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Q: Where did Mirabeau B Lamar want the Texas capitol to be?
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Why is Mirabeau Lamar important to Texas?

Mirabeau Lamar was the second president of the republic of Texas. During the war he was a private and a politician. During Lamar's presidency he tried to drive the American Indians out of Texas and did NOT want to be annexed with U.S.

Did Mirabeau B Lamar want Texas to be annexed?

No, because lamar didn't believe in annexation to the u.s

Where did president lamar of the republic of Texas want the capital of Texas to be?


What is lamar's view on native Americans?

lamar hated native americans he didn't want them in Texas

How many times was Houston the capital of Texas?

Houston has never been the capital of Texas. WRONG!!! Before Texas integrated itself in to the union, and relinquished its domain over the chunks of Oklahoma Kansas Wyoming Colorado and about half of New Mexico that made up what was the Republic of Texas, five sites served as temporary capitals of Texas (Washington-on-the-Brazos, Harrisburg, Galveston, Velasco and Columbia) before president Sam Houston moved the capital to Houston in 1837. In 1839, the capital was moved to the new town of Austin by the next president Mirabeau B. Lamar. So, as far as I know, only once...

Why did president lamar want to have a strong Army?

to help in the revolutions

What makes Caesar not go to the Capitol?

he does go to the capitol and gets stabbed, his wife didnt want him to go to the capitol because of superstitions that something bad will happen

In which state is the municipality of Lamar located?

Lamar is the name of a municipality located in South Carolina, Colorado, and Georgia. If you want to find out more, try searching by zip code or area code.

Debt in Texas history?

After the many wars that Texas fought to gain their independence from Mexico they had alot of dept. Sam Houston was the first president of the Republic of Texas. He helped Texas get out of some of the dept but not all of it. Since each president could only have 2 years per term Sam Houston could not be elected again. The second president of Texas was M. B. Lamar, he however put Texas in more dept than what is was after Sam Houston's first term. After M. B. Lamar's 2 year term Sam Houston became the president of the Republic of Texas. Again Sam Houston helped Texas out of dept but not completely. The 4th term president of the Republic of Texas was Anson Jones. Jones was not president long before Texas became the 28th state of the Unites States. The United States helped Texas out of dept. When Texas wanted to be annexed be the United States some Americans refused because they didn't want to pay the dept that Texas was in. At some point Texas was annexed by the United States, and then became dept free.

Why was the US reluctant to annex Texas in 1836?

In 1836, Texas won it's independence from Mexico and became a separate republic from the United States. Texas remained a republic between 1836 to 1845 while politicians in Texas were taking up sides. The Nationalists wanted Texas to remain a republic which was led by Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar (1798--1859). Lamar also wanted the expulsion of the Native Americans as well expanding to the Pacific Ocean. The other side, which included Sam Houston (March 2, 1793 -- July 26, 1863), wanted to annex with the United States, and to share the land with the Native Americans. Also, abolitionists did not want Texas to become a state since it would assuredly became a slave state. The Republicans delayed action of Texas getting statehood for the same reason. President Jackson also did not want the balance between slave states and free states to occur. Another party to this is Britain for they did not want Texas as another state since they saw a threat of the United States expanding westward and believed as well their trade with the Republic of Texas would cease. Mexico, in the meantime, has not recognized Texas as a Republic and started another war in 1842. They would soon retreat from San Antonio back into Mexico. Mexico would also would not accept Texas becoming a state either and threatened war as well. Another internal problem came about in Texas with the "Texas Archive War of 1851" when Sam Houston wanted to relocate the Texan archives from Austin to Houston to make Houston the capitol of the republic. Texan congress admonished Houston protecting Austin as it's capital in preparation of statehood. Under pressure from President Tyler, Congress finally adopted a bill to grant Texas statehood. On March 1, 1845, Tyler signed the bill that had stipulations attached that included the citizens the right to vote on whether to make it a free or slave state. The Texans voted for the latter. After the Compromise of 1850, Texas also forfeited land in return the US paid Texas 10 million dollars to settle its debts.

Who did George Washington want to name the nation's capitol?

Tsak Norris

Why does katniss change the story of how she acquired prims goat?

The Capitol was listening, so she didn't want them to know some illegal (to the Capitol) things that she did to get Lady.