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He grew up first in Philadelphia and then his father went and played in Europe so his family moved to Italy.

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Where did Kobe Bryant grow?

He grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania dumbbells

What does Kobe Bryant own?

Kobe Bryant owns his own company called Kobe Inc. This company helps grow brands and plans to redefine the sports industry.

Did Kobe Bryant get a divorce?

no Kobe Bryant did not he a Divorce

Where did NBA player Kobe Bryant grow up at?

Born in Philidelphia, PA. Moved to Italy when he was a kid.

How do you spell Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant

How bad Kobe Bryant Sucks?

Kobe Bryant does not suck! Kobe Bryant is VERY GOOD.

What is the name of the song about Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant

What is Kobe Bryant religion?

Kobe Bryant is a Jew.

Is there a metaphor with Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is Jesus.

Is Kobe Bryant a demon?

yes Kobe Bryant is a demon he worships the devil and has AN ATTITUDE lebron is a stand up christian

Are Kobe Bryant and Dez Bryant related?

No. Dez Bryant and Kobe Bryant are not related. However Dez is a huge fan of Kobe.

Why is kobe bryant name kobe bryant?

Kobe Bryant got his name from his Father, his father decided to name his son after the Japanieze city of Kobe, and then he gave him his last name.

Where Kobe Bryant is from?

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who is better Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson?

Kobe Bryant

Who has more fans Kobe Bryant Or JonBonJovi?

Kobe Bryant

Where can you get a Kobe Bryant back pack from?

my idol is kobe bryant...

Where can one get free Kobe Bryant wallpaper?

If one wants Kobe Bryant wallpaper, one can go online to Basketball Wallpaper, look up Kobe Bryant, and download a prefered wallpaper of the basketball superstar.

What is the birth name of Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant's birth name is Kobe Bean Bryant.

What position does Kobe Bryant plays?

Kobe Bryant is a shooting guard.

Where was the birthplace of Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Where is Kobe Bryant birthplace?

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who is a better defender Kobe Bryant or Paul pierce?

Kobe Bryant

Who's richer Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

Kobe Bryant

Does Kobe Bryant have a son?

Kobe Bryant has two daughters. He does not have a son.

How many siblings do Kobe Bryant have?

Kobe Bryant has two sisters.

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