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concentration camps were some were killed while others worked

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How many people other than Jews were killed in the Holocaust

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Q: Where did Hitler send Jews during the war?
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Why were Jews killed during World War I?

because hitler hated them

During which war did Hitler put the Jews in concentration camps?

world war 2

Why did world leaders ignore hitler's genocide against the jews during the war-?

World leaders ignored Hitler's genocide against the Jews during the war because of the position of Pope Pius XII.

How did Hitler treat the Jews during world war 2?

Hitler treated Jews like they were rats. He had no respect toward them, and he wanted all Jews to be killed. Hitler is the one who started the Holocaust in 1941

Why did Hitler want to wipe out the Jews?

Hitler was an Anti-Semite. He considered Jews to be an inferior race and blamed them for Germany's loss during World War I.

How did people suffer during world war 2?

Hitler killed and tortured Jews during World War 2

Why Hitler blamed the Jews?

he thought the communists and the jews stabbed them in the back during world war 1 which he fought in

Did the pope want the Jews killed during world war 11?

did the pope conspire with hitler to kill jews

Why did Hitler target the christians during World War 2?

He didn't, he targeted Jews.

What was the murder of Jews by Adolf Hitler during World War 2 called?

The Holocaust

Who was Hitler angry with after world war 1?

Hitler was angry with the Jews and he blamed the Jews for Germany losing the war

Did Jews fight for Hitler in world war 2?

Hitler's party and supp of supporters were called Nazis. They despised Jews and believed in the supremacy of Aryans or the Original Germans. They believed that Jews were traitors and were the cause of Germany's loss in the First World War. Jews were tortured and killed during Hitler's reign and did NOT fight on Hitler's side.

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