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Q: Where did Robert Burns die?
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When did Robert Burns - representative - die?

Robert Burns - representative - died in 1866.

When did Robert Elliott Burns die?

Robert Elliott Burns died in 1955.

When did Robert Burns - theologian - die?

Robert Burns - theologian - died in 1869.

When did Robert Lee Burns die?

Robert Lee Burns died in 2002.

When did Robert burns dad die?

Robert burns father died in 1784

When did Robert Burns Smith die?

Robert Burns Smith died in 1908.

When did Robert K. Burns die?

Robert K. Burns died in 1982.

When did Robert Easton Burns die?

Robert Easton Burns died on 1863-01-12.

When did Robert Whitney Burns die?

Robert Whitney Burns died on 1964-09-15.

When did Robert Burns die?

Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet, died on 21 July 1796.Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet.

When did Robert Burns Woodward die?

Robert Burns Woodward died on July 8, 1979 at the age of 62.

When did Robert burns's father die?

February 1786.