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Where did Jane first meet Mr Rochester?

On her way to mail a letter at hay

How does Jane meet Mr Rochester?


In Jane Eyre What did Mr Rochester do after Jane left Thornfield?

After Jane left, Mr. Rochester became a hermit.

How old is Mr Rochester from Jane Ayre?

There is 20 years difference between Mr Rochester and Jane

Who employed Jane?

mr. rochester

What is the first name of Mr Rochester in the book Jane Eyre?

Edward. When he proposed to Jane, he told her to use his name, Edward.

What is Mr Rochester's first name in Jane Eyre?

Mr. Rochester's first name is Edward, hence his full name is Edward Rochester.

Who employed Jane Eyres?

Mr. Rochester (well, technically Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper, but she WORKED for Mr. Rochester)

Why is Jane Eyres first meeting with mr rochester significant?

Because when they first meet, she doesn't know that she will work for him and is not acting as a woman towards her employer but as a woman towards a stranger. He sees her as she really is.

What happens to Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre?

Mr. Rochester gets blinded when he tries to save his servants in his burning house. After that he decides to live isolated in the forest with only two of his servants. About 2 years later Jane finds Mr. Rochester and she gets married to him. Gradually, Mr. Rochester finds his eyesight and lives with Jane forever.

Who was Jane Eyres groom?

Mr. Rochester (twice)

Who was Jane Eyres lover?

Mr. Edward Rochester.

In Jane Eyre What did Jane tell Mr St John she must first do when she was considering becoming his wife?

Before she can marry, she needs to know what happened to Mr. Rochester.

What event happened in the garden in Jane Eyre?

Mr. Rochester proposed to Jane

What was Jane Eyre's grooms name?

Jane ended up marrying Mr. Rochester.

Whom does Jane Eyre finally marry?

Mr Rochester

How was The relationship between Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester?


Who was smoking a cigar in Jane erye?

Mr. Rochester A+LS

Who was smoking the cigar in Jane Eyre?

Mr. RochesterA+LS

Who was Blanche Ingram from the story Jane Eyre?

Blanche Ingram is a socialite who was interested in Mr. Rochester and cruel towards Jane. At one stage in the story, Mr. Rochester pretends to like her in order to make Jane jealous.

Based on the information in the first paragraph of this passage what conclusion about Mr. Rochester can be reached?

He is totally unloved with jane

Who played Mr Rochester in the t v series Jane Eyre?

Timothy Dalton played Mr. Rochester in 1983 mini-series.

Who was Jane Eyers Love?

Jane Eyre's master, and owner of Thornfield, Mr. Rochester (35)

Who is mr. Mason in Jane Eyre?

The brother of Mr. Rochester's wife, Bertha. He forced her into marrying Mr. Rochester in order to get her off of his hands. He knew that she would go insane, but kept that from Mr. Rochester.

How old was Jane Eyre when she married Mr Rochester?

19 or 20.