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The Official reason cited by the Maine Legislature is that it is named for the ancient French province of the same name.

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Q: Where did Maine get its name?
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What is the name of the states borders only one other state?

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What is the name a strait in Maine?

Maine strait.

What is the name of the desert in Maine?

There are no deserts in Maine.

Name things that begin with x in Maine?

Xavier Loop is the name of a street in Augusta, Maine. Xivray Street is the name of a street in Auburn, Maine.

What is the name of Maine's flag?

The Flag of Maine has no specific name. It is simply referred to as The Flag of Maine or The State Flag of Maine.

What does the name Maine mean?

It means the maine land

Can you change your name in Maine if you were not born in Maine?

Sure. You can make the name change anywhere.

What does the state name Maine mean?

The name Maine is a nautical term which refers to the region being a mainland

How did 'Maine' get its name?

It is named after an ancient French Province.

What is the Name of college town near bangor Maine?

Orono, Maine

What is the name of the town that the university of Maine is located in?

In the town of Orono, Maine.

What is the only state in the US whose name is just one syllable?

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Sports teams in Maine?

yeah i can name one maine black bears.

What is the official name of your state?


What is the name of the capitol of Maine?


Which state name has on syllable?


Why is Maine called Maine?

Many historians have ststed that the origin of the name of the State of Maine is unknown. However the State Legislature has stated for the record that it is named for the ancient French Province of the same name.

How did the band Maine get its name?

From the song, "Coast of Maine," by Ivory. John was a huge fan of the band.

What is the name of a large bay east of Maine?

the largest bay east of Maine is Penobscot bay.

What place in Maine starts with the letter x?

Xavier Loop is the name of a street in Augusta, Maine

Was popham plantation a colonization in Maine?

no it was not, Popham Plantation was the name of the first English settler in maine.

Is Augusta Maine one word?

No. Augusta is the city (the state capital) and Maine is the state name.

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