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Where did Red Cloud live?

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How long did red cloud live?

Red cloud lived to be 87 years old

Where did Chief Red Cloud live?

He lived where North Platte, Nebraska is located.

Why is Red Cloud famous?

Red cloud was famous for his wars.

How did red cloud and his tribe get food?

Red Cloud and his tribe got food from Red Cloud (Nuage Rouge), in Montreal.

What tribe was red cloud?

Red Cloud was Oglala Sioux (Lakota.)

How did Red Cloud get the name Red Cloud?

Red Cloud got his name by ex-agent McGillycuddy who refered to the way in which his scarlet-blanketed warriors formerly covered the hillsides like a red cloud.

When did Red Thunder Cloud die?

Red Thunder Cloud died in 1996.

When was Red Thunder Cloud born?

Red Thunder Cloud was born in 1919.

What company has a yellow cloud shaped logo with a red rim?

red cloud

Which tribe did red cloud belong to?

Red cloud belonged to the sioux tribe (oglala).

Was red cloud the leader of Sioux?

Red Cloud was a leader of the Oglala Sioux (Lakota.)

What animals live in the cloud forest?

What animals live in cloud forest

What was nicknames for red cloud?

Makhpiyaluta is the name for a red cloud. I'm only 11 and even I can answer that!

When was Code Red Cloud Nine created?

Code Red Cloud Nine was created in 2008.

When was A Cloud of Red Dust created?

A Cloud of Red Dust was created on 1997-10-06.

Why was red cloud famous?

red clouds war

What age red cloud died?

Red Cloud was 86 or 87 when he died. His precise date of birth is not known.

What are the release dates for Finding Red Cloud - 2008?

Finding Red Cloud - 2008 was released on: USA: 2008

What is the phone number of the Red Cloud Library in Coulterville?

The phone number of the Red Cloud Library is: 209-878-3692.

Did Donald Mckay build the clipper ship Red Cloud?

Donald McKay built the Flying Cloud. The Red Cloud was buile by Deacon George Thomas in Quincy, MA.

Who killed red cloud?


What is a red cloud called?


Anything about a wrestler who went by the name of bobby red-cloud?

Bill Wright aka Bobby Red Cloud passed away in October of 1981 from a leaky heart valve.

What planet has a red cloud band?

I have no idea what a band group named, "Red Cloud" has anything to do with astronomy, World War II, and/or Japan.

What actors and actresses appeared in Red Cloud - 2011?

The cast of Red Cloud - 2011 includes: Brett Prentiss as Brett Preston

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