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From Russia and China.


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China sent troops during the Korean war to the North to help them fight the South. Russia gave the North and China weapons.

fought North Korean and Chinese troops

North Korean and Chinese troops at various locations during the Korean War

Not during the Korean war...

North Korean troops crossed in South Korea on June 25 1950 which started the Korean War...

to clear south Korea from occupation by north Korean and Chinese troops

Between active, paramilitary and reserve troops, there are about 9,495,000 people in the North Korean military.

combat experience for north korean troops

During the Korean war the North Korean troops took over almost the whole Korean peninsula. Only due the US led UN troops intervention did the South Korean survive. After Some back and forth fighting with the US + South Korean troops agains North Korean + Chinese troops did the border stabilize where it stands today. US troops remain in South Korea as a deterrant against Norths invasion and to uphold the peace in the peninsula.

During the Korean war, China sent troops to help North Korea. The Soviet Union (Russia) also helped.

Red Chinese troops and Soviet equipment and technicians.

During the Korean War, the Soviet Union gave North Korea weapons and medical supplies.

During the Korean War, the Soviet Union gave North Korea weapons and medical supplies.

Chinese troops entered the Korean War about December 1950

The Korean War began when North Korean troops swept across the thirty-eighth parallel and quickly drove the troops of the Republic of Korea to the toe of the Korean peninsula.

In the early cold war period they used to get most of their guns from the Soviet Union and China (and of course they had some leftover weapons the Russians confiscated from Japan during the final stages of WW2). Small Arms are being domestically made. Such as: Type 49 Submachine Gun (North Korean PPSh-41 copy) Type 58 Assault Rifle (North Korean Milled Receiver AK-47) Type 63 Rifle (North Korean SKS) Type 68 Pistol (North Korean Tokarev TT-33) Type 68 Assault Rifle (North Korean Stamped Receiver AKM) Chogyok Pochong (North Korean copy of the Yugo Zastava M-76 Sniper Rifle) Paektusan Pistol (North Korean Copy of the Czech CZ-75) Type 88 Assault Rifle (North Korean Copy of the AK-74)

the crossing of the 38 parallel by armed North Korean troops into South Korea

a US sea invasion at Inchon north of Pusan. North Korean troops had to fight their way back north, thus releaving North Korean military pressure on Pusan

Yes the soviet weopons were probably stolen from the Russia Gates. For more info try checking out hte website:

Korea's primary ally was China, who supplied weapons and soldiers to the Korean Army during a majority of the Korean War. Many would agree that the Soviet Union was also an ally to North Korea, but China certainly made more of an impact.

in June 1950, North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel that separates North Korea from South Korea and was the cause for the Korean war (conflict)

there was a rapid movement of troops from north Korea to south Korea during the first year of the war :)

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