Where did Libya get there indapendence?

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Where is Libya?

Answer . North Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea. Bordered by Egypt and Sudan to the East, Algeria and Tunisia to the West, and Chad and Niger to the South.

When did Libya get its independence?

Libya was occupied by Italy from the end of WW1 until it was fought over in WW2 and the Italians were defeated by the Allies . After that war, on 24 December 1951, Libya declared its independence as the United Kingdom of Libya,

What is Libya?

Libya is a country bordered by Egypt and Sudan to the East, the Mediterranean Sea to the North, Algeria and Tunisia to the West, and Chad and Niger to the South..

Who is the president of Libya?

Libya is now run under a provisional government called the General National Congress, whose head is the nominal chief executive. As of June 25, 2013, this was Nouri Abusahmain . The prime minister of Libya (since 2012) is Ali Zeidan .

When did the US win there indapendance?

The United States declared its independence on July 4, 1776. Thiswas when the 13 colonies cut off all political affiliations withBritain.

Why was Libya colonized?

because it was in the middle of africa so whoever colonized it could get around more easily and try 2 ccolonize the other countries around it

What are the religions of Libya?

Islam is Libyas official religion, and the Sunni Muslims make up more than 95% of the population.

Is Libya dangerous?

\nI've lived in libya since ever and i think it's veryyy safety place to live , work , invest or travel

What is the population of Libya?

The July 2008 estimate shows Libya's population is 6,173,579. The 2006 census showed the population of Libya was 5,670,688. But the 2010 estimate was at 5,766,000 people.

Who can vote in Libya?

Basic rule: if you're 18 and have Libyan citizenship, you can vote for elections. As of now, however, Libya is waiting for an election (that will take place in June 2012) for a Constitutional Assembly to draw up a new constitution.

What is the area of Libya?

The area of Libya is 1.76 million km² or 679,358 square miles. 1.76 million km2

How do you get to Libya?

You can get to Libya from the following airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester. There are also some airlines inn other airports that take you there to. . (1) - You can get to Libya by plane from any international airport. You would most likely land at Tripoli Airport. (2) - you can get to ( Full Answer )

Why is libya called libya?

The name is derived from the name of the tribe that historically lived in the region, the "Libo" tribe.

Does libya have doctors?

Yes. Libya does have doctors. Two friends of mine are doctors. Libya has medical doctors, and also academic doctors (PHD). To find out more about Libyan Doctors, you can visit the Libyan Doctors Society. I am not allowed to enter its website address here, so I will add it to Related Links (below ( Full Answer )

Who colonised Libya?

From 1553 to 1912 it was colonized by Othmani Turki. From 1911 to 1940 it was a colonized by Italy. - It was taken by the Allied powers in 1940 and given to King Idris in 1951.

What is libya longitude?

Libya sits between 25° 00' North latitude and 17° 00' East longitude - in other words Libya is located between Tunisia and Egypt in North Africa. Along the coast this gives Libya a Mediterranean climate, but venturing south, the Sahara climate takes over. . To determine the longitude and ( Full Answer )

How does Libya get water?

They get water from the Man-made river project which collects stone water from the ground which can be around 40000 years old. But some get water from the Nile.

Does it snow in libya?

\nYes in some cities like Yafren , El bada , Darna .. but not every season

Is Libya a democracy?

Under a state of transition towards multi-party Islamist democracy. Libya is a conservative Muslim country, so most likely that Libya's new form of government will be most similar to Pakistan more than Indonesia/Turkey.

What is the race of libya?

Lybians are mainly ethnic Arabs and berbers, in the weste ther are some tuareg, and in the south some tebu.

Was Libya always called Libya?

Libya is a colonial name devised by the Italians when they occupied Libya. Before colonial rule, Libya was divided into three Islamic emirate kingdoms. After defeating the Ottoman Empire in North Africa, Italy ruled the region from 1912 to 1943, originally as Italian North Africa. The name Libya ( Full Answer )

What is the main idea of the decleration of indapendance?

1. to instill a feeling of justice and equality throughout hte land 2. to establish a constitutio n by which all men are created equal 3. to avenge all past wars with countries and to create a sense of equality and wholeness to other countries (make the US look good) 4. unify our divided states

What are the problems in libya?

Arab Spring The current rebellion, is quite a significant one. Inspired by theprotests in Tunisia, Egypt and many other Arab countries, Libyansbegan protesting against the regime of Colenal Gaddafi at the endof February. The protests were squashed, especially in Tripoli, thecapital, and instead an ( Full Answer )

Who are the leaders of Libya?

There are no leaders of Libya yet. It is being figured out in the vacuum of power following Gadaffi being ejected.

Whats in the movie indapendence day?

