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Q: Where did Italian artists and writers flee for safety during the Italians wars?
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Where did Italian artists and writers flee for safety during the Italian wars?


What is a wealthy supporter of artists writers and scholars in renaissance period?

A wealthy supporter of artists, writers, scholars during the Renaissance period is called a Patron.

What were the themes of artists and writers during 1920's?

realism and mental drama

What problems did teachers writers and artists faced during the depression?

Teachers, writers, and artists faced many problems during the Depression. There were lack of jobs which caused financial hardships, no food, loss of shelter, and much more.

Famous artists and writers in Paris during the 1920's?

Artists: Picasso, Gris, Dalí, Miró, Max Ernst...

Who was Dr. Seuss's favorite character?

He looked up to many writers during his time, try looking at writers and artists during his time! It might be iteresting!

What city was home to many artists and writers during the renaissance period?

Most likely somewhere in Italy..

What impacts did the Medici family have during the Italian Renaissance?

providing patronage for renaissance artists

The Italian Army during World War 2 Was it any good...?

wht the Italians inww2 swaped sides

Why do Italians speak Italian?

Italians seak Italian because it is their national language. The Italian language is adapted from Latin. The region the Italian language was born was Tuscany

What nickname was given to the people artists and writers during the post-ww1 period by Gertrude stein?

The lost generation

What kind of people worked in Athens during the golden age?

Architects, Writers, Scientists, Builders, and Artists worked in Athens during the Golden Age.