Nazi Germany, partly by genocide of the Jews.

Is what Hitler during the holocaust done right?

No, what he did during the Holocause was very, very wrong.

What rank was Hitler during Holocaust?

Hitler was the leader of the Holocaust. He told the Nazi party what to do and when to do it. He had full and complete power over everyone and if they didn't do it they would be killed.

What harm did Hitler and the Nazis do?

During the WW2, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis killed millions of Jewish in the Holocaust.

The leader of Germany during the time of the Holocaust was named?

Adolf Hitler

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