Where did Reggaeton originate?

Michael Ellis is the founder of the Reggeaton Movement, pioneer of Spanish Reggae, MTV Video Award Winning Producer, La Gaviota de plata (the highest latin award) Award Winning producer in Vinas del mar Chile, 3 Time Grammy Award winning Producer, Billboard Award Winning Producer, 4 Time Premiolo Nuestro Award Winning Producer, etc. Michael Ellis produced the smash hits "El Gran Pana", "El Maestro", "Son Bow", "Buduff Kun Kun", "Te Ves Buena", "La Quemé", "El Paré", "No Mas Guerra", "Wine Your Body", "Cross The Border", "Caramelo", "Mermaid Body" , "Muevelo, Muevelo" with New Creation/BMG , "Hombre Murio" with New Creation/Columbia Records, "Do That to Me One More Time", and "Killing you Suave" by Killer Ranks in association with Warner Brothers.

Michael Ellis is responsible for the genres RegRapBlues, Reggaeton and Spanish Reggae. Other titles from the Spanish Reggae genre includes "The Best of Spanglish Reggae Vol. 1″ produced in Creation Studios in 1998 by Michael Ellis and Derrick Barrnett, also with this release given birth to the term "Spanglish" created by Michael Ellis meaning a mixture of English and Spanish lyrics. Michael Ellis changed the way music was done in this industry. This movement came from Jamaican Dancehall and lovers rock, we have to give credit to Yellow Man, Flowergon, Admiral Bailey, Bob Marley, Supercat, Shabba, Cutty Ranks, Nicodemus, etc…

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Reggaeton blends reggae and dancehall with Latin as well as hip hop beats and originated in Panama. Puerto Rico is more popular because they're part of the US Market.