In the movie Independence Day , Will Smith and Mathew Goldblum race against time to stop an invading alien race from conquering earth. Ending: -They send a nuke up in one of the aliens' own ships (salvaged from Roswell) and destroy the mothership, consequently breaking the until-then impenetrabl ( Full Answer )

Does Libya have a coast?

Yes it does. The north of Libya has a coast on the MediterraneanSea, on what is known as the Gulf of Sidra and also known as theGulf of Sitre.

What country is Libya in?

Libya is its own country in the Middle East. It is located in North Africa and borders the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad and Niger. In 2011 Libya broke out in civil war, following protests in Egypt that sparked an Arab Spring or uprising in a lot of the Middle East.

Who leads Libya?

It is now run as a provisional government under the National Transitional Council. The chairman of the council is Mustafa Abdel Jalil (head of state). The head of the Libyan cabinet is Abdurahhim El-Keib (head of government)

What are the seasons in Libya?

There are 4 seasons in Libya. Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. Also, it usually rains in winter, Moderate in Spring and a little hot in Summer.

What is going on in Libya?

After a popular uprising against dictator Muammar Gaddafi, leading to a civil war, he was deposed and killed in 2011. The struggle is continuing between factions for the control of the country, sometimes leading to demonstrations and armed conflict against the provisional government of the General N ( Full Answer )

What are the protests in Libya about?

The protests were planned about 40 years ago, well that's what many say in Libya. The main reason for this outbreak is the call for democracy that the western world has. Libya isn't the only country who wanted this anyhow. Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, and many other countries started this protes ( Full Answer )

What is happening in Libya?

Gaddafi, the 'president' of Libya, doesn't treat his people right and used the government's money on himself and not for the people and the country, not the Libyans are rebelling and fighting against him.

What did they do with Libya?

Libya is currently in a state of potential change, as many of its people are rising up against the government. U.S., France and England geared for Libya War. According to CNN, French fighter jets patrolled over Libya today.

Who is the leader of Libya?

From 1969 to 2011, it was under the dictatorship of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Today, Libya is now run under a provisional government called the General National Congress, whose head is the nominal chief executive. As of June 25, 2013, this was Nouri Abusahmain . The prime minister of Libya (si ( Full Answer )

Does Libya have lions?

Maybe till the 20's and 30's of the last century there were lions to be found in Libya in some outlying places But now I don't think..!! Lions was still to be found in the Middle East till the 30's and I know that some drivers were eaten by lions in Saudi Arabia in the 50's

What is the crisis in Libya?

The Libyan people have risen up against the leader of the country, Muammar Gaddaffi. The rebels want to overthrow him and establish a democracy. The rebels are aided by the British, French and American air forces, who's primary aim is to protect civilians from the Gaddaffi forces.

What is the war in Libya about?

It is simple. There is a war in Libya because people of Libya want Muammar Gaddafi to leave office so that they might be able to live more proper within their own country.

Why is there violence in Libya?

There is violence in Libya because the dictator of the country, Muammar Gaddafi, is in threat of losing his power. People are fed up with him and want him to step down. Gaddafi, the violent leader that he is, has directed his followers to commit violent acts on the protesters against him. It is not ( Full Answer )

Which continent Libya is on?

It's in Africa. It's worth mentioning that Libya was the name of Africa in the ancient world.

Who is the presendant of Libya?

First, there is no president of Libya, just a dictator. Secondly, His name is Moamar Al-Gaddafhi.

How is Libya governed?

Libya was a dictatorship under Gadaffi. Now it may become a democracy, but I doubt it.

Who was the founder of Libya?

Omar Al-Mukhtar - Libyan national hero who resisted the Italian colonialism of Libya from 1911 until 1931 when he was hanged by the fascist government of Benito Mussolini.

Why Libya is attacked?

Libya is attacked to get rid of Gaddafi. At least that is what the news reports say. Maybe it is also to get some oil. Who knows? It is the US after all

Why did we bomb Libya?

NATO gave air support to the rebels engaged with the Libyan army, to help them overthrow the Libyan dictatorship and Gaddafi. Countries in the UN suffering from terrorist attacks e.g. can ask for help if the Security Council (Britain, Russia, USA, France and China) deem it appropriate to provide as ( Full Answer )

What year is it in Libya?

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Why is Libya in the news?

Libya is in the news mostly because of the uprising against Gaddafi, during the Arab Spring and the subsequent western intervention in that region. Most of the current news about Libya deals with the aftermath of that affair under the new (formerly rebel) government.

What is wrong with Libya?

Their president became corrupt and stayed in the position too long, so the people started rebelling against him. He, with the military started taking people as hostages, people who have not done anything. Forcing so much people to vacate the dangerous place